Fighting Supply Chain Setbacks, Unox to open New Production Facility in USA

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In ongoing efforts to reduce lead times and meet growing demand in the United States, Unox, Inc. will soon begin building a state-of-the-art production facility near Charlotte, North Carolina

Unox, the Italian-based smart oven manufacturer known for its innovative combi oven technology, will soon expand production to the United States. Headquartered in Padua, Italy, with a worldwide sales and service presence, the move to open a new assembly facility in the USA is both a response to growing demand in the North American market and a way to get ahead of supply chain challenges forecast to continue into 2023.

While many equipment and supply companies continue to be affected by shipping delays, material and labor shortages, and production backlogs, Unox overcomes these challenges through lean vertical integration, a model the company adopted since its inception in 1991. Eighty-five percent of every Unox oven is made “in-house,” either in their primary manufacturing facility or through one of their subsidiary companies that manufactures specific parts and components.

“From metal to circuit boards to detergents and many other key components, we have integrated almost everything into our manufacturing process,” says Global CEO, Nicola Michelon. “This gives us more control in the overall product quality as well as the time involved to fulfill orders. It means we’re much less vulnerable to delays and backlogs.”

A more cost-effective flow

While the components will continue to be manufactured in Italy for the time being, the plan is to bring substantial stock to the Americas to be housed in the North Carolina assembly plant. According to Mark Klindera, President of Unox, USA, this will create a smoother, more cost-effective flow for fulfilling a growing number of orders in the North American market.

“The primary benefit of bringing production to the US is being able to get finished products to our customers on this side of the world more quickly,” he says. “Components from our Italian subsidiaries can be housed in the North Carolina assembly plant, making parts easily accessible and creating a faster line of production. Then once the ovens are assembled, domestic shipping will save time and costs for US-based customers. It’s a win-win.”

In addition to improving the production process, the new facility will also mean expanded job opportunities in the Charlotte area. The new state-of-the art facility is projected to bring thirty new jobs to the area, including positions related to engineering, research and development, technical support, sales, production, and warehouse management.

“We’re growing in so many ways,” says Klindera. “We’ve also recently expanded our sales and marketing team, and technical support team. True growth doesn’t happen in a bubble; if one aspect of the company is growing, others will surely be impacted and grow as well. This is very good news for Unox, USA and the Unox brand as a whole.”

Construction of the new Denver, NC-based production facility has just begun, with operations estimated to begin in Q1 2023.


About UNOX SpA
Founded in Padua, Italy in 1990, with a consolidated revenue of 139 million euros in 2020 and constantly growing, UNOX S.p.A. designs, produces and markets professional ovens for the food service, retail, pastry and bakery sectors. UNOX creates intelligent technology and applies it to professional cooking processes to support people and businesses who face the challenge of building their everyday success. Over the years the company, whose production plants and headquarters are based in Cadoneghe (PD), has become the leading world manufacturer of professional ovens for the number of sold units. It is active abroad with its own offices and commercial branches in 37 nations and its products are distributed in more than 110 countries. The UNOX team consists of more than 650 people, more than 200 of whom are based outside Italy. More than 50 professionals – physicists, mechanical, chemical and aerospace engineers – are engaged in research and development with the aim of developing intelligence and technology suitable for more efficient, repeatable and sustainable cooking processes.

Several elements, including hygiene and human safety, need to be considered when deciding on a suitable cleaning system for a commercial kitchen

Google “restaurant kitchen cleaning,” and you’ll get an abundance of results about the importance of clean kitchens, daily and weekly checklists for kitchen cleaning, available cleaning services, horror stories, and more. You’ll get all that because restaurant kitchen cleanliness is really, really important.

While the nitty gritty (pun intended) of keeping a clean kitchen is mostly about the day-to-day cleaning and sanitizing work, consultants can help set a kitchen up for success from the start with smart design and convenient, easy-to-use equipment.

  • Choose equipment that’s easy to clean. Avoid nooks and crannies or equipment that can’t be wiped down easily. If it’s a piece of equipment that should periodically be disassembled to fully clean, ensure the steps and directions are easy and intuitive to follow. This advice goes for everything from the biggest walk-ins to the smallest toaster and everything between. Whenever possible, choose equipment with casters so that it can be rolled out of the way for cleaning floors and walls.
  • Make water easily accessible but smartly located. Research and observational studies continue to show that access to cleaning facilities increases the likelihood of their use. While this tendency is most often observed when it comes to hand washing, other kinds of cleaning are also less likely to feel like a drudgery when the water is close at hand. But also make sure that sinks are placed where there’s no chance that dirty water could be splashed onto food, clean dishes, or cooking tools or equipment.
  • Human safety is as important as food safety. Ensure the design limits the possibility of trip hazards or other safety concerns in a kitchen. Part of that is ensuring that everything that’s needed is included right from the start so that operators aren’t trying to shoehorn an extra countertop or piece of equipment in a space not intended to hold it, thus creating obstacles for staff to work around.
  • Provide appropriate cleaning equipment. Hose reels are a valuable tool for keeping kitchens clean. Mounted on ceilings or walls — or even on table legs on a swivel mount and then swung under the table to stay out of the way — hose reels are a more powerful and more efficient option than mops and buckets and do not pose the safety hazard that a wound-up garden hose does. Hose reels of various sizes can be used to clean floors, walls, tables and prep areas, and cooking equipment.

T&S Brass makes specifying hose reels for kitchens easy with our hose reel systems, which include everything that’s needed for a code-compliant installation in one model number. And our easy numbering system allows consultants to choose the setup that’s right for the application, customizing hose length, reel material, spray valve, mounting brackets and more as needed.

Learn more about efficient, effective hose reel systems from T&S Brass.


Bakers from a Eurest catering team has won a competition for Macmillan Cancer Support, organised by NESCAFÉ Original, within Nestlé Professional

A team of bakers from the Eurest catering team at Cambridge Consultants has won a competition for Macmillan Cancer Support, organised by NESCAFÉ Original, within Nestlé Professional.

NESCAFÉ Original is an official sponsor of Macmillan Cancer Support’s Coffee Morning and invited all Compass sites to participate, which includes leading workplace caterer Eurest. The competition gave one workplace the chance to win the Ultimate Macmillan Coffee Morning hosted by actress and Celebrity MasterChef winner Lisa Faulkner and Nestlé Professional, to raise crucial funds for Macmillan.

Members of the winning team, led by Sally West, have all been affected by cancer either personally or through a loved one and impressed judges with their fondant decorated Victoria sponge. The cake was decorated with a bell, symbolising the tradition of ringing a bell to mark the milestone of ending cancer treatment. They raised a wonderful £1,417 as a result.

Sally said: “The Macmillan Coffee Morning really brought us together as a team again after being split up by COVID. Seeing all our customers back in the dining room, having coffee and cake was really special.”

Lisa commented: “I feel honoured to have been asked to be a part of today’s activities, to be a part of helping people, inspiring people and raising money. I couldn’t believe the winning cake, I thought it was beautiful and what an inspiring story behind it.”

Vital support

Nestlé Professional, Nestlé’s food service division, also supported Macmillan’s Coffee Morning by donating £1 to Macmillan for every purchase of a 1kg, 750g and 500g Decaf NESCAFÉ Original tin from the Nestlé Professional range.* This raised £45,000 for Macmillan, and boosted the £250,000** donation already made by NESCAFÉ Original, bringing the total to £295,000. The total amount donated by NESCAFÉ Original this year will go towards offering vital support and could fund over 11,000 hours of Macmillan nurses.

Cecilia Farr, NESCAFÉ Brand Manager in Nestlé Professional, said: “We’re delighted to support Macmillan – the work they do is truly inspiring and it’s an honour to be involved, helping to promote and support their Coffee Mornings in the food service industry. The cake that the Eurest catering team made was inspirational, and we are so pleased that their Macmillan Coffee Morning raised such vital funds for the charity.”

Alison Richardson, Customer Experience Manager for Compass Group Business and Industry, which includes Eurest, said: “It’s been amazing for Eurest to be part of the NESCAFÉ Original Showstopper campaign, Macmillan is such a great charity to raise money for.”

Nearly all of Macmillan’s funding comes directly from donations, with the money raised from Coffee Mornings going towards Macmillan’s free seven-day-a-week Support Line with experts offering practical, emotional and financial support, running its online community and providing Macmillan nurses for people with cancer. To find out more about Macmillan Cancer Support, and access its services, please visit:

Further details:

For more information about NESCAFÉ Original’s official sponsorship of Macmillan Cancer Support’s Coffee Mornings, visit:

You can watch a video about the winning coffee morning here.



*Disclosure statement: For every Nescafé Original professional range purchase between 1st September 2021 – 15th September 2021, £1.00 plus VAT will be paid to Macmillan Cancer Support a registered charity in England & Wales (261017), in Scotland (SC039907) and in the Isle of Man (604). Paid to Macmillan Cancer Support Trading Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of Macmillan Cancer Support to which it gives all of its profits. Nestlé is donating a minimum of £30,000 plus VAT to Macmillan Cancer Support.

**Nestle is donating a minimum of £250,000 plus VAT to Macmillan Cancer Support, a registered charity in England & Wales (261017), in Scotland (SC039907) and in the Isle of Man (604) through this promotion. Nescafé Original is an Official Sponsor of Macmillan’s Coffee Morning.

The Legacy+ HL662 pizza mixer from Hobart can help pizza restaurant owners and operators make the perfect pie – every time

For your customers who own and operate independent pizza restaurants, or for larger pizza chains, specifying the right dough mixer is important. It can help improve efficiencies in the kitchen, along with quality.

Specifically designed

To help pizza restaurants get the best results, Hobart offers its Legacy+® HL662 pizza mixer. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of demanding dough production — all day long.

The Legacy+ HL662 pizza mixer offers two fixed agitator speeds that thoroughly and consistently knead heavy pizza dough. And it features the Hobart-exclusive PLUS System. The PLUS System delivers as much as 30% more mixing capacity in the same size bowl, due to the powerful combination of three industry-leading technologies.

1. VFDadvantage variable frequency drive – This technology delivers exceptional power to the bowl, allowing for better incorporation of ingredients, and it delivers precise motor control and protection. VFDadvantage safeguards the motor from overheating if the operator exceeds the mixer’s rated capacity. It also ensures efficient speed changes during operation; there is no need to stop and restart the mixer. The technology provides a soft start function to reduce ingredient splash out and minimize waste. With VFDadvantage, operators can gain excellent results and more production time.

2. Maximum-capacity overheat protection – The mixer includes extreme-duty wiring and connections to handle more power, so operators can mix heavy dough without concern of overheating. That means less downtime and better productivity.

3. Reinforced planetary shaft system – This optimized shaft geometry and all-gear-driven transmission drives maximum power into the bowl by leveraging more of the motor’s precision tuning and high-capacity output.

Better pizza productivity

The Legacy+ HL662 pizza mixer can mix 90 pounds of thick dough with an absorption ratio (AR or water weight divided by flour weight) of 60%. This bigger batch means better productivity for pizza kitchens.

A 20-minute SmartTimer™ feature has automatic time recall, which is useful for developing new recipes. It counts mixing times up and down, helping eliminate overmixing if operators are busy working on other parts of pizza prep. Adding to this convenience is an automatic time recall function that remembers the last time set for each speed.

Hobart also designed the Legacy+ HL662 Pizza mixer to provide operator assurance. The mixer includes a Triple Interlock System with MagnaLock Technology. This technology prevents the mixer from running unless the operator has placed the bowl fully up, locked it in place and secured the bowl guard.

Other valuable features include:

● Quick-Release™ agitators with a pin that locks the agitator to the shaft, holding it in place and eliminating up and down movement. This feature provides consistent agitator-to-bowl ratio for superior kneading action and ingredient incorporation.

● A bowl guard that can be removed without tools and that is dishwasher safe for thorough cleaning and sanitizing.

● Single-point bowl installation to simplify attachment and a swing out bowl that makes adding ingredients easy.

The features on the Legacy+ HL662 pizza mixer can help your pizza restaurant owners and operators make the perfect pie — every time.

Further details:

For more information, visit the Legacy+ HL662 pizza mixer product page.



Melitta Professional is presenting a revised corporate design from this September

 The core element and aim of a sharpened approach is to further increase the visibility of the Melitta Group company’s concentration on commercial customers in the out-of-home market. This aspiration manifests itself not least in a new company logo. The new brand identity will be rolled out gradually across all communication channels and the entire product portfolio. It will be implemented in every market across the world.

For over 100 years, Melitta has been synonymous with the enjoyment of perfect coffee. In the out-of-home sector, Melitta Professional has been a successful provider of fully integrated solutions for decades. Not just in Germany, but increasingly also internationally. Melitta Professional already generates more than 70 percent of its sales outside of Germany now. “Independence, high quality standards and our origins as part of the strong Melitta Group – all of that is integral to Melitta Professional,” explains managing director, Marco Gottschalk. “Together with our partners, we are looking forward to increasing the visibility of the enhanced Melitta Professional brand and our services on the market and expanding our market position.”

Clear, stimulating, concise – design and logo

The new corporate design with new colours, clean lines and an autonomous word and figurative mark “Melitta® PROFESSIONAL” combines the umbrella brand of “Melitta” with the company’s expertise in working with “Professionals”, sharpening the unique role that Melitta Professional has on the market. The typical Melitta lettering has been retained in the new company logo, which will also be gradually replacing the Melitta brand logo (white Melitta lettering on red flag) on Melitta Professional products.

However, the familiar brand logo will not be disappearing altogether: wherever it makes sense to integrate it into a particular medium, the red Melitta flag will still feature as a finishing touch; by no means dominant but at a respectful distance from the company logo and standing on its shorter side. The trick here is that Melitta Professional products can also be identified by the addition of the Melitta flag in a vertical orientation. The flag therefore becomes a label and a mark of quality.

The new logo is the set element of the new design, a sign of quality for partners and their guests. Light colours may be used on dark backgrounds as well as dark on light. Both parts of the word and figurative mark, Melitta and Professional, must always be in the same colour. However, the logo is never used on its own.

A specific medium can only be counted as a Melitta Professional product if it has a red accent. The vertical flag is not a must; wherever its use makes no sense or is impossible, it is replaced by a red accent, which should preferably fulfil a purpose, rather than just being a purely decorative element. Typical examples of this are the handle on a coffee pot, wing mirrors on a vehicle, the coloured edge of a business card, or the protruding inner wrapping of a packaged product.

Enhanced showcasing of strengths

The new corporate design will be integrated gradually over the next few months. A major part of this is the redesigned website, which has been available to view in every country since the beginning of September. In the reorganised and newly created sections, the company not only describes its comprehensive product portfolio for fully-integrated solutions in the out-of-home market – coffee, coffee machines, technical customer service, digital solutions and finance – but also provides an insight into the underlying expertise.

For example, coffee machine technology, the coffee machine production facilities in Minden, coffee expertise from Melitta, customer service and the infrastructure for digital services. Melitta Professional has also given the subject of sustainability a special place on their website. “With our new website, we are emphasising the dynamic development at Melitta Professional and giving all the facets of our unique portfolio the space they deserve.

“The new corporate design creates lots of different opportunities for enhanced showcasing of our strengths as a fully-integrated solution and system provider,” explains Markus Reinhardt, head of market activation, digital products and solutions at Melitta Professional.

Strong design partner

The strong design partner at Melitta Professional’s side is the Gruppe für Gestaltung from Bremen. “In GfG, we have a team by our side who have already developed various projects with charisma for the out-of-home market in the past and played a major part in our successful relaunch with their creativity and dedication,”says  managing director, Marco Gottschalk.

Björn Voigt, general manager of Gruppe für Gestaltung adds: “Close teamwork was on the agenda right from the start when working with Melitta Professional. The principle of working on an equal footing with mutual respect contributed greatly to the success of the comprehensive redesign.”

Melitta Professional

A passion for coffee enjoyment since 1908. With fully-integrated expertise for coffee, coffee machines, customer service, digital solutions and finance, we support our partners in the out-of-home market according to their specific requirements.  Globally, in more than 50 countries, with 11 national subsidiaries and many distribution and service partners. Our customers are represented wherever reliably superior quality coffee to stay or coffee to go is in demand. The sectors are as diverse as the solutions for our partners: Hotels & Restaurants, Large & Small-scale Catering, Bakers & Convenience Stores, Cafés & Coffee Shops, Commercial & Retail, Work & Office. That’s Melitta Professional.

Adding the right equipment can help you sidestep challenges from ingredient and labor shortages, long lead times and more

To call it a challenging time for foodservice is an understatement.

How do you get around ingredient shortages, reduce food waste and save on labor costs without cutting back on menu options or reducing portion sizes?

It’s a difficult season for operators, and so far there has been very little sign of relief on the horizon. On the bright side, finding equipment that helps you do more with less can maximize what you currently have to work with.

With ingredients being harder to come by and many restaurants feeling the strain of being short-staffed, flexibility is the key to avoiding unnecessary headaches in the kitchen. And that’s just what something like a braising pan offers.

Let your staff focus on more important things

Also known as a tilt skillet, braising pans can cook large batches of food without constant checking or tending, freeing up staff to tackle other tasks or duties. Cooking with a braising pan can realize a 50% or greater labor savings over conventional stovetop or stock pot methods.

And braising pans can make things easier for employees during clean-up too.

For example, the Groen Braising Pan from Unified Brands is designed with 3-inch radius coved corners. That means at the end of a busy, stressful shift, your short-handed staff don’t need to worry about food being stuck in hard-to-clean corners. A quick routine cleaning, and you’re good to go.

Be on the lookout for lengthy lead times

When exploring cooking equipment for your kitchen, make sure to ask about lead times.

On top of ingredient shortages, operations across the country are dealing with long lead times and frustrating delays to equipment deliveries from a worldwide raw materials shortage that’s impacting everything from foodservice to aerospace manufacturing.

Many products that rely on materials from different parts of the globe are being severely delayed as a result. However, some manufacturers have been able to dodge some of the supply chain issues and continue to deliver equipment in a timely manner.

The Groen Braising Pan mentioned earlier is one example. There has been little disruption in promised lead times with Groen Braising Pans, meaning that your kitchen likely won’t have to bear the burdens of a global supply shortage to obtain a new unit.

Make the most of ingredients you can get your hands on

We’ve all seen signs posted outside foodservice operations sharing the hardship they are having with shortages of seemingly everything.

If you’re finding yourself in a similar position, a braising pan can offer your kitchen and your customers some relief. Braising pans can cook a wide variety of different dishes – from simple steak and eggs to sweet cream custard.

With so many options available, you’ll be able to sidestep some of the stress that comes with not having enough of the right ingredients. Missing what you need for a specific menu item?  The braising pan provides you with the flexibility you need to cook just about any dish with whatever ingredients you can get your hands on. There’s not a piece of equipment in the kitchen that offers more versatility to operators.

Get consistent results with dependable equipment

Considering the uphill battle many foodservice operations are facing, the last thing you want is a dissatisfied customer because a dish they knew they liked tasted different than before. If you have the ingredients to make your specialty menu item, you want it to come out perfectly every time.

That’s where consistent cooking comes in and another place braising pans shine. Programmable presets and timers like those in Groen’s Cook2Temp controls help your dishes stay consistent from chef to chef and shift to shift.

While it is an uncertain time for foodservice operations, there are options out there that can help alleviate some of the stress. For more information on how a braising pan can increase your kitchen’s flexibility, be sure to consult with a trusted equipment expert or manufacturer.

For more information on the Groen Braising Pan from Unified Brands, click here

Walter Trapp is the Product Manager for Groen cooking equipment. He can be reached at or (601)-951-9265.

The partnership will offer a secured cloud solution for the food industry built using Microsoft Azure IoT

Welbilt, Inc. a leading provider of commercial foodservice equipment, announced today that it will integrate Microsoft Azure Sphere to upgrade security in its KitchenConnect® internet-connected equipment and will host the solution on Microsoft Azure through a new partnership with HCL Technologies.

Welbilt KitchenConnect is an award-winning open cloud solution that offers a digital platform for internet connected equipment in the foodservice industry. The integration of Azure Sphere in the KitchenConnect solution will add new security capabilities to keep connected equipment protected over time and to provide secured communication between devices and the KitchenConnect platform. The KitchenConnect solution improves efficiency, reduces cost, and enhances food quality by helping customers leverage telemetry to optimize their kitchen operations.

HCL will develop and enhance the KitchenConnect security solution with Azure Sphere and provide an advanced architecture for improved scalability, security, and functionality on the Microsoft Azure IoT platform. HCL is a mutual partner to Welbilt and Microsoft and brings a team of experts across IoT, Security, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and mobile technologies to drive the accelerated development of KitchenConnect with Microsoft IoT solutions.

“At Welbilt, we are accelerating innovation through our partners and leading the digital space in the foodservice industry to continuously offer the best solution for our customers,” said Bill Johnson, Welbilt’s President and CEO.

A new level

Omar Jacques Omran, Welbilt’s Sr. Director for KitchenConnect, noted, “We are excited by all the opportunities presented by Microsoft and HCL, taking our KitchenConnect security and cloud solution to a new level with Microsoft Azure IoT and Azure Sphere. This step will also make it simpler for operators to connect their entire equipment fleet in the restaurant.”

“Welbilt is exceeding our most demanding customer security requirements by using Microsoft Azure Sphere to securely connect equipment and securely communicate telemetry, in addition to using the cloud hosting solution from Microsoft Azure,” stated Chris Glomski, Welbilt’s Chief Information Officer.

Michael Kuptz, General Manager, Azure IoT at Microsoft Corp noted, “Welbilt’s expertise in the commercial kitchen equipment market, coupled with HCL, a premier Azure IoT system integrator, is a powerful collaboration and resource for our customers. Welbilt equipment is securely connected and protected with Azure Sphere. Azure also enables advanced IoT capabilities and analytics for customers around the world through HCL’s global system integrator footprint.”

Most advanced digital solution

“HCL Technologies is excited to further our existing strategic relationships with both Welbilt and Microsoft to enhance KitchenConnect, the most advanced digital solution in the foodservice industry. HCL will leverage its strong Digital Transformation capabilities in Cloud, IoT, AI, Analytics, and Cybersecurity, and its ecosystem partnerships, to accelerate KitchenConnect’s success in the industry,” said Hari Sadarahalli, Corporate Vice President, Engineering and R&D Services, HCL Technologies.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with KitchenConnect, as it revolutionizes the way consumers use technology in the foodservice industry. HCL Cloud Smart including HCL IoT solutions with Azure Sphere will safely and securely connect all types of legacy and new equipment and appliances to the internet, thus enabling Welbilt clients to reimagine and transform their businesses with new product offerings, customer experiences, and unique business models,” said Kalyan Kumar, CTO and Global Head of Ecosystems at HCL Technologies.

About Welbilt, Inc.

Welbilt, Inc. provides the world’s top chefs, premier chain operators and growing independents with industryleading equipment and solutions. Our innovative products and solutions are powered by our deep knowledge, operator insights, and culinary expertise. Our portfolio of award-winning product brands includes Cleveland™, Convotherm® , Crem® , Delfield® , Frymaster® , Garland® , Kolpak® , Lincoln® , Manitowoc® Ice, Merco® , Merrychef® and Multiplex® .

These product brands are supported by three service brands: KitchenCare® , our aftermarket parts and service brand, FitKitchen® , our fully-integrated kitchen systems brand, and KitchenConnect® , our cloudbased digital platform brand. Headquartered in the Tampa Bay region of Florida and operating 19 manufacturing facilities throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, we sell through a global network of over 5,000 distributors, dealers, buying groups and manufacturers’ representatives in over 100 countries. We have approximately 4,700 employees and generated sales of $1.2 billion in 2020.

For more information, visit

Handwashing can prevent approximately 20% of respiratory infections, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Handwashing has never been more in the public eye than over the past two years, when the Covid-19 pandemic increased the general germ anxiety and public awareness of hygiene as a critical tool in preventing the spread of disease.

Science backs it up: clean hands are a critical component of good health. Handwashing can prevent about 20% of respiratory infections, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And the CDC identifies before eating as one of the key times to wash hands.

Making handwashing accessible and convenient in eating destinations can not only improve hygiene but also boost guests’ perception of a restaurant.

The current state of handwashing

Handwashing facilities are mostly located in public restrooms, but this arrangement can be problematic for a couple reasons.

First, restrooms have a potentially well-earned reputation for not always being the cleanest places. A 2014 study revealed that one hour of normal use can leave 500,000 bacterial cells per square inch on bathroom surfaces.

And restrooms’ typical locations — commonly in the rear of the building or along a far wall — aren’t particularly convenient and don’t promote or encourage handwashing at key times, like right before eating.

Expanding access to handwashing facilities can subtly influence people to wash up more frequently, boosting hygiene. Studies in healthcare settings have shown that increasing the number and improving the accessibility of sinks increases compliance with handwashing best practices.

Making a change

Increasing the number of handwashing opportunities is an important step, but installing additional permanent sinks can be challenging (or downright impossible, depending on the facility) or may be cost-prohibitive.

Portable sink stations offer a readily accessible alternative in standalone restaurants, food halls, college dining halls, school cafeterias, food courts, corporate cafeterias or anywhere people gather to eat.

Handwash stations placed in visible and easily accessible areas — near the entrance, in and around dining areas or in waiting areas — provide a visual cue to wash up prior to eating.

Additionally, providing clean and easy-to-use handwashing facilities, like a handwash station with a hands-free sensor faucet, can demonstrate that eateries are committed to their diners’ health and safety.

A survey conducted during the pandemic revealed that 76% of consumers say restaurant cleanliness and food safety will always matter more now than it did before the pandemic. Restaurants can further emphasize their commitment by hygiene by encouraging employees to use these highly visible stations for some of their regular washing needs.

Further details:

Portable handwash stations from T&S are available in a variety of models and can be installed in areas with or without access to water, sewer or electricity hookups. Discover the perfect solution for every need here.

BSE Mid-Atlantic is Alto-Shaam's new manufacturers’ representative in MAFSI Region five, effective immediately

BSE Marketing, a fourth-generation foodservice equipment company, has represented Alto-Shaam for decades in MAFSI Regions two, three and four. Alto-Shaam is proud to announce the expansion of their long-standing relationship with the BSE team.

“We are excited to strengthen our partnership with BSE,” said Jennifer Voitek, Regional Sales Manager – NE, at Alto-Shaam. “They are equally dedicated to delivering the highest quality solutions and an exceptional customer experience. We are confident that our expanded partnership will help meet the needs of our mutual customers bringing continued growth and success.”

BSE Mid-Atlantic will promote Alto-Shaam’s full portfolio of commercial kitchen equipment, including its Vector® Multi-Cook ovens, Cook & Hold ovens, Combitherm® ovens, rotisserie ovens, heated holding solutions, QuickChiller™ blast chillers and more.

BSE Mid-Atlantic provides a cutting-edge demonstration experience with their Mobile Equipment Lab (MEL), which is a 30-foot fully operational kitchen on wheels.

“Our sales team and chefs look forward to sharing knowledge on the entire Alto-Shaam product offering, while engaging with operators and dealers through our Mobile Equipment Lab,” said Jeff Hessel, at BSE.

The manufacturer representative will also host in-person and virtual ‘A Taste of Alto-Shaam’ events and demonstrations.

To locate a nearby manufacturer’s representative or dealer, visit

Aesthetics and functionality are key when considering a new serving line solution, but the business angle should be too

While aesthetics and functionality are always top of mind when considering a new serving line solution, it’s important that operators also consider the business angle of this decision. In this article, we’ll look at modular serving lines and custom serving lines through the lens of how each option could affect an operator’s bottom line now and throughout the lifetime of the product. In the end, the right solution greatly depends on the operator’s realistic day-to-day use and their operational goals.


Modular serving lines offer fantastic maneuverability and as a result, lots of operational flexibility. The units’ ability to be nimble can help make operations more agile, leading to multiple business benefits. These benefits can be especially useful today, as operators seek versatility while continuing to navigate the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep cleanliness up and labor down

As modular equipment is built to be moved around as often as needed, keeping things tidy can be as easy as rolling the units out of the way, thoroughly cleaning their space, and rolling them back. Not only can this efficiency result in a safer, more sanitary environment for guests, but it can also save on labor costs.

Adapt and grow

Another advantage that comes with modular serving lines is the ability to reconfigure as operational needs shift, be it each day or each year. For example, a standalone cart could be placed in a corridor for a morning grab-n-go revenue driver, and later moved to the main dining area to support the lunch rush. Choosing modular units can also be an ideal route for an operator who needs equipment now and is aware of a future expansion that will require adding matching equipment later. Even just having the option to create a fresh look or an inviting setup is a positive, as these small efforts can encourage added customer traffic.


Custom serving lines offer the perfect solution for operations looking to make an impression.

Make your mark

When operators can handpick touches like curved edges and solid surface tops, they are essentially guaranteeing that their serving line will be the only one of its kind. For operators who are serving discerning guests or looking to stand out among the competition, a custom serving line provides yet another finely crafted, detail-oriented touchpoint with which to build customer loyalty.

Play to the space

Additionally, custom lines provide a viable option for operations that have unique spaces or setup requirements. Whereas modular units are prebuilt to standard sizes and styles, and then combined to create a serving line, custom units can be assembled and even welded onsite to ensure a perfect fit.


One last aspect to consider is that custom serving lines generally come at a steeper initial cost than modular serving lines. Considering the comparatively higher price point and the fact that they are generally stationary or permanent installations, custom serving lines will offer the most return on investment when they’re able to be utilized as installed for years to come. On the flipside, a modular serving line could be a great fit for an operation whose future plans require more flexibility.

Custom and Modular Options from Atlas Metal

If you’re looking for premium handcrafted quality in your next serving line, Atlas Metal has you covered with the INFINITI custom series or the new INFINITI FIT modular series. With unlimited options for customization, we can help you provide the perfect equipment solution for any customer’s signature look. All manufacturers claim their equipment is durable and reliable. We could say the same things too, but we’ve found that a hands-on approach to doing business is what makes us different.

Sponsored by Atlas Metal.


Contact Atlas today to learn more or explore other equipment options!