Low Temp Industries (LTI) to be featured on ‘Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid’

The filming of the upcoming documentary series “Viewpoint” took place at LTI’s facility and Jonesboro High School in Georgia, US

LTI, Inc., a leading manufacturer and designer of modular and custom serving counters, fabrication and advanced serving technologies, has just completed filming for an exclusive feature in the upcoming documentary series Viewpoint.

The filming took place at LTI’s facility and Jonesboro High School in Georgia. The students and staff were excited to take part in the recording, showcasing the beautiful serving areas and nutritious menu. Audrey Hamilton, nutrition services director for Clayton County Public Schools, spoke about the importance of serving counters and the value of QuickSwitch technology – emphasizing the menu flexibility it affords them with the capability to switch from hot to cold.

“LTI’s technology has been a game-changer for us, ensuring our students enjoy a dynamic and nutritious menu every day,” said Hamilton.

Hosted by renowned actor Dennis Quaid, the documentary underscores LTI’s commitment to revolutionizing cafeteria infrastructure for the betterment of students’ nutrition and well-being. LTI’s forward-thinking solutions, integrating cutting-edge foodservice technology, modernized cafeteria design and upgraded service lines, are designed to enhance the overall student experience.

Transformative contributions

The award-winning series is celebrated for its educational focus on diverse topics, particularly in business and technology, highlighting global innovation. With a distribution footprint of more than 60 million households nationwide, Viewpoint serves as a platform for showcasing LTI’s transformative contributions.

Barbara Casey Lane, CEO and chairman of the board at LTI, affirms the company’s commitment, stating, “LTI is dedicated to helping shape the future of school lunch programs. Recognizing the importance of providing students with diverse, nutritious, and enjoyable meals, our mission is to assist schools by offering food serving solutions. LTI provides serving counters, innovative technologies, and interior décor services to transform spaces into places students want to eat.”

Delving into the challenges faced by school cafeterias, including escalating costs and supply chain disruptions, the documentary places a particular emphasis on the importance of fostering social interactions, ensuring student enjoyment and providing healthy food options to align with nutrition goals. In doing so, it underscores the crucial connection between these elements in the overall functioning of school cafeterias.

The documentary also explores time constraints during lunch periods, advocating for more efficient layouts to prevent rushed meals and enhance opportunities for relaxation and socialization. LTI’s innovative solutions, including Grab and Go Carts, QuickSwitch technology and VisionDesign services, are spotlighted as effective measures to address these challenges and elevate the quality and variety of school meals.

About Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid is an award-winning television program created to educate television audiences. The show is created by a veteran team of tenured producers, writers, editors, and imaging specialists with over 100 years of cumulative experience.

About LTI, Inc.:

LTI is a third-generation family owned and operated foodservice equipment manufacturer located in Jonesboro, Georgia. With an emphasis on solid engineering and innovative design, LTI is an established leader in food serving solutions. Custom fabrication and counterwork combined with cutting-edge serving technologies give customers the solutions they need. LTI was founded in 1947 and continues its commitment of creating high-quality, American-made products built with superior craftsmanship. LTI continues to change how food is served.

For more information about Low Temp Industries, please visit www.lowtempind.com

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