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Liebherr presented its latest product innovations in Hamburg at Internorga 2019, the most important trade fair for the hotel, gastronomy, catering, bakery and confectionery industries

Current highlights in Liebherr’s product range are the GKPv 6577 and GGPv 6577 fridges, both of which have a refrigeration area that is accessible via two doors. If the door is opened often, this ensures that less cold escapes. This means that customers can store frequently used goods in the upper fridge compartment and less frequently used food in the lower compartment. This also enables more efficient storage management of food.

Liebherr was presenting the two new CounterTop refrigerators and freezers BCv 1103 and Fv 913, which ideally assist the optimum presentation of goods by means of attractive LED lighting and an insulated glass door. The appliances are a big hit wherever space is at a premium. Whether in bars and restaurants or on sales counters, CounterTop appliances present beverages and ice cream to stunning effect.

Liebherr will also be presenting the MyStyle online configurator as a further crowd-puller, enabling customers to individually design and create their own fridges. Among other things, the customer can choose the colour of the housing, the materials and the interior according to their own ideas. In addition, a large number of pictures and motifs are available for an individual design of the refrigerators.

A design highlight is also enriching the Liebherr exhibition stand. The GKv 5760 fridge from the hotel and gastronomy sector impresses not only with its exclusive BlackSteel design but also with its easy-to-clean SmartSteel surface. Products from the Liebherr wine range round off Liebherr’s exhibition programme.

Pictured: GGPv 6577 

Former CEO of Granuldisk, Peter Schön, joins as a board member in order to promote further growth

In February 2019, ScanBox opened up for selling its products on the South American market. Careful product training has been carried out with representatives from the agency located in Chile.

The agency will start by covering six countries on the continent. This is only six months after ScanBox made a similar investment in India, which has already resulted in the company’s largest order thus far. Close to 100 Banquet Masters for hot and cold food have been delivered to a conference center in Bombay.

Further growth

As a result of the rapid expansion, ScanBox has recruited Peter Schön as a board member to promote further growth. Peter Schön most recently came from a position as successful CEO of Granuldisk for 13 years. In total, he has over 26 years of industry experience in leading and operating companies that manufacture commercial kitchen equipment both nationally and internationally.

Merits that are particularly interesting to ScanBox are that Peter accelerated sales as president of Rational USA and turned the North American market from many years of negative earnings into a profitable market as well as multiplied sales during his time as CEO of Rational Scandinavia AB.

“Peter is an important addition to the team, since he has extensive experience in building companies as trademarks and an extensive global network in our industry. Furthermore, Peter has broad experience of building new markets rapidly which ScanBox now aims to do,” says Torbjörn Peltonen, chairman of ScanBox.

When ScanBox looks ahead, they are convinced that Peter’s experience increases their chances of successfully opening up additional markets over the next few years:

“We are very positive about the future and see that there is a lot of potential for our products on the export market. But we also predict a bright future on the Scandinavian market with our “connected boxes” that provide a unique insight for our customers in their food transport routines. This will provide our users with monetary and food safety benefits, “says Torbjörn Peltonen.

About ScanBox

ScanBox is a professional Scandinavian manufacturer of thermo products for holding and transporting hot and cold food. ScanBox is specialized in the field with over 25 years of experience in supplying solutions for hotels, restaurants and institutions all over the world. Since the company is an independent manufacturer, it is able to work closely with its customers and customize according to most needs.

The products are flexible, light weight and built with a modular concept that allows the widest product line on the market within ScanBox nicheed focus area. Scandinavian functional design of the products allows placement both front of and back of house. For many years, ScanBox has been the first choice among the best culinary teams in the world.

Pictured: Peter Schön

Automatic grease collection and self-cleaning systems increase safety and reduce labour

A new rotisserie oven that features an automatic grease collection system, a self-cleaning cycle, and programmable, touchscreen controls is being launched by Alto-Shaam in February.

The new ovens are designed to be very safe and easy to use, and save significant time and labour costs for deli and foodservice operators. The new aesthetic design makes them ideal for front-of-house operations, while a series of innovations enable them to consume a fifth less energy in the cooking process, and more than a third less water than competitive models in cleaning.

“Rotisseries are traditionally difficult and time consuming to clean, and the grease can be a safety hazard,” said Robert Simmelink, Alto-Shaam corporate executive chef. “With this solution, safety is not compromised, and operators no longer have to worry about spilling hot grease on their hands, arms and body. Cleaning is completed automatically, saving time and money, and allowing staff to be better employed on more value-added activities.”

 Automatic grease collection

The grease collection system automatically activates during the cooking process. The system pumps grease into external collection containers for safe handling and disposal. This feature is standard with the self-cleaning rotisserie oven. By eliminating the need to lift and carry grease collection pans, foodservice operators are able to save labour and improve safety.

With a cooking capacity of 21 chickens, weighing 3-1/2 pounds each, the self-cleaning rotisserie oven increases flexibility and cooks each load faster while using 20 percent less electricity. Convection heat combined with radiant heat provides even cooking and uniform browning. A bespoke, double-pane glass door keeps heat in the oven and is cool to the touch outside the oven, thus further enhancing operator safety.

Self-cleaning cycle

The automatic self-cleaning system utilises patent-pending water jets that cut through the toughest grease while minimising water use. The eco-friendly cleaning system uses 35 percent less water than competitive models and has no moving parts, which increases its reliability and reduces maintenance costs. Cleaning products are available in the form of tablets or hands-free liquid injection.

Touchscreen, programmable controls

Deli and foodservice operators are able to set the perfect cooking environment for an ideal finish. Alto-Shaam’s rotisserie ovens are programmable—allowing operators to create their own recipes with four cooking stages and seven browning levels for the perfect level of crispiness.

Designed for the front-of-house operations, the rotisserie oven is aesthetically stylish with a slim design that saves floor space. Exterior colour options are stainless steel or a custom colour. Door options include flat or curved glass with an illuminated interior that creates a theatre effect. Customers are able to unload and load product as needed, with reach-in and pass-through configurations available.

Customers can place the rotisserie on stands and counters or configure it with other equipment, such as its companion holding cabinet or another rotisserie oven.

“We work with our customers to determine the best solution for their needs based on industry trends, menus and packaging type,” Simmelink added. “By tailoring equipment systems to the customer, we are able to exceed their expectations.”


Nikki Heaton joins the company’s brand team

Henny Penny has hired Nikki Heaton, adding a new corporate chef and member to the company’s brand team. In this role, she is responsible for creating memorable moments and culinary experiences for the company’s customer and partner visits, technical training visits and various trainings for distributor networks out of Henny Penny’s Eaton, Ohio, headquarters.

Heaton comes to Henny Penny from the Michelin North America headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina, where she prepared meals for employees and customers including three-Michelin-starred chef Curtis Duffy and actor Keanu Reeves. Heaton’s resume also includes work at BMW, Furman University and Amelia Island Plantation.

Quality food experiences

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Nikki as part of the Henny Penny team,” said Henny Penny corporate executive chef Ben Leingang. “Her hospitality experience will be a perfect complement to our culinary team. She’ll be huge in bringing advise, education and entertainment to our customers and guests.”

Under her new employer, Heaton plans to deliver quality food experiences that elevate the Henny Penny brand.

“My goal is for every customer at Henny Penny to get a taste of the quality we have to offer,” said Heaton.

Heaton is a native of Brookville, Ohio and is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University with degrees in Food Service Management (B.S) and Culinary Arts (A.S.). She attributes finding her calling to cuisine to growing up and watching her father, a fireman, cook for his co-workers in the firehouse.

About Henny Penny:

Eaton-based Henny Penny provides premium foodservice equipment solutions in more than 100 countries to high-volume kitchens, including QSRs and casual dining chains; healthcare facilities; supermarkets; and more. Founded in 1957, Henny Penny became an employee-owned company in 2015. Learn more at

Promising "a new horizon in cooking" Electrolux's SkyLine combi ovens and blast chillers were revealed to press and leading UK partners in Pordenone, Italy, this week

When Electrolux Professional set out to overhaul its combi oven and blast chiller offering, the scale of ambition from the outset was suitably grand. “We wanted to redesign innovation. These are not just products, but solutions. This is a new horizon in cooking,” said Darren Lockley, head of region UK and Ireland.

Lockley and his team addressed representatives from Electrolux Professional’s top UK distributor partners and journalists, who were treated to an exclusive reveal of the new generation SkyLine machines in situ at the recently refurbished ‘Center of Excellence’ at the company’s corporate headquarters in Pordenone, Italy.

New horizons

The new SkyLine range, its name influenced by the fabulous vistas of the Venetian Alps and Alpine foothills of Friuli visible from the Pordeone factory, will officially roll out to the UK from April 2019. In time, the portfolio will ultimately replace Electrolux’s existing air-o-steam and air-o-chill ranges.

The machines have been put through the rigours of more than 20,000 hours of testing and benchmarked against leading combi oven and blast chiller competitors to create, said Philippe Zavattiero, SR VP commercial organization EU, Electrolux Professional, “a unique solution in the market.”

Skyline’s Cook&Chill system, states Electrolux Professional, is “born to set a new bar in the cook and chill concept, and ultimately in the overall professional kitchen business,” providing operators with “two appliances with one DNA.”

The ovens and blast chillers can communicate with each other thanks to the cutting-edge ‘SkyDuo’ smart technology, which can report current and future operations between multiple machines.

The future is ergonomic

This improved and streamlined efficiency will, says Electrolux Professional, result in “high food quality, reduced running costs and a comfortable working environment, thanks to the pioneering 4-star certified ergonomics,” which were evaluated by independent body ErgoCert.

The SkyLine PremiumS and ChillS models are the first appliances in the foodservice equipment industry to receive ergonomic certification. This innovation will contribute to a potential 75% reduction in sick leave and 25% increase in productivity for operators, according to the manufacturer.

“SkyLine is based on three solid roots: it is made for performance, ensuring excellent cooking and chilling results; it is made for business, guaranteeing up to +10% (*) on profit; and it is made for you, embracing the ergonomics and usability concept,” said Lockley.

“We believe that high-quality food can be prepared in healthy, stress-free and efficient kitchens. The SkyLine Ovens and Blast Chillers range was exactly designed to meet this purpose: to provide professional caterers with a revolutionary system able to make their kitchens better places to work, visibly human-friendly, lean and ergonomic spaces where great food is prepared and served to leave their customers fully amazed.”


This “human-friendly” aspect is central to the SkyLine offering. A significant investment in 3D motion capture technology, augmented reality (AR) and ergonomic testing in the R&D phase of development saw particular attention paid to the overall ease of use and maintenance of the equipment.

That research has led to optimal positioning of touchpoints on the machines for operators, ergonomic handles and optimal visibility of the food being cooked.

“Ergonomics is about improving peoples’ lives. Making our customers’ work-life easier and more profitable,” said Davide Benvenuti, user discovery and experience innovation leader, Electrolux Professional. “It’s about creating a useful and usable product.”

Michael Jones







Latest electric models combine ultra-fast heat up times, good looks and ease of use

Falcon has launched an electric version of its F900 chargrill.  Like the established F900 gas chargrills, the new units combine high performance and ease of use.  They are also good looking and easy to clean – making them ideal for both back of house and front of house kitchens.   Being electric they are ideal for sites that can’t, or prefer not to, use gas or solid fuel chargrills.

There are two F900 electric chargrills available – both can be supplied as counter top models or on fixed or mobile stands.  The E9460 has a single element, with a rating of 8.4kW, and a cooking area of 450mm wide by 590mm.  The E9490 has two elements, a rating of 13.44kW and a total cooking area of 730mm wide by 590mm.  The E9490’s two elements are independently-controlled, so one can be switched off to save energy during quieter periods.

The Falcon models’ powerful performance means that, unlike gas models, they heat up very quickly so they only need to be turned on just before cooking is to be done. Food is cooked directly on the elements themselves, delivering the distinctive branding demanded from this method of cooking

Seamless link

The new chargrills also feature Falcon’s patented Dynamic Link System (DLS). This creates a virtually seamless link between F900 appliances, giving the flexibility of a modular system, with the good looks and hygiene benefits of a one-piece island suite – without the associated price tag.

Both F900 chargrills require a 32A three-phase supply.  The E9460 measures 600mm wide by 900mm deep and 350mm high, while the E9490 is 900mm by 900mm by 350mm.  With the stands the height for both models is 900mm.

List prices for the F900 electric chargrills start from £3,990.  The F900 Series is available from dealers.

Further details:

Falcon is the market-leading UK manufacturer of professional cooking equipment and is the UK distributor for Lainox combination ovens.  In 2019 Falcon celebrates its Bicentennial.  With a company history going back 200 years, Falcon now supplies operators throughout the catering industry, exporting around the globe.  Its comprehensive product portfolio is backed by award-winning customer support. for more information.

Having hosted the first ‘Passion for Grilling’ event, in association with Josper in 2018, Jestic announces free-to-attend workshop on 27 March, in Kent

The two-hour session, led by Renzo Sinisi, Josper’s own Development Chef in partnership with Jestic’s Culinary Development Manager Chris Brennan, will showcase the very best of cooking over charcoal. Offering a unique insight into using a Josper Grill and how this can be transferred to a standout restaurant menu, the session is open to chefs, operators and dealers looking to understand more about this truly fascinating way of cooking.

Running from 12.30 – 14.30 on Wednesday 27March at the Jestic Development Kitchen in Paddock Wood, delegates will have the chance to see, Renzo and Chris create a culinary feast using the charcoal grill. A ‘Josper Tasting Menu’ including delicious meat, fish and vegetable dishes, along with a host of exquisite sides will be provided, all designed to showcase the unique smoky flavours and incredible textures that can be delivered by a Josper Charcoal Oven.

Gastronomic experience

Michael Eyre, culinary drector at Jestic Foodservice Equipment says: “It’s a great honour for Jestic to host the Passion for Grilling event again, particularly as Renzo Sinisi will be imparting his extensive experience and knowledge to those attending. Demonstrating that charcoal cooking needn’t be just for robust meats, but can achieve exceptional textures and flavours to even the most delicate of ingredients, the Passion for Grilling event and subsequent gourmet lunch is a real gastronomic experience.”

During the two-hour session, Renzo and the Jestic team will demonstrate best practice uses of a Josper, discuss the various models in the portfolio and provide an expert understanding of the regulations around solid fuel cooking, including ventilation requirements. A Q&A session will also give those attending the opportunity to have any queries answered by both Jestic and Josper. The event is being run on a first come, first serve basis, so an early sign-up is recommended to secure your place.

More information:

For further information on the Passion for Grilling event or to sign up, please visit, or to find out more about any of the equipment distributed by Jestic, please call 01892 831 960 or visit

Mailed with the Q2 edition of FCSI's Foodservice Consultant, the supplement is a celebration of American foodservice equipment manufacturing excellence

In April 2019 the team at FCSI’s Foodservice Consultant are launching a special Made in the USA supplement that celebrates American foodservice equipment manufacturing excellence. The supplement will be published in both print and digital formats, the former being mailed with the Q2 2019 edition of Foodservice Consultant magazine.

Innovative products

A showcase of quality craftsmanship and American heritage, the supplement will feature insight from leading FCSI members and industry experts before presenting a series of case study stories from great American foodservice equipment brands on the subject of their innovative products and history of manufacturing in the USA.

Further details:

If you would like to contribute, or to place an advertisement or an advertorial case study in FCSI’s Made in the USA supplement, please contact Natasha Merkel:



The patented technology in MODwater makes Hoshizaki the recipient of a 2019 KI Award for the second year in a row

Hoshizaki America, Inc. was awarded a Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award by the National Restaurant Association for the second year in a row. This prestigious foodservice industry award recognizes progressive new equipment that increases efficiencies and productivity. Hoshizaki and the new MODwater dispenser will be in the KI Showroom at the 2019 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show® in Chicago this May.

Chosen by an independent panel of judges comprised of industry leaders and internationally recognized food facility consultants, multi-unit executives, and design experts, the 2019 KI Award recipients reflect the trends and topics most important to foodservice operators today – and showcase the future of the industry.

Unique, patented technology

Join us at Hoshizaki’s booth #6212 to experience the unique, patented carbonation technology that delivers up to 20 gallons of sparkling water per hour without the use of a carbonator tank or pump! MODwater also dispenses chilled, hot and alkaline water options. Save space while offering your customers a refreshing beverage. Save money by not having to buy water bottles or pay labor to clean and refill decanters. Save the environment by not purchasing single use plastic bottles.

Hoshizaki is the world leader in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of a wide range of products for the foodservice industry including ice machines, refrigerators, freezers, prep tables, display cases and dispensers. Our attention to detail, continuous innovation, smart application of technology and commitment to the highest standards – ensures that our customers have exceptional quality products.

With corporate headquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia and a second manufacturing facility in Griffin, Georgia, Hoshizaki America, Inc. employs over 700 people nationwide. Hoshizaki has been awarded the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence multiple years in a row for their continued leadership in protecting our environment through superior energy efficiency achievements.

Further details:

For more information, visit Hoshizaki America, Inc.


The platform brings 28 new refrigeration models to the market

Glastender’s new space-maximizing refrigeration platform brings 28 new refrigeration models to the market. Models are available in one- or two-door sizes, three different height profiles, one or two temperature zones, and in cooler or froster variants.

Increased capacity

This new refrigeration platform offers increased capacity and functionality not normally found in a compact footprint.

For example, the 24″ bar profile unit is the industry’s only 24″ wide by 24″ deep front-venting unit that can hold a full-height keg, three vertical rows of long neck bottles, or two vertical rows of 750ml wine bottles.

Further details:

Please visit for additional information.