X-OVEN Presents its new Offering at HOST 2017

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X-Oven will bring a new product, designed for enclosed spaces in professional kitchens, to HostMilano

X-Oven, company that produces and commercializes worldwide professional charcoal ovens with an innovative removable lateral grill drawer system, will be present at this year’s edition of HOST, Milan’s professional hospitality show, to be held at FieraMilano in Rho from October 20 to 24

The first alternative to traditional charcoal ovens with just a front hatch, X-Oven is an exclusive innovation born of Italian ingenuity perfected in Switzerland and protected by an international patent. X-Oven will welcome visitors at stand S03 in Pavilion 5, to present its products and its new XOven. 2, a version with two grill drawers that combines a small footprint and productivity in a professional product that’s safe and easy to use for the most demanding chefs.

X-Oven.2 features a grill drawer closest to the brazier tray that’s a full 15 cm high, tall enough to insert one or more grills at different heights inside. It also has a 10 cm tall upper grill. Designed for enclosed spaces in professional kitchens, X-OVEN is the only charcoal oven with grill drawers available in three models: with one, two or three grill drawers. In its presentation designed to let food lovers discover the company’s products, X-Oven will be featuring charcoal cuisine tasting presentations, just like last edition.

Cameo c’2 is the most advanced espresso machine to date

The Swiss manufacturer’s new machine is a step-change for super-automation, further bridging the gap between traditional and super-automatic technology with a new design, functionality and exceptional coffee quality.

Cameo is the first Eversys machine to feature the classic ‘C shape’ of traditional espresso machines, inspired by Italian traditional design. The new design allows operators to match their machine to their brand’s identity, with three colours available; ‘Earth’, ‘Ocean’ and ‘Tempest’.

 Cameo features the most advanced Eversys technology to date including a new touch-screen interface, designed for intuitive navigation, ease-of-use and simple temperature control. Its sophisticated Electronic Milk Texturing (EMT) system, allows operators to create the perfect milk foam and texture, for a comprehensive menu of bespoke milk-based drinks. An improved e’Foam system with the Micro Air Dosing system (MAD), allows baristas to texture milk electronically giving them freedom to be more creative.

Other new features include:

  • New generation modular system: the legendary modularity construction has been improved to allow quicker maintenance and ease of use
  • Lower chassis: Cameo has a reduced footprint compared to the existing Eversys e’range, which helps to promote greater customer engagement
  • Variable Tea Temperature system: offers operators variable water temperatures. The temperature can be adjusted from the screen’s hot water wheel, so different types of tea always have a perfect infusion
  • Integrated cup heater: found on top of the Cameo chassis, boasts a 50-cup capacity
  • A larger bean hopper: a 2.4kg capacity for one grinder, or two times 1.2kg for two grinders incorporated inside the casing. The Eversys early warning system alerts operators when to refill their hoppers
  • High productivity: 140/175 espresso, 140/175 cappuccino or 150 hot water portions an hour, as well as two products simultaneously

Matt Perger, Barista Hustle founder, who worked with Eversys engineers to test Cameo before its launch, said: “It’s really hard to make high quality coffee in a small space. This is why most super-automatic machines are tall, clumsy monoliths. The engineers at Eversys have used their expertise and experience to fit all of the proven technology from their previous machines into a smaller, shorter shell. I’ve never seen a high quality fully automatic coffee machine with all the bells and whistles in such a small and familiar shape.

“Until now, there haven’t been any super-automatic machines that both look and perform like a traditional machine. The industry has been conditioned to look at a super-automatic form factor and instantly think ‘low quality’. Now they’ll have to do a double take.”

Kamal Bengougam, chief commercial officer at Eversys, said: “The Cameo truly pushes the boundaries of super-automation. For so long, the super-automatic market has had the technology, but hasn’t had the visual style that so many customers look for. Now, there’s a machine that provides quality products and has the classic looks to match.

“Cameo is at the forefront of technology and design and shows our pioneering spirit here at Eversys. It’s the first credible solution for both consistent quality and visual appeal, and offers customers lower labour costs and incredible efficiency. We’re entering a new era for coffee, and Cameo c’2 is leading the way.”

Cameo c’2 also features developments of existing Eversys coffee technology including:

  • e’Barista system: with grinding, tamping, temperature control, extraction time controlled brewing, milk frothing and dispensing, the e’Barista system brings all the skill of a barista into a machine ensuring quality in the cup
  • e’Connect technology: the leading-edge telemetry system lets operators track live data on their machine, control performance, manage decentralised stores, ensure transparency and allows for preventive maintenance, wherever they are in the world

Visit www.cameo-espresso.com to register your interest in Cameo c’2, or for more information and machine specifications.

Hobart, Traulsen and Vulcan recognized in multiple product categories

For the seventeenth consecutive year, ITW Food Equipment Group products have been recognised by foodservice operators, consultants and dealers as the industry’s category leaders.

Foodservice Equipment & Supplies (FE&S) magazine’s annual Best in Class Awards once again recognise Hobart, Traulsen and Vulcan for outstanding equipment quality and performance. Winners of Best in Class Awards are acknowledged for manufacturing what industry leaders distinguish as the best food and kitchen equipment products.

“Being recognized ‘Best in Class’ by our peers in the foodservice and food retail industry who supply, specify and operate our equipment is an honour. It’s a distinction that we strive to achieve each year, as we’ve built our business around the concept of customer-back innovation, compelling us to work with our customers to understand their pain points; then design and deliver equipment that helps solve those pain points,” said Lei Schlitz, Executive Vice President, ITW Food Equipment Group. “It’s gratifying to know our inspiration and hard work are achieving the intended results—providing our customers with equipment they can trust to work hard and deliver quality, consistent results day in and day out.”

FE&S magazine’s Best in Class Awards recognize food equipment and supply manufacturers that have achieved best in class status in the eyes of their supply chain partners. FE&S determines this by asking foodservice operators, dealers and consultants to evaluate equipment based on seven characteristics: quality, value, design and aesthetics, inventory and availability, service and support, sales representation and information availability.

2017 ITW Food Equipment Group category winners include: Hobart



Floor Mixers

Electric Slicers


Blast Chillers


Gas and Electric Ranges

Countertop Griddles

This is the seventeenth year that an ITW FEG brand has appeared on the FE&S Best in Class list, having won every year since the magazine began the awards in 2001.

ITW Food Equipment Group and its family of premium brands, including Hobart, Baxter, Traulsen, Vulcan, Wolf, Berkel, Gaylord, Somat, Stero, Kairak and Peerless Food Equipment (among other global brands), manufacture and service commercial food equipment that is built to last and designed to deliver superior quality and performance, as well as energy and resource efficiency.

“As a proud supporter of foodservice professionals everywhere, ITW Food Equipment Group will continue to manufacture industry-leading equipment that outperforms, every day, all at a lower total cost of ownership than our competitors,” Schlitz said.

For more information about ITW Food Equipment Group brands and equipment, visit www.itwfoodequipment.com



Leading UK dishwashing manufacturer opens brand new facility with capacity for 16,000 units

Classeq, the British warewashing manufacturer owned by Winterhalter, has opened a new, specially designed factory in Stafford, UK.

The factory, which opened officially on Wednesday 18 October, is located a few miles away from the company’s previous factory in Hixon, Staffordshire. Classeq’s workforce of 40 employees have all moved across to the new factory, which has a show room facility, a call centre for spare parts, ordering and technical enquiries and a manufacturing capacity to produce 15,000 warewashing machines each year, including the brand’s new undercounter DUO range, which launched earlier this year.

This year Classeq is celebrating 40 years of production in the UK since it first started producing dishwashers for commercial kitchens in the pub, restaurant, hotel and cafe sectors in 1977.

New milestones

Jürgen Winterhalter, formerly CEO and a director of Winterhalter, said of the factory opening: “We are very proud of Classeq. It is the only UK manufacturer of dishwashers and is well set for the future. This new factory shows our commitment to the brand and its future. We are proud to celebrate a new milestone.”

At the opening party, which included a tree-planting ceremony, Jürgen Winterhalter also praised the company’s Manfred Rieger, who is retiring this year, for his “substantial contribution” to the business. David Smithson, managing director of Classeq, also thanked Rieger for his years of service while stating how positive he is for the brand’s future in its new setting. “This is an incredibly exciting move in Classeq’s growth and underpins our 100% commitment to our manufacturing future in the UK.”

Classeq’s technical director Gary Jones also marked the opening of the new factory with an epic bicycle ride, pedalling from Stafford to Winterhalter’s headquarters in Meckenbeuren, Germany, clocking up 1,400 kilometres in 11 days, to pick up the keys to the new facility from Jürgen Winterhalter and his son Ralph, CEO of Winterhalter.

Rigorous testing

The new factory in Stafford boasts impressive manufacturing capabilities in a state-of-the-art facility. It currently takes the Classeq team just one hour and six minutes to make its undercounter machines from scratch, with the goal to get this down to under one hour in the near future.

Pass-through machines take between 2-3 hours to build from a fresh order being received, the aim being to reduce this down to 1.5 hours next year.

Every machine in the factory undergoes at least 45 minutes of rigorous testing and is issued with a unique serial number for its entire life cycle. Machines are shipped across the world, with the brand performing well in South Africa and Australia, while the factory is currently producing between 30-50 machines just for the UK market each day.

Michael Jones

Information in the catalogue will include product specification, full pricing in a range of currencies and a complete library of 3D BIM compliant, FCSI standard blocks

Hoshizaki Europe B.V. and Specifi have entered into a partnership to provide consultants, specifiers and equipment suppliers world-wide with access to a complete digital product catalogue. Information will include product specification, full pricing in a range of currencies and a complete library of 3D BIM compliant, FCSI standard blocks. Through the Specifi digital platform, customers can configure equipment and produce 3D drawings compatible with AutoCAD, BricsCAD and Revit.

Products included in the first launch will be Gram, with the exception of the BAKER series. A second launch will follow to include the Gram Baker range, together with the complete range of Hoshizaki ice machines.

Steve Loughton, director, UK & Ireland at Hoshizaki UK added:

“With BIM representing such a vital tool for consultants, specifiers and designers throughout the foodservice industry, we are pleased to now be able to offer a complete range of 3D models and BIM compliant designs for many of our Gram refrigerated products. Working closely with Stuart and his team at Specifi, we’ve built a quality digital equipment portfolio, giving system users the tools they need to incorporate our range into their projects. Going forward, we will continue to work with Specifi to complete our portfolio, including our Hoshizaki ice machine range.”

Future proofed data

Stuart Campbell VP of UK sales for Specifi commented

“We’re delighted to be working with Hoshizaki to create their digital product catalogue and give customers access to this quality, future proofed data through our world equipment repository.

Revit RFA format and DWG files will be available in the library.  To learn how to access our digital library please go to.

What is Specifi?

Specifi is a user friendly, high performance software system created specifically for the foodservice design and supplies industry, providing unique capabilities in the areas of facility design and project management, from specification through to quote.

For more information regarding system requirements, or AutoCAD and Revit compatibility please go to;

For more information on the Gram range, please see www.gram-commercial.com or for to understand more about the Hoshizaki portfolio, please see www.hoshizaki-europe.com or call 01322 616 900.

SMART Label awards recognize products or services that bring innovation to the hospitality industry through their functionality, technology, environmental sustainability, or ethical or social implications

T&S Brass & Bronze Works’ proprietary water audit process has been named a recipient of the SMART Label award at the HostMilano 2017 show.

SMART Label awards recognize products or services that bring innovation to the hospitality industry through their functionality, technology, environmental sustainability, or ethical or social implications.

T&S Brass, a global manufacturer of innovative foodservice and commercial plumbing products, created the water audit as a tool to help customers recognize their overall water usage and identify opportunities to save resources and increase sustainability.

During a water audit, a T&S representative takes careful measurements of the flow rates of faucets, pre-rinse units and other water fittings and uses the data to provide a personalized repor8t on water use, as well as corresponding sewer and energy costs.

Cost savings

The report also recommends areas where product replacement or upgrades can offer significant cost savings. In one instance, a hotel replaced four pre-rinse units after a T&S water audit, resulting in water savings of more than 102,000 liters per year.

“We’re honored to be recognized for this innovative tool,” said Ken Gallagher, T&S’ vice president of global sales. “The T&S water audit is an eye-opening experience for our customers and one we believe is helping improve both sustainability and financial well-being in the hospitality industry.”

For more information about T&S, visit www.TSBrass.com or visit the T&S booth at Pavilion 2, Stand P11. Learn more about the 2017 SMART Label award winners on the HostMilano website.

About T&S Brass

T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc. has been a leader in providing innovative equipment solutions to the foodservice and plumbing industries for 70 years, since 1947 when it developed the first pre-rinse unit. Today, with facilities on the east and west coasts of the U.S., in Shanghai, China, and in Europe, T&S leads the way in environmental initiatives from eco-friendly manufacturing processes to development of award-winning water- and energy-conserving products. T&S is among the first commercial plumbing manufacturers to be registered by UL to ISO 9001 Certification, the most stringent a corporation can receive. For more information, go to www.tsbrass.com.

Hobart is celebrating after products from both its Warewashing and Cooking divisions were shortlisted for The Caterer’s Product Excellence Awards 2017

Hobart Cooking Solutions’, Bonnet Precipan, which has the capability to carry out up to nine methods of cooking, made the cut in the ‘Prime Cooking Equipment’ category whilst Hobart Warewashing’s boundary-pushing Flight TypePremax FTPi, was classed as one of the finalists in ‘Plate and Glass Washing’.

The awards recognise excellence and innovation in food, drink and equipment products within the hospitality sector.

The best products

Iain Munro, director, Hobart Cooking Solutions, says: “We’re absolutely delighted that the Bonnet Precipan has been shortlisted in The Caterer’s Product Excellence Awards. It’s a piece of equipment that more and more caterers will find a place for in their kitchens and we’re pleased the judging panel acknowledged this when it was selected.”

Hobart Warewash managing director, David Riley adds: “We’re honoured to have our Premax FTPi included on The Caterer’s shortlist. We look forward to attending the awards ceremony on the 5 December for what I’m sure will be a great evening of celebrating the best products in this wonderful industry.”

Further details:

For further information on Hobart please see www.hobartuk.com, telephone 0844 888 7777 and you can follow Hobart Cooking Solutions on Twitter at @HCS_Cook.

Available on existing products in the Gram Superior Plus, Eco, Bakery, Compact and Gastronorm counter ranges, the five year parts and labour warranty that is now also available on the Standard Plus range is backed by a nationwide network of trained, highly experienced Gram refrigeration engineers

With a brand built on an ethos of quality, consistency and reliability, Hoshizaki has a heritage encompassing seven decades and continues to successfully lead the way in markets around the world. Having integrated the Gram Refrigeration range into the Hoshizaki portfolio earlier this year, the company is continuing to build on its values of quality and reliability by rolling out its market leading 5-Year parts and labour warranty across the Gram Standard Plus range.

Demonstrating the confidence the company has in the six products in the range, the comprehensive warranty package has been designed to provide operators with the reassurance that their refrigeration products can be relied upon for many years to come, while also giving dealers and distributors another USP on Hoshizaki appliances. Available on existing products in the Gram Superior Plus, Eco, Bakery, Compact and Gastronorm counter ranges, the five year parts and labour warranty that is now also available on the Standard Plus range is backed by a nationwide network of trained, highly experienced Gram refrigeration engineers.

Design from the ground up

The Standard Plus range has been designed from the ground up with the operator in mind. The units in the range, which include variations of 610 litre upright meat, fridge and freezer cabinets, feature a large, heavy-duty, floor standing design and come as standard with three removable shelves. Fitted with the natural hydrocarbon refrigerant R290, each appliance boasts a remarkably low Global Warming Potential of just 3. Food safety is enhanced thanks to a series of temperature and door open alarms, while an efficient, fan assisted air distribution system helps to generate rapid temperature recovery and consistent temperatures throughout the cabinet.

On the new five year warranty, Simon Frost, director of sales and chain accounts at Hoshizaki UK, says: “As a company, we’re fully committed to ensuring all our equipment is of the very highest quality and that our aftersales service exceeds our customers’ expectations. This is why we have decided to roll out our five year warranty, which was previously available on our Gram Superior Plus, Bakery, Compact and Gastronorm counters and cabinets, to our Standard Plus range too. Demonstrating our trust in the units, we’re confident that when correctly operated, cleaned and maintained, the appliances in the Standard Plus series will perform to the very highest operational benchmarks and continued efficiencies for many years to come.”

The warranty comes as a standard when purchasing a Gram appliance, and allows the operator to effortlessly gain the benefits of Gram’s aftersales service, including a dedicated warranty line and a nationwide network of fully trained engineers.

Further details:

For more information on the Gram Standard Plus range or to find out more about the new comprehensive five year parts and labour warranty, please see www.gram-commercial.com or call Hoshizaki UK 01322 616 900.

Kain McArthur has been offering expertise and service to the commercial foodservice equipment and supply industry since 1960

Antunes, a family-owned and operated company specializing in the manufacturing of foodservice equipment, recently added Kain McArthur to its sales rep network.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be teaming with the Kain McArthur Rep Group to drive the Antunes business to the next level,” said Steve Obermeier, director of sales with Antunes. “Their experience, professionalism and customer relationships align perfectly with the growth objectives at Antunes. We are looking forward to a very successful relationship as we bring our two organizations together.”

Expertise and service

Kain McArthur has been offering expertise and service to the commercial foodservice equipment and supply industry since 1960. Serving Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and southern Illinois, the company is a leader in innovation, technology and facilities — maintaining strong, collaborative partnerships with both manufacturers and customers. For additional information on Kain McArthur, visithttp://www.kainmcarthur.com/.

About Antunes

Antunes is a leading custom foodservice equipment manufacturer, specializing in countertop cooking and water filtration solutions for global operations. Headquartered in Carol Stream, Illinois, Antunes is driven by a commitment to provide reliable performance, customer-focused service and premium quality. For more information, visit www.antunes.com.


Hobart Warewash has launched a new app allowing users to control the running of multiple machines from their phone or tablet

WashSmart, which is available to download now and compliant with all new Hobart purchases, lets operators control the integral functionality of multiple machines at the touch of a button. The new app makes it simple to monitor levels of detergent and water in real time and determine overall operating costs; to download an instant hygiene report; request a quote and order necessary consumables and to receive error reports for any machine breakdowns.

Crucially, WashSmart is available to users at a fraction of the price of existing competitor apps meaning anyone who owns a Hobart Warewasher can benefit from its efficient and practical features.

Major milestones

Tim Bender, sales director, Hobart Warewashing UK says: “The launch of our WashSmart app is a fantastic milestone for Hobart and a benchmark for warewashing standards across the industry. Significantly cheaper than our competitors, moving forward it is set to revolutionise how operators manage and maintain the essential pieces of Hobart kit in their armoury – connecting users to their machines remotely allowing for ultimate economy and control.”

“Not only does it give users a straightforward overview of all the machines they have running, it delves into far more detail, meaning users can rest assured that they will always have a handle on outgoing costs, can deal effectively with potentially problematic errors and uphold operating standards.”

Further details:

To learn more, visit: http://www.hobartuk.com/.