Precision’s new upright cabinets get labelled

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Precision claims some of the best energy ratings and running costs in the market for its new cabinets

Following the introduction of energy labelling for professional refrigeration, Precision redesigned its cabinets to conform to the European EcoDesign Energy Labelling Standard. The cabinets can now claim some of the best energy ratings and ultra low running costs on the market. For example, the MPT601 only uses 1.25kWh/24hr under EcoDesign test conditions, giving running costs of just £50.19 a year. (Based on energy price of £0.11/kW).

The new R290 Hydrocarbon Refrigeration System used in the cabinets offers the best in energy efficiency and environment protection, with a GWP of just 3 – compared to 1430 with R134a or 3922 with R404A. An even temperature is ensured internally throughout the cabinet, regardless of product loading, due to the internal rear-mounted airflow duct.

All Precision uprights are engineered to work in the toughest, busiest and hottest kitchen environments, up to 43°C. Their controls offer the flexibility to safely store meat, fish or general produce with internal temperatures of -2 to +4°C. They also have hot gas rather than off-cycle defrost, eliminating the risk of evaporator ice build-up, even in high ambient temperatures.

Designed for ease of use, the cabinets feature a fully splash-proof LCD display that makes it simple to adjust the temperature or turn off power. They are packed full of energy-saving features as well as the standard high / low audio-visual alarms and a RS485 port for optional connection (wifi or cable) to temperature monitoring / recording software for enhanced HACCP compliance.

Recognising that the single biggest maintenance issue for professional refrigeration is blocked condensers, all Precision uprights are fitted with a condenser probe which detects a blocked condenser and stops the compressor, so it doesn’t overheat and damage the system. It also sounds an alarm to alert staff to the problem so it can be corrected quickly.

Further energy saving is achieved through an innovative new thermal break bridging the gap between the cold interior cabinet walls and the exterior shell. This new design eliminates the need for an electric heater, which is commonly used to avoid condensation around the door frame, thus saving energy and removing a component with the potential to fail.

The cabinets feature full stainless steel construction and are backed with Precision’s no-quibble two-year warranty and excellent customer service.

List prices start at £1,950 for the single door MPT601.

For more information check out the Precision website or call the company directly on +44 (0)1842 753 994.

The A1000 is the result of all the expertise, innovative spirit and passion of Franke Coffee System, bringing highly personalized coffee creations to life and showcasing individuality on a whole new scale

The A1000 is the new standard in fully automatic coffee machines. With this latest innovation, leading manufacturer Franke is ready to take you to the next level of luxury. The A1000 was created to give all guests their very own little moment of luxury every day. No matter what their favorite coffee might be, the A1000 can fulfill their wishes. The A1000 is your ticket to a coffee that’s more personalized than ever before.

Fact file: the A1000 is unique in five different ways

Coffee experts everywhere will be won over by the specifications of the new A1000, which offers supreme luxury and unparalleled variety.

Fact 1: Enjoy even more coffee varieties with six flavors. Premium coffee to meet every demand with the automatic dosing station for six different flavors.

Fact 2: New intelligent refrigeration unit for up to two types of milk with two parallel refrigeration circuits, including dreamy FoamMasterTM milk foam.

Fact 3: CleanMaster, the fully automatic cleaning system, is included as standard. For a sparkling clean A1000 at all times.

Fact 4: Multimedia touchscreen with user-friendly menu navigation, HD-quality video with sound, and nutritional and allergen information in a professional display.

Fact 5: The IoT (Internet of Things) means that every A1000 can be accessed via the Internet – for the whole world of coffee at your fingertips.

Your favorite coffee – whenever you want, wherever you are

In a restaurant or a canteen, at a motorway service station or a café, at the supermarket or the petrol station, getting a coffee to go or at the airport: every guest is guaranteed a delicious coffee just the way they like it. The A1000 makes all this possible because it’s packed with cutting-edge innovations.

It is available in three luxurious designs: gloss black with chrome elements, gloss white with chrome elements, and gloss black with gold elements. The sleek A1000 with its innovative features is a feast for the eyes as well as the key to new flavor sensations.

Bringing the big screen to the user interface

The multimedia user interface on the new A1000 offers virtually limitless possibilities – but it couldn’t be easier or more intuitive to operate. Starring sumptuous, perfectly presented drinks, and top-quality videos with outstanding sound on the crystal-clear 10.4-inch display. The exceptional ease of use makes it truly first class. Now you can enchant your guests, boost the efficiency of your service, and generate extra sales.

Swiss made, through and through

Uncompromising Swiss quality has been poured into the design and construction of the A1000, making it perfect for meeting the very highest demands. This guarantees reliability, efficiency and durability, so that you get the most out of your investment.

CleanMaster: fully automatic cleaning

CleanMaster, the fully automatic cleaning system, is included as standard in the innovative refrigeration unit of the A1000. This ensures that the strictest hygiene standards are met at all times, while also providing an exceptionally efficient cleaning process.

FoamMaster™ for dreamy milk foam

Fitted as standard in the A1000, the FoamMasterTM guarantees perfect milk foam every single time. Unbeatable in its quality, the foam can be prepared in varying consistencies and thicknesses and combined with cold or warm milk. Even at high outputs and under the highest demands, the foam consistency remains perfectly constant. The refrigeration unit for up to two milk varieties and two parallel refrigeration circuits is the perfect answer to today’s trend of different milk varieties and milk alternatives.

Highly efficient networking

The latest technology means that the A1000 can be accessed via the Internet at any time to give you up- to-date information about sales figures, etc. Even if you have 150 decentralized machines in operation, you can maintain an overview of your entire coffee business at all times.


About Franke Coffee Systems

Franke Coffee Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of solutions for professional out-of-home coffee preparation. Its product range features fully automatic and traditional coffee machines, capsule coffee machines, and high-volume brewers. Its headquarters in Aarburg (Switzerland) and its subsidiaries in Germany, the USA, the UK, and Japan employ a total of 500 staff who are committed to providing the perfect coffee solutions. Customers can also count on a global service and distribution network of more than 300 partners. As a company in the Franke Group, it belongs to Artemis Holding.

Further information:

Falcon’s F900 range helps popular luxury hotel stay above par

Located in the idyllic countryside of County Wexford and overlooking the Irish Sea, the Seafield Golf & Spa Hotel is one of the best hotels in Ireland. Visitors can enjoy a choice of spa treatments, a round of golf or explore the beautiful countryside.

With a range of dining options available for guests, the hotel serves an average of 1,200 covers every week. During the summer it can reach a peak of 600 every Saturday.

Recently the hotel expanded its main restaurant to cope with demand, to provide space for 170 diners in total, as well as completely refurbishing the kitchens with new equipment.

The work was carried out by Brodericks of Dublin. Sales manager Gareth Byrne explains, “The hotel had outgrown itself, the kitchen needed to be modernised. They wanted an open plan, theatre style kitchen and a one-piece cook line. Being in front of the guests it had to look good, and given the high pressure at peak times it had to be able to cook food fast. The Falcon F900 range was the ideal choice.”

Falcon’s F900 range is a complete range of professional cooking appliances, which features the innovative Dynamic Link System. This is a new concept that allows appliances to be linked together in any order, virtually seamlessly. It combines the looks and hygienic convenience of a one-piece island suite with the flexibility of a modular system.

The cookline at Seafield features a 4-burner range, an induction hob, a chargrill, two fryers, a pasta cooker, a rise and fall electric salamander and in-fill tables.

Rita Barcoe, operations director at Seafield, is delighted with the new equipment. “The Falcon range looks great, it’s very contemporary,” she says.

The F900 range not only looks good, it works hard too. “When you’re catering for larger numbers you need equipment that’s reliable,” says Rita. “It’s already proven that it can keep up with our demand at busier times.”

The F900 range is designed for use in the toughest environments. Constructed with culinary grade stainless steel using state of the art techniques including laser cutting and projection welding, the products in the range are hard-wearing yet attractive enough to be placed front-of-house if required – combining form with function.

The Dynamic Link System also makes cleaning easier, as it removes gaps that grease or debris could otherwise get into. “Our executive chef, Susan Lacey, is really pleased with how easy it is to clean,” Rita explains. “Anything that reduces downtime is a real boon.”

For more information on Brodericks visit their website:

Falcon is the market-leading UK manufacturer of professional cooking equipment. With a company history going back nearly 200 years, Falcon now supplies operators throughout the catering industry, exporting around the globe. Its comprehensive product portfolio is backed by award-winning customer support. Visit for more information.

The EatBy App is aimed at encouraging people to eat delicious fresh food, reduce food waste and save money

Developers of the EatBy App have incorporated artificial intelligence into their kitchen management and grocery list app to reduce domestic food waste.

The latest release of the EatBy App includes a new feature – it automatically suggests how long fruit, veg and frozen items will stay fresh for and then reminds you to use them up before they go off. But the clever bit, according to the developers, is that the app learns the storage habits of individual users.

Not everyone’s kitchen is the same, and different food storage environments effect shelf life. EatBy App addresses this problem by learning as it’s used over time.

Domestic food waste is now the biggest contributor to the global food waste problem. Supermarkets have suffered the brunt of bad publicity, being blamed for massive quantities of unsold food being wasted. Many supermarkets and grocery stores have since made big changes that reduce food waste in the supply chain. However, the problem of food wasted at home is still massive. The Eatby developers believe change has to happen in our homes and stress that we all need to review our grocery shopping and food consumption habits. In some cases households unnecessarily waste up to 30% of their food simply from poor kitchen management. This not only has a detrimental environmental impact, it also has a big impact on householders’ wallets. With the escalation of food prices, especially in the UK, where the British Pound has slumped as a reaction of Brexit, careful food management is becoming more important. EatBy App is the leading smart kitchen technology and its development team are one of only a few to come up with a successful domestic food waste reduction solution. There are a number of apps designed to share unwanted food but EatBy App prevents the accumulation of unwanted food in the first place.

Initial versions of the app were praised by users and the press despite the user interface being described as “clumpy”. But subsequent versions of the app have addressed this by incorporating a much more intuitive and attractive interface. The development team have certainly listened to their feedback to refine the app.

Designers at EatBy say they are now developing the app to make the best use of the freezer in an effort to make users more aware of the benefits of freezing food to further reduce food waste. But the latest big news is that EatBy are developing Smart Kitchen hardware. “The products we’re working on will make kitchen management simple – with a big focus on beautiful design and developing A.I. driven ‘invisible technology’ that works in the background with minimal user effort required.” Steffan Lewis, co-founder of EatBy App went on to say, “Artificial Intelligence does not need to be scary – in EatBy’s case it’ll simply help make life better. Our technology is aimed at families, foodies and people who love to cook. We’re not interested in creating futuristic, sterile kitchens. We are interested in encouraging everyone to eat delicious fresh food, reduce food waste and save money.”

EatBy App is available on the App Store and Google play. Information can be found at

Hubbard Systems says new icemaker is the hassle-free, competitively-priced ice solution

The new Scotsman NW 608 ice machine, distributed in the UK by Hubbard Systems, combines ultra-reliability with ultra-simple controls and a compact, industry-standard footprint. According to Hubbard it delivers hassle-free, high volume ice production in a quality, stainless steel build at a very competitive price.

This latest Scotsman makes dice ice in either standard 12g cubes or half cubes, weighing 6g. It can produce up to 280kg of ice per day, or over 23,300 standard cubes, making it ideal for high volume sites requiring a reliable supply. A modular machine, it sits on top of a separate storage bin and is compatible with a variety of different bin designs.

“The NW 608 uses new manufacturing techniques, hence the ‘ultra’ reliability and the very competitive list price,” says Simon Aspin, commercial director of Hubbard Systems. “Meanwhile, Scotsman’s approach to sustainability includes building simplicity into its designs – that’s why the NW 608’s operation, day to day maintenance and servicing are all very easy and straightforward.”

Typical of this simplicity is the control panel. It features six simple graphics showing reset, high pressure, alarm, bin full, ice making and on/off. “It couldn’t be plainer,” says Aspin. “Everything the operator needs to know is right there, on the front panel of the ice machine.” Cleaning is similarly simple, with a ‘one touch’ system that saves time and labour, while the front panel gives easy access to the evaporator plate for quick maintenance operations.

The global standard footprint means the NW 608 will ‘fit the hole’ when it comes to replacement purchases. “This is a very important factor,” says Aspin. “Increasingly we are working to global standards. The size of the NW 608 makes it simple for specifiers to choose a Scotsman.”

Hubbard Systems offers a variety of storage bin options for the icemaker. They range from the Scotsman SB 393, which has a 769mm wide by 850mm deep footprint and a storage capacity of 181kg, to the FOL600, which measures 1080mm by 686mm and can hold up to 258kg of ice.

Another key design trend is pressure on space. The NW 608 not only delivers high volume production in a compact design, it is also stackable – so two NW icemakers can be placed on top of each other, on the storage bin, doubling capacity without increasing the footprint.

The NW 608 measures 760mm wide by 620mm deep by 575mm high, excluding the storage bin. It’s available from Scotsman dealers, is backed by a two year warranty and its list price is £3,943

Hubbard Systems is the UK distributor for the market-leading Scotsman range, which is available via dealers nationwide.  For more information on the full range of Scotsman ice machines, and details of local stockists, freephone Hubbard Systems on 0800 616559, call 01473 350045 or visit

The smallest machine in the combi steamer range, the Eloma Joker is all grown up at 18-years of age

Compact, multifunctional and capable of the highest productivity in a confined space: the Eloma Joker, the smallest in the combi steamer range, went into production in 1998. This year the flexible compact combi steamer celebrates its 18th birthday and can proudly claim to be grown-up, still at a width of just 52cm.

Even in 1998, the Joker showed great performance in a small space with a capacity of 6 GN containers in 2/3 format. According to Eloma, they were the first manufacturer to close a market gap with the space saving miracle – there has been a huge demand already at the end of the last millennium. “The fact that many of our well-known competitors followed us and added a compact unit to their product portfolio in the recent years proves how pioneering this innovation was 18 years ago,” says Dr. Hilmar Rudloff, managing director at Eloma GmbH.

The Joker has established itself as an integral part of the Eloma combi steamer portfolio, has set standards and does not have to hide behind the big ones at all. During 18 years of Eloma compact class, the Joker has been evolving constantly. Customer requirements have always been in the foreground. Eloma offers numerous Joker solutions for a wide range of applications, in both 2/3 and 1/1 GN format. For example, Eloma has a mobile version, a built-in solution and also various accessories like the Multi-Eco-Hood for a pleasant indoor climate and the fully automatic cleaning system autoclean®. Thanks to the innovative MT Technology, which can also be found in the bigger premium serius GenuisMT, operating the Joker fulfills the basic principle of Eloma: ease of cooking.

Eloma, with its diverse Joker equipment options, always offers the fitting solution, whether it’s in catering, traffic service, quick service restaurants, as a stand-alone unit in hotel or restaurant kitchens or many other applications.

Due to the high quality and robustness, the Eloma Joker is even suitable for use on trains with its particularly high requirements. The necessary TÜV certificate for the JokerMT was issued this year.

Visit Eloma at Alles für den Gast in Salzburg from 5-9 November 2016 at their new stand in hall 1, booth 401, and convince yourself of the original in the compact class.

Eloma GmbH is a leading manufacturer of combi steamers and bake-off ovens for the professional field. The company’s philosophy “100 per cent Made in Germany” guarantees the highest quality in appliances as well as for all processes demanded from today’s kitchen. The company was founded in 1975 and joined the international Ali Group in 2007. Eloma delivers to over 65 countries worldwide. Further information at

Catering equipment supplier speaks at Carbon Trust’s ‘Standard Bearer’ Conference

Winterhalter talked about its experiences with carbon footprinting at a workshop held by The Carbon Trust as part of its recent Standard Bearers’ Conference, held on 12 October 2016 at 30 Euston Square, London. The Conference attracted big names including Lego, McDonald’s and GlaxoSmithKline.

“Many of the delegates were looking at the science behind our carbon footprinting,” says Winterhalter marketing manager Paul Crowley, who made the workshop presentation jointly with Dominic Burbridge of The Carbon Trust. “The Trust required a huge range of elements to be factored in before they could create a carbon footprint for each Winterhalter warewasher model – most of the questions from the floor focused on how those elements came together to create the footprint figure.”

Winterhalter is the only catering equipment company to achieve carbon footprint certification through the Carbon Trust. To enable the accreditation, the Trust worked with Winterhalter to develop a calculator that buyers can use to compare the lifetime carbon footprint, and expected energy costs, of any Winterhalter model, based on their anticipated levels of actual use.

During the workshop, Crowley considered the difficulties of creating the calculator, and the benefits of carbon footprinting to equipment buyers and to Winterhalter itself, in terms of the commercial edge is has given the company.

“Any foodservice operator who is interested in sustainability and CSR immediately sees the value of our carbon footprinting,” he said. “This is a catering equipment industry first and we are very proud of it. Plus, of course, it fits with our brand’s commitment to the environment. However, there’s no doubting that it is helping, and will continue to help, in winning us business.”

Crowley says that the Conference highlighted how different industries can learn from each other in terms of tackling issues such as waste. “For example, the paint industry’s Community Repaint charity aims to make use of waste paint to decorate houses of people and organisations that need help. Maybe there’s a way for the hospitality industry to use their experience to make better use of waste food? Of course it won’t be easy to organise, but there are definitely lessons to be learnt from outside our market.”

Winterhalter provides a total solution for warewashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance. Alongside its market-leading dish and glasswashers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents. For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, see, or or email

Reliable, high volume toaster from Pantheon

Pantheon’s CT1 Conveyor Toaster provides a highly cost effective and very reliable solution for high volume toasting across multiple bread based products.

As per all the items in Pantheon’s plug-in equipment range, the toaster has been designed to be exceptionally easy to use, so can be made accessible to all members of staff – or even by customers if appropriate.

It processes between 300 and 350 slices of bread per hour but will also accept buns, crumpets, tea cakes, muffins and other bread based foods.

To ensure longevity, the elements are made from metal rather than quartz which is often associated with a short life-span and expensive replacement.

Other key features include:

  • Front or rear toast delivery
  • Single or double sided toasting option (especially relevant to burger buns)
  • Variable speed belt control
  • Four-position rotary switch
  • Automatic or manual feed options
  • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning

The CT1 Conveyor Toaster measures 370w x 420d x 430h (mm), weighs 20kg and has a power rating of 230v.


Further information:

Stuart Hayes. Pantheon Catering Equipment. Vulcan Works. Dixon St. Bolton BL6 7PH

Tel: 0800 046 1570 Web: Email


The powered by Nature Award is a prize offered to the most popular eco-friendly self-service restaurant

Roltex, one of Europe’s leading service tray manufacturers, based in Belgium, offers a prize to the self-service restaurant that has the most pictures posted online of one of their eco-friendly service trays. In recent years, the company has invested much time and effort in developing a product range that is more durable and eco-friendly and above all, suitable for the professional market. Because – ultimately – even a service tray can be green.

The Horeca market has changed a lot, with more and more restaurants realising the importance of obtaining green credentials. Restaurant owners are looking at sustainability as a point of difference feature in their marketing strategy to gain a competitive advantage. Their sustainability efforts go far beyond food. They start looking at packaging, energy, transport, etc. and now even service trays.

Roltex quickly understood the demand for a  tray solution and started developing an ecological service tray called ‘Earth Tray’ back in 2009. This tray consists of 70 % paper cardboard from a controlled renewable resource and 20% bio resin from waste of sugarcane production. As it also can be personalised, it proved to be an ideal marketing tool too.

This service tray concept was such a success that the manufacturer continued working on this winning path. The design version of the Earth Tray called ‘Wave’ was born in 2015 along with a plastic service tray ‘Paturel’ made from 40 % wood fibre.

After 7 years the service tray manufacturer believed it was time to reward their customers who had chosen one of their ecological trays. The Powered by Nature Award includes an actual physical Award, publicity in all Roltex communication and € 2.500 worth of Roltex products (valid for three years). Every restaurant that has purchased a tray out of  the Roltex Green assortment – Earth Tray, Wave or Paturel – is officially eligible to participate. The idea is that the restaurant asks their customers to take a picture of their tray in use  and upload  it to Facebook adding @Roltex nv. The restaurant that has the most pictures posted, wins the award.

Curious for more? Take a look at :

IMC's award-winning range of recycling compactors now includes the K400CC mini compactor

Recognising that dealing with waste is an unavoidable nuisance IMC has spent many hours considering how to help and encourage caterers to increase their recycling rates. The result is its award winning range of recycling compactors, the most recent addition being the K400CC mini compactor, which has been designed to facilitate recycling whilst retaining the convenience of a traditional trash compactor.

The compact IMC K400CC with its modern and stylish design looks good in any commercial establishment and will handle the disposal of all recyclable plastics, food packaging waste, drinks cans, food tins, paper, card and glass – all in one convenient appliance. Optimised to encourage recycling by offering one-stop segregation of waste it has a near silent 6000Nm linear motor to ensure energy efficiency and quiet operation. The K400CC’s unique compaction mechanisms allow storage of real world quantities of cans, tins, card, plastics and other packaging waste, whilst its ‘hypercrush’ compaction operation ensures permanent compression of plastics and card.

Like all IMC waste management products, the K400CC can be seamlessly incorporated into an undercounter solution and is designed with alternative combinations of functionality to address different municipal authority waste collection regimes. Constructed with a stainless steel chassis for strength and durability it also includes a range of safety features including a key lock.

The payback on a compactor is less than three months on direct savings and seven months purely on saved collection charges alone.


For further information on the K400CC, or other items in the IMC range, visit or call +44 (0)1978 661155.