New Spec Line from Traulsen offers industry leading energy efficiency and superior cooling performance

The new technology and innovative system is designed to maximize performance and prolong equipment life

With Traulsen’s latest generation of Spec Line reach-in refrigerators and freezers, we are raising the bar for cooling performance, efficiency, and sustainable refrigeration. Our new Spec Line reach-in refrigerators and freezers feature new technology and innovative system designed to maximize performance and prolong equipment life, all while leading the industry in Energy Star certified models.

Read on to learn more about our new design enhancements to include the introduction of energy saving Variable Speed Compressors, labor saving EZ-Clean Tray Racks, environmentally friendly R290 refrigerants, and the Traulsen SmartConnect™ for wi-fi enabled connectivity.

The Variable Speed Compressor (VSC)

The introduction of a variable speed compressor tops the list of new components leading to a significant decrease in energy consumption and the added bonus of system noise reduction.

Variable speed compressors quickly adapt to changes in the operating environment, from frequent door openings to high ambient temperatures. This ability to adjust allows the system to ramp up in busy meal periods, but more importantly the system operates at a lower and more energy efficient speed during low use or idle times. 

Variable Speed Compressors provide the following key benefits:

  • Fresh, safe food products held at consistent temperatures
  • Quiet Equipment Operation (~30% noise reduction)
  • Significant Energy Reduction (~40% reduction*)

*varies by model

EZ-Clean tray racks

Traulsen’s new EZ-Clean tray racks are another addition to our Spec Line units and provide the convenience of trayslide functionality without the pain points associated with traditional trayslides.

The EZ-Clean tray racks provide the following key benefits:

  • Ease of installation and cleaning
  • A durable and lightweight design
  • Sized to fit in commercial dish machines

EPA approved R290 refrigerants

As part of Traulsen’s commitment to sustainability in design, our Spec Line offering is fully transitioning to environmentally friendly, EPA approved natural R290 refrigerant. This provides a very low environmental impact and serves as a key part of the reduction in energy usage in lock-step with the variable speed compressor.

Traulsen SmartConnect™ app now available

Finally, the new Traulsen Spec Line units will offer the option for the SmartConnect™ app to optimize operations by monitoring your refrigeration equipment on your device across days, weeks, and months. The Traulsen SmartConnect™ will soon be available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The Traulsen SmartConnect™ provides the following key operator benefits:

• The convenience of monitoring critical operating parameters
• Ability to respond to critical events in real time

As always, every Traulsen Spec Line unit is made to order, and we can meet your specific design needs in our Fort Worth, Texas based manufacturing facility. We’re thrilled to offer a wide variety of Spec Line models that will achieve Energy Star 5.0 certification, ensuring energy efficient operation with superior quality and performance. There is a Traulsen difference, let us show you.

To learn more or speak with sales representative, visit, or call (888) 686-1425 today.

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