College of Fellows

The College of Fellows (formally known as the Council of Fellows) was established in 1981 as a means of recognizing extraordinary contributions by Society members to the foodservice and hospitality industry, to the foodservice consulting profession, and to FCSI. The letters FFCSI signify attainment of the ultimate honor the Society bestows upon its members.

If you would like to nominate a FCSI Professional Member for Fellow consideration please contact the FCSI Worldwide office at and request a Nomination Form and Scoring Sheet.


Council of fellows

Clara Pi, FFCSI 2018 APD
Edwin Norman, FFCSI (PP) 2018 TAD
Edmeston Bernard, FFCSI 2018 TAD
Antonio Montanari, FFCSI 2017 EAME
Jean-Pierre Grossi, FFCSI (EM) 2017 EAME
Josef Meringer, FFCSI 2017 EAME
Scott Legge, FFCSI (PP) 2013 TAD
Charnette Norton, FFCSI 2012 TAD
Ruby P. Puckett, FFCSI 2012 TAD
Tim Smallwood, FFCSI 2010 APD
Albert DaCosta, MA OSD APA FFCSI (EM) (PP) 2009 TAD & EAME
Gerhard Franzen, FFCSI (EM) 2009 ** EAME
Kenneth W. Winch, FFCSI (PP) 2009 EAME
Brian Sill, FFCSI (PP) 2006 ** TAD
Michael O. Johnson, FFCSI (PP) 2005 ** TAD
Leif Torné, FFCSI 2005 ** EAME
Michael Pantano, FFCSI (PP) 2004 TAD
Thomas Costello, FFCSI (PP) 2003 TAD
Hugh R. Cade, FFCSI (PP) 2002 EAME
Nicolas F.P.M. Elshof, FFCSI (EM) 2002 EAME
John C. Birchfield Sr., FFCSI (EM) (PP) 2001 ** TAD
Tassos Kioulpapas, FFCSI (EM) 2001 EAME
Robert E. Pacifico, FFCSI (PP) 2001 ** TAD
Kathleen H. Seelye, FFCSI (PP) 2001 TAD
Beryl J. Yuhas, FFCSI (PP) 2001 ** TAD
Bruno M. Brivio, FFCSI (EM) 1999 EAME
Thomas D. Ricca, FFCSI 1997 TAD
Ira B. Beer, FFCSI 1995 ** TAD
Salvatore N. Romano, FFCSI (EM) (PP) 1993 TAD
Benjamin Perlstein, FFCSI (EM) 1991 ** TAD
H.G. “Gene” Rice, FFCSI (EM) 1989 ** TAD
Joseph W. Laschober, FFCSI 1988 ** TAD
Juan M. Prieto, A., FFCSI 1988 ** TAD
William V. Eaton, FFCSI (PP) 1987 TAD
George G. Zipfel, FFCSI 1987 ** TAD
Arthur C. Avery, FFCSI 1986 ** TAD
William J. Caruso, FFCSI (PP) 1986 TAD
John C. Cini, FFCSI (PP) 1986 ** TAD
Samuel Crabtree, FFCSI (EM) (PP) 1985 ** TAD
James H. Little, FFCSI (PP) 1985 ** TAD
Murray A. Perl, FFCSI (PP) 1985 ** TAD
John D. Fellers, FFCSI (EM) (PP) 1984 ** TAD
Ronald P. Kooser, FFCSI (PP) 1984 TAD
C. Russell Nickel, FFCSI (EM) (PP) 1984 TAD
Robert H. Kaiser, FFCSI (EM) (PP) 1983 ** TAD
George Kraft, FFCSI (PP) 1983 ** TAD
Charles A. Wood, FFCSI (EM) (PP) 1983 TAD
Richard Flambert, FFCSI 1981 ** TAD
Fred Schmid, FFCSI (PP) 1981 ** TAD
In Order of Year of Induction
** deceased
(EM) Emeritus Member
(PP) Past President

Nomination program:

The Fellows Honor is the highest honor that FCSI can bestow upon a member. This honor is only bestowed by FCSI Worldwide and not by a Division or other subsidiary organization. The selection of a person deserving such an honor is based on contribution to FCSI, the foodservice industry, education and the greater community.  Headquarters will maintain a confidential file containing the names of all Nominees. The nomination form will be completed by Headquarters and then forwarded to the nominee’s home Divisional office. If the Divisional Board approves the nomination then the forms are sent to the FCSI Worldwide Board of consideration

Nominations may be made at any time. Self-nomination is perfectly acceptable.

The presentation to the approved recipient at a FCSI event will be presided over by the President of FCSI WW and the Chair of the nominee’s home Division.



FCSI College of Fellows Nomination Process

  • An FCSI member seeking to make a nomination requests the Nomination Form and Scoring Sheet (Nomination Packet) from the WW office.
  • The Nomination Packet is then completed and then returned to the WW office, including the Nomination Form, Scoring Sheet and all necessary documentation supporting the nominee’s candidacy. Please ensure that all backup information is included when the packet is returned to the WW office.
  • The complete packet is validated by the WW office.
  • The packet is then forwarded to the nominee’s home Divisional office for Divisional board approval.
  • Once approved by the Divisional board the nomination is forwarded to the WW board for ratification and final approval.
  • Approved nominees are then officially inducted into the CoF at a date determined by the WW Board.

(Revised December 2016)