Nurturing innovation and relationships in foodservice solutions

Strong partnerships and collaborations are instrumental in the world of foodservice where the right partner can ensure a project is successful

In the foodservice space, success is often measured not just by the quality of products, but also by the strength of partnerships and the ability to innovate collaboratively. True success is a journey shared with reps, consultants and customers alike, where every step is taken hand in hand.

When it comes to specifying equipment, whether it’s for a high school, quick-service restaurant or corporate cafeteria, you require more than just a supplier; you need a dedicated partner committed to leading in collaboration. From the initial inception of an idea to the completion of the project, you deserve someone who will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you, providing guidance, expertise and unwavering support at every stage of the journey.

Consider this real-world scenario

You’re in charge of a bustling school cafeteria striving to accommodate the diverse dietary requirements of your students while efficiently utilizing space and resources. Here, a strategic partnership goes beyond supplier-client dynamics. The supplying company collaborates closely with cafeteria personnel through workshops and hands-on design sessions to envision and implement innovative solutions. 

The partnership may introduce versatile serving carts that easily adjust to changing meal needs, or digital menu boards for displaying daily specials. These initiatives reflect the partner’s commitment to supporting your school’s success through proactive collaboration and tailored solutions – ultimately enhancing the dining experience for students and staff alike.

Trends evolve and consumer preferences shift, but the longevity of a company speaks volumes. Low Temp Industries (LTI), with its rich history dating back to 1947, exemplifies a “you dream it, we build it” ethos through real-world stories of collaborative innovation that have shaped foodservice operations. As this woman-owned company reflects on its journey, it becomes evident success is not just about products but also the enduring relationships and collaborative journeys forged with partners. 

Building a foundation of trust and collaboration 

LTI takes pride in working closely with its partners, from the initial design phase to project completion. One such testament to their collaborative spirit is helping clients boost flexibility and diversify menus through innovative technologies

The 2-tier QuickSwitch glass technology was developed with foodservice operators in mind. This versatile system facilitates seamless transitions between hot and cold food displays, ensuring impeccable freshness and presentation. More than just a product, it embodies LTI’s unwavering commitment to equipping its partners with tools that streamline operations and elevate the dining experience.

Keeping innovation at the core

Innovation is not confined to a single product but is woven into the fabric of a collaborative company. For instance, LTI’s patented TempestAir cold pans epitomize this philosophy, offering unmatched performance and reliability. This technology enables operators to present foods in refrigerated cold pans flush to the counter to enhance appeal and maximize merchandising.

LTI has thrived for nearly eight decades, driven by a steadfast commitment to crafting American-made products with unwavering pride and grit. Today, the company continues to invest in its facilities, lead new product development efforts and foster the growth of its team.

Looking ahead, LTI remains dedicated to its core values of innovation, partnership and excellence. They recognize their legacy isn’t just about products; it’s about teamwork, enduring relationships and collaborative journeys shared with customers. 

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