Hoshizaki is shaking things up at NRA

Mixologist Chris Leavitt will be stirring up cocktails using Hoshizaki’s signature Specialty Ice at booth #6207

Your favorite brand is back and will be at the NRA Show for 2024. Mixologist and digital creator Chris Leavitt (@notjustabartender) will be at the bar shaking up cocktails with Hoshizaki Specialty Ice, teaching attendees the importance of elevating bar programs with craft ice when preparing and serving cocktails. With live demos Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at 10am, 11am, 1 & 3pm – there’s plenty of opportunity to swing by and get a peak of these impressive ice machines. Before you go – here’s an exclusive look at what’s in store for you at the show! 

Specialty ice 

Chilling perfection is not easy – it’s a technique bartenders worldwide strive for and search for products to help them achieve. Hoshizaki’s Specialty Ice machines do just that, focusing on key areas of chilling perfection to support bar cocktail programs. These machines include three Specialty Ice types to choose from – a 2by2 square cube, 1by1 cube, and 1.8” sphere cube. 

Perfect taste is the first focus when serving cocktails. Being free of all impurities, these Specialty Ice cubes are perfectly tasteless meaning your cocktails flavor will not be compromised. Often times bars will use ice molds or third-party ice cubes which tend to contain water impurities that leave an unpleasant flavor in consumers’ drinks. With Hoshizaki’s Specialty Ice machines, the water is filtered and uniquely processed to remove all impurities before the freezing cycle, resulting in perfectly tasteless cubes. 

Consistent cube shape is the second key area that makes your cocktails stand apart from competitors. Each cube is made individually by a dedicated spray of filtered water within a closed cell, resulting in uniform cube detail every time. Guaranteed perfect ice shape means you’ll deliver the perfect presentation of your cocktails every time. 

Ideal dilution is a bartender’s best friend. After creating a flavorful cocktail or pouring straight spirits, the last thing you want is an overly watered down drink delivered to your customer. During the freezing process, the cell walls block the freezing water’s expansion from all sides. This results in exceptionally compact and hard ice that delivers the ideal rate of dilution for cocktails and spirit drinks.  

Each of these machines has a small footprint, easily fitting under a bar. With an average cost savings of 80% over five years compared to 3rd party ice vendors, Hoshizaki’s ice machines are a no brainer for every bar program. When you can guarantee the delivery of a perfect cocktail every time, you can increase revenue per cocktail and create a dramatic beverage for consumers. 

More featured products at the show 

Also at the show will be new Steelheart® products from Hoshizaki’s expansive refrigeration line – including new pizza prep tables and heated cabinets. 

Hoshizaki’s refrigerated pizza prep models are designed with four new key features that enhance kitchen efficiency and productivity throughout the day. Night/day mode, optimal airflow in rail, a removable air filter, and a dual controller temperature system keeps products at ideal temperatures with less labor and maintenance.

New heated cabinets are engineered to maintain consistent airflow throughout the cabin, reducing temperature variations and ensuring culinary creations are always served at their best. Each model is equipped with a temperature set point of 140°F to 180°F, adjustable shelves, and extra sheet pan storage.

Stop by booth #6207 in the North Hall to get an exclusive tour of all Hoshizaki has to offer!