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The Ovention® Matchbox® M360 has advanced cooking technology, a unique cooking carousel and a small footprint, making it the perfect fit for any operation

At Ovention, we believe how you cook is just as important as what you cook. Today’s patrons demand real, fresh-prepared foods, increasing the need for smart, cost-effective ways to deliver more delicious in less time. As consumers demand for improved food integrity rises, look to Ovention to exceed expectations with revolutionary, next-generation commercial ovens that feature state-of-the-art technology to deliver unprecedented flexibility, versatility and efficiency —without the need for venting or hoods.

The perfect fit

We think ovens should be smart enough to cook your entire menu perfectly, every time. The Ovention® Matchbox® M360 has advanced cooking technology, a unique cooking carousel and a small footprint, making it the perfect fit for any operation. The Precision Impingement® controls time, temperature and independent blower speeds for every item you cook, without the need for ventilation. With up to 600 pre-programmed cook settings, you can stage the entire process for superior quality, without a microwave.

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New system, provided by software development company Ten Kites, will be rolled out at around 30 selected sites

Elior UK has announced it will be rolling out online menus at around 30 selected sites after a highly successful pilot at the Wellcome Genome Campus, which has resulted in more than 6,000 menu visits in the first month.

The system – provided by software development company Ten Kites – allows customers to remotely access menus so they can check the price, allergen information and nutritional content of different dishes in real time.

The online menus automatically pull information from Elior’s recipe hub, StarChef, allowing seamless data transfer. This frees up more time to focus on producing great food and excellent customer service.

Game changer

Jennifer Rees, facilities manager at the Wellcome Genome Campus, said: “The system has been a real game changer for the team. It allows us to manage what menus appear online, preview new ones and schedule dates information goes live. And our customers love it – because they can check everything remotely.”

Carl Morris, director of marketing & corporate communications at Elior, said: “Elior prides itself on delivering a first class customer experience. Thanks to this new technology, customers can check important information like the allergen content of dishes from wherever they are, whenever they want. And for the Elior team, it’s simplified an otherwise time consuming process, allowing us to focus more on what we do best – great food and excellent customer service.”

Stuart Wilson, CEO of Ten Kites, said “We’re delighted Elior has decided to roll our system out at more of its sites. We look forward to continuing our work with Elior, helping streamline operations and improve customer experiences.”

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Elior operates high profile catering contracts across the B&I, health & care home, defence, education, stadia and heritage sectors. It provides customers with a bespoke offer that focuses on great food, drink and customer service and couples it with the benefits that a large company brings. Elior UK is part of Elior Group which operates worldwide with annual revenues of €5,674 million.

New tablets protect machine and deliver best in class hygiene

Winterhalter is putting free samples of its new machine cleaning tablet, called A 15 MC, into all UC undercounter machines it sells. The new tablets have been specially developed to get rid of mineral deposits and to ensure the machine is as hygienically clean as possible.

While promotional stocks last, a bag of five tablets, plus an easy to understand graphic cleaning guide, will be packed inside every UC machine.

The UC machines are available in four different sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large, and four different configurations, one each for dishes, glasses and cutlery or utensils, plus the multi-purpose bistro version, which can wash glasses and dishes at the same time. The glasswashers can process up to 48 racks per hour, the dishwashers up to 40. The latest UC machine, the award-winning Excellence iPlus, has an integral reverse osmosis (RO) system plus an integral water softener.  This hybrid technology offers a variety of benefits, including reducing water consumption and preventing blockages of the RO membrane, while extending the membrane’s life. It delivers brilliant wash results every time.

Precisely tailored

Using the new A 15 MC tablet is very simple and effortless: simply remove it from its wrapping and pop it in the machine during the self-cleaning programme. The tablet is precisely tailored to the UC series’ self-cleaning programme and ensures the most thorough cleaning and care for the machine, getting rid of mineral deposits, cleaning the unit thoroughly and leaving a fresh fragrance.

“These tablets will lengthen the life of the UC machine, as well as enhancing hygiene,” says Peter Alsworth, sales director of Winterhalter UK’s cleaning chemicals division. “However, as they are a new idea we decided to run this promotion so that customers would be able to trial them and see how effective and easy to use they are.”

Further information:

Winterhalter provides a total solution for warewashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance. Alongside its market-leading dish and glasswashers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents. For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, see, or or email

Pantheon's new table-top fryer offers improved performance

Pantheon’s plug-in PFT81, stainless steel, 8 litre tabletop fryer is built to a high standard and delivers outstanding performance alongside ease of use and maintenance – all at a highly competitive price.

Controls are straightforward – the required temperature is set manually and an indicator light clearly alerts the operator when temperature is reached. It also benefits from a front-sited drainage tap that allows for the easy collection of old cooking oil.

The low volume of oil required means that it becomes cost effective for chefs to select which oil they might want to use for a particular dish or garnish. Also, the sensitivity of the thermostat means that the desired temperature is maintained extremely accurately. (One of the main reasons for oil deterioration is that the oil gets too hot or that small particles of food that remain in the oil, burn and taint the flavour.)

Pantheon’s PFT81 fryer is very energy efficient because the heating elements are immersed in the oil itself so contact is direct. They heat up rapidly and quickly return to temperature, even when used for frozen foods.

The straightforward design eliminates dirt traps and allows ready access to all parts for efficient cleaning and maintenance. Pantheon’s all-encompassing 12 months parts and labour warranty applies.

Features include:

  • User friendly controls
  • Temperature indicator light
  • Rapid heat up
  • Safety cut out thermostat
  • Temperature range 60 – 190 degrees C
  • Dishwasher friendly basket complete with foldable handle
  • Pull-out handles on each side of pan making it easier to lift and empty
  • Rubber feet for added safety

The fryer is available from Pantheon’s nationwide network of distributors.


Falcon launches new combi ovens with improved functionality and ease of use

Falcon has taken the functionality of combination ovens to a new level with the launch of its latest models. These units are available in programmable and manual versions, with both benefitting from improvements to construction, aesthetics and usability.

The top of the range ‘T’ models feature an upgraded user interface. The new high definition colour tablet-style touchscreen is incredibly easy to operate. It can be completely configured to suit each individual kitchen’s requirements, with the home page able to display the most frequently used programmes, which can then be started with just one touch.

Recipes can be organised in folders so that, for instance, those used on a certain day can be readily called up together. Previous models featured a 400 programme storage capacity, whereas the new ‘T’ models feature unlimited storage. Cooking advice and notes can be typed in and images can be added to help quick identification – these can be uploaded from an image gallery or from a USB.

Multilevel and Just in Time cooking enables menu items with different cooking times to be cooked simultaneously, with the combi oven intelligently recognising compatible recipes that can also be cooked together.

All of Falcon’s new 7 and 10 shelf models benefit from new Liquid Clean automatic cleaning and descaling systems, making it easier to keep the combi oven chamber in optimum condition. The detergent and descaler containers are in-built, housed in a discreet compartment beneath the oven chamber, saving space and improving the appearance of the units. Each unit is also supplied with a multipoint temperature probe and hand shower as standard.

Easy to operate

Alongside the new models, Falcon will continue to supply its popular compact combi oven range. The compact combis are only 510mm wide and enable smaller kitchens to benefit from combi cooking. They feature an easy to operate, interactive touch screen with 400 programme storage capacity, and an automatic cleaning system.

There is also a full range of cooking accessories available, such as perforated trays, skewer racks, meat grids and non-stick containers specifically designed to enhance the quality of the food being produced.

“The new Falcon combi is a really excellent machine, says Shaune Hall, product development chef at Falcon.“It is full of innovative and useful features and the touch screen is very easy to use. I love the fact that you can adjust the programme settings even during any stage of the cooking process. The accessories really do make a difference too, making it even easier to produce great food.”

To help operators realise the full potential of the new combis, Falcon’s sales managers provide on-site demonstrations showing how to use and get the best out of the equipment. Shaune Hall also regularly visits sites to give demonstrations to groups of caterers. Falcon’s customers can also visit the factory and development kitchen pre- and post-purchase for hands-on training and to try cooking their menu items prior to purchase.

About Falcon:

Falcon is the market-leading UK manufacturer of professional cooking equipment. With a company history going back nearly 200 years, Falcon now supplies operators throughout the catering industry, exporting around the globe. Its comprehensive product portfolio is backed by award-winning customer support. Visit for more information.

Innovator of mobile carts for food, beverage and retail businesses, refreshes brand "for the 21st century"

Carts of Colorado, one of the US’s most successful innovators of mobile carts for food, beverage and retail businesses, has changed its name and brand to Gallery. Gallery has provided tens of thousands of mobile food carts, kiosks and portables for many of the country’s top sports and concert venues and Fortune 500 brands including Pepsico, YUM Brands, Starbucks and many more.

The company was originally founded more than 30 years ago by the Gallery family, which began selling hot dogs from a cart on the 16th Street Mall in Denver, US. Over three decades the family grew the business into one of the world’s most successful mobile cart and kiosk providers. The new name reflects the family-owned and operated ethos that streams through the company, while also updating it to underscore the international reach, scope and breadth of this successful multimillion-dollar business.

“Our business name is changing, but our commitment to our customers and focus on innovation will never waiver,” said Dan Gallery V, the company’s president. “Our goal with the change is the refresh our brand for the 21st century to reflect the fact that we now incorporate new technology into the business and work with our clients on creative solutions for the ever-changing challenges they face in their venues, whether they are entertainment, travel, corporate or education. We are more than a cart maker, but in fact we provide a full gallery of innovative solutions for virtually any type of food, beverage or retail service provider at any venue.”

Timely and pertinent

Dan Gallery V believes this is the brand change is particularly timely. “It’s an exciting time in our industry. Foodservice delivery at high tech venues is changing; consumers are demanding fresher, faster, healthier food options; and, our clients need solution-oriented service like never before. Under our new name of Gallery, the company is addressing these challenges and 21st century expectations of our clients by providing them with creative designs and superior service for mobile carts, kiosks and portables in any venue.

“The name ‘Gallery’ will allow Carts of Colorado to achieve several things. First, it establishes our national presence. But most importantly it allows us to catch up to what the company actually is – an innovative, problem-solving company deeply rooted in customer experience. Gallery represents the literal interpretation of the word – a ‘gallery’ is a display space, and we build displays for our client’s brands and products to better support their goals,” he says.

The future, says Gallery, looks bright for the brand. “Gallery is excited to incorporate new technology into our business and provide creative solutions for the challenges that our clients face in their venues, whether they are entertainment, travel, corporate or education. Some of the exciting, new things we have planned in 2017 include: innovations for carts – new “Fresh and Fast Cocktail Cart” product that we’ll be launching at NAFEM; advanced technologies to elevate the customer experience: QC app, service app, client portal; LCD screens and improved lighting systems; customised designs and solutions to fit the venues design; new construction methods to reduce lead times,” he says.

“The Gallery team is at a key point in our 30 year history. We are a trusted partner to clients who use our carts and kiosks to deliver food, beverages and merchandise to tens of thousands of people every day. Our team has never been more focused on creatively engaging with our clients, and as a result the solutions we’re providing to our clients this year are some of the most innovative designs and technologies we’ve ever had. It’s going to be a great year.”​

New challenges

Gallery recognises that its customers are facing new modes of business including high-tech venues, changing food service delivery models, and discriminating consumer demands for fresh and local food. Gallery is already tackling these challenges today with its clients in many ways including:

  • Helping food service providers with new designs at some of the nation’s newest arenas and stadiums
  • Working with venues to meet consumer demands for more discriminating food and drink options
  • Designing custom and creative solutions for futuristic meal delivery options

“Over the past three decades we’ve built tens of thousands of carts, and we’ve built a highly successful team that knows the industry, understands our clients’ needs and provides unparalleled services and support,” said Dan Gallery IV, the company’s founder and CEO. “As the company evolves to its next generation, I have the utmost confidence in our team to deliver innovation, expertise and leadership, which the whole industry has come to expect from us.”

In addition to new cutting-edge carts and kiosks announced throughout the year, in 2017 Gallery plans to roll out new software solutions that help customers streamline design, ordering, fabrication and installation processes.

The new Gallery brand will be on full display at the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) show in Orlando Feb. 9 – 11. Gallery will highlight its planned innovations for the year including a cutting-edge new cart, new LCD screens, enhanced lighting solutions, and custom designed carts. Visit Gallery in booth # 3239.

Classeq unveils its new look range and branding

A new year marks a time of change and for popular warewashing specialist, Classeq, this is certainly the case with the launch of its brand new range of machines, complete with a new digital system, look and branding.

Embodying the brand’s ethos – ‘warewashing made simple’ – the new collection includes 13 machines across two ranges, Standard and DUO. All of the warewashers have easy-to-use button controls which provide effortless, consistently clean results wash after wash. Operating on an electronic system rather than electro-mechanical, the machines have inbuilt equipment to record usage data, temperature displays for rinse and wash tanks and chemical use, which provides valuable analysis to improve operational efficiencies.

Sleek and modern

Using technology developed in harness with Winterhalter, Classeq’s parent company, the new models are sleek and modern, and are designed to match the requirements of the country’s top commercial kitchens. The machines also have a clever stand-by facility designed to save energy when not in use and, to complete the look, both ranges have double-skinned features enabling quieter operation and reduced heat loss.

Commenting on the launch, David Smithson, CEO at Classeq, said: “The average warewasher cleans over two million glasses in a year, so having machines like the new Classeq range, which are well-engineered, durable and reliable, are essential for busy kitchens across the Hospitality Industry – especially as the sector continues to grow and thrive.

“We’re also starting the New Year with a new look, which mirrors our emphasis on simplicity, quality and affordability. Our customers’ experience is at the heart of everything we do, and with our new contemporary branding we’re focusing on delivering long-term benefits to our customers and the Industry in which we operate.”

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Specifi reaches agreement to create and manage BIM block libraries for three of the UK’s most successful brands

The race to create the world’s most accurate catering equipment data base and the capability of three of the UK’s top suppliers to provide BIM compatible blocks for designers, specifiers and equipment suppliers has taken a huge step foward. The announcement that Lincat, Precision Refrigeration and Metcalfe have all reached agreement with Specifi Global, to create BIM compliant product libraries, is a further demonstration of the growing importance of this process.

The deal thought to be over three years, will see the creation of BIM compatible blocks for all products in each of the brands portfolios. Future proofing their abilities to compete for, secure and manage public and private sector projects that require BIM. All CAD blocks will be available within the Specifi programme and will also be available to supply businesses via CESABiM and FCEMBIM.

Progressive members

Commenting on the news Keith Warren says: “Coming off the back of the CESA 2016 conference, this is a very positive move by three progressive members. As we heard from the UK head of BIM, this process is now a requirement and not an option on a growing number of projects. Effective compliancy for suppliers will be helped significantly by manufacturers who understand that BIM is the future.

“We are delighted to be working with our partner Specifi Global following its purchase of Schematic Limited. Our work will add significantly to the resources and expertise available to our 180+ members. As a global business we are also working with Specifi to deliver EFCEMBIM (the European library). This will benefit members who require their products to be hosted on both CESABIM and EFCEMBIM simultaneously. The development and evolution of BIM information and services for our CESA members is stronger as a result of our partnership, we encourage other members to follow this lead.”

Nick Williams of Precision Refrigeration says: “there were a number of reasons behind my decision to enter into the agreement with Specifi. Firstly, based on customer feedback, we needed our existing library to be created in Revit format rather than in the IFC format we already had. Secondly, I really liked Specifi’s model of them acting as our outsourced department, to continually maintain and update our data. It is one thing to prepare the data in the first place, but we are constantly adapting, improving and adding to our product range, so the data requires constant updates to give our customers access to the correct and latest information. Specifi enables us to do this effectively and provides the added benefit of our data being available on their software programme, making it easier for dealers to specify and quote our equipment.”

Lincat MD Nick McDonald says: “As we move forward, our existing work with and aspiration to grow our level of business from UK consultants and scheme dealers is increasing in importance and priority.. We have always understood the need for our customers to be able to access comprehensive and accurate product information. The introduction and growing importance of BIM in the delivery of public and private sector projects, means we now need to provide our customers with compatible data 24/7. Our agreement with Specifi will see the creation of a complete repository of BIM compliant CAD blocks, containing all the required elements to future proof our data. Multi-platform availability of this information including the Specifi DESIGN and QUOTE software packages, CESABIM, EFCEMBIM, plus our own website, will mean customers can accurately and confidently specify, or quote our equipment wherever and whenever they wish.”

A constant stream of requests for BIM blocks was a driver in the decision by Neil Richards of Metcalfe Catering to work with Specifi. “With regards to Specify, we felt that it is something we needed to be involved with, in order to provide our customers with as much information about our products as we can. We are always asked by customers for BIM models of our products to make it easy for them to include in projects they are working on. It therefore makes perfect sense for us to work with Specify to help us supply these essential blocks, as well as a wealth of other up to date technical information and prices”.

Stuart Campbell VP of sales at Specifi added, “this is a great start to 2017 and we’re obviously delighted to be working with three of the UK’s key brands, to create and manage their product libraries. By subscribing to our content creation subscription service, our work will enable everyone in the business supply chain to work smarter and more efficiently. From specification through to project management and completion the Specifi system pulls everything together seamlessly. In partnership with CESA and EFCEM we will in time create the worlds most complete and accurate product data bases. These dynamic repositories featuring BIM compliant data will be the key to doing business globally. It is our hope that all manufacturers will recognise the importance and need to have the correctly formatted blocks and we’re in a unique position to help. Any manufacturer wishing to discuss BIM content creation, can talk to us on the CESA stand at the forthcoming Great Hospitality exhibition in Birmingham”.

For further information please contact:

Stuart Campbell, vice president sales international, Specify:




Angelo Po, now part of Marmon Food, Beverage & Water Technologies, is focused on delivering the best solutions for the professional catering sector

Founded in 1922, Angelo Po draws on the experience gained during its many years on the international market to deliver the best solutions for the professional catering sector. With about 65% of its sales generated by exports and branches in China, Spain, France and the United States, the company supplies, not only top-level restaurant equipment, but also turnkey integrated systems for institutional catering, consultants and large hotel chains.

“We have a specific in-house team with decades of experience, capable of analysing needs and quickly offering even highly customised solutions, delivering the technical and regulatory backup so vital to contractors and consultants,” adds sales and marketing manager Adriano Fabris, who joined Angelo Po after lengthy experience with other brands in the industry.

“For the near future, we are planning to further reinforce our presence abroad, in areas such as the United Arab Emirates, which in the coming years are going to be fulcrum of major events, first and foremost Expo 2020, themed around sustainable development,” says Fabris.

User-friendly, intuitive appliances

Sustainability has always been a guiding principle for Angelo Po, helping it to develop products that stand out on the market for their strong focus on existing and upcoming environmental regulations, with the aim of optimising consumption and energy saving.

So its products provide ever-increasing sustainability – but that is not all. The company is currently concentrating on user-friendly, intuitive appliances able to respond to users’ real needs. Hence the drive to create new food-processing concepts, in association with the fast-growing international chains, also prioritising food cost and food safety.

In 2016 Angelo Po was acquired by Marmon Food, Beverage & Water Technologies, a company owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. holding company, based in the US. The Angelo Po and Marmon businesses are extremely complementary in terms of both geographical coverage and offering. The acquisition therefore creates major technological, industrial and commercial synergies, which will support swift, large-scale expansion at the global level.

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Gamble Foodservice Solutions has supplied two Ovention Matchbox 1313 ovens and five FWE TS-1663-36DL heated holding cabinets to Aspers Casino in east London

Located in the Westfield retail, leisure and entertainment complex in Stratford City, Aspers is the UK’s largest casino. The appliances were specified by kitchen design and installation specialist, Court Catering Equipment Ltd, as part of an upgrade of the site’s foodservice facilities.

Aspers Casino is open 24 hours a day and closes only for a short period on Christmas Day. Its menu offer includes a variety of fast food, such as pizzas, burgers, chicken wings, hot dogs, ribs and cooked breakfasts, which are served in the casino’s restaurant and to players at gaming tables and slot machines. Speed of service and cooked food quality are the driving factors in the Aspers operation and it was these criteria that influenced the specification of the Ovention ovens and the heated holding units.

To meet the high levels of demand for pizzas during peak periods of service, they are cooked in advance, rather than to order. The Ovention ovens provide the capacity to cook two pizzas in less than five minutes. Once cooked, the pizzas are transferred to cardboard boxes and sliced, before being placed in the heated holding units. The castor mounted holding units are then wheeled to satellite kitchens on the gambling floor and the pizzas are served to order, reducing the amount of time spent by valets collecting food from the central kitchen and delivering it to the tables. Aspers Casino has seen a 14% increase in pizza sales since the introduction of the Ovention ovens and the heated holding units.

The Ovention oven uses precision impingement technology, delivering over twice the volume of hot air and better air concentration than conventional conveyor ovens. Food is cooked in a closed cavity, minimising the escape of hot air, for reduced energy consumption. Multiple catalysts break down grease into moist hot air, which is used in the cooking process, for improved quality and healthier product. The catalysts and the fact that the chamber is only open whilst food is loaded or unloaded eliminate the need for costly kitchen ventilation hood systems.

Aspers Casino’s Head of Hospitality, Paul Taylor, reported that the Ovention oven delivers consistently high standards of cooked pizza with a crisp base. He added that the accurate temperature control and humidity system of the heated cabinets keep the pizzas at optimum freshness and product quality for up to four hours.

Paul Taylor also cited simplicity of use as a significant advantage: “Cooking time and temperature are pre-programmed and food is automatically loaded into the cooking chamber with a tap of the user-friendly touchpad. The Ovention ovens have helped us improve productivity and deliver consistently high standards of cooked food quality. Operating around the clock means that there is potential for a large number of kitchen staff to use the ovens and the fact that they are so easy to operate simplifies training and maximises kitchen efficiency.”

Court Catering Equipment Ltd’s Managing Director, Nick Howe, added: “Our brief was to specify equipment which would speed up service and improve the quality of the pizza offer. We looked at various options before coming to the conclusion that the Ovention ovens and FWE heated holding units were the best solution for this specific application. The Gamble team went the extra mile in helping us with this project, including comprehensive product demonstrations and installing the equipment at Aspers Casino for a trial period.”