Purer and cleaner ice for more efficient operations

Hygiene and ease of operation is at the core of  Scotsman XSafe, offering improved sanitation and increased machine performance

In the realm of ice machine hygiene, the reality often falls short of expectations. The truth is, ice machines are notorious for being cumbersome and tedious to clean, leading to a widespread neglect of regular maintenance procedures outlined in their manuals.

The consequence? A breeding ground for bacteria and grime, lurking within the depths of ice machines in hotels, bars, restaurants and hospitality establishments across the globe.

But fear not, for Scotsman XSafe is here to change the game. Imagine a world where ice machine hygiene is no longer a headache for operators. A world where cleanliness is not just an afterthought but an active and automatic process. This is precisely what Scotsman XSafe brings to the table.

A better bottom line

Scotsman XSafe is a totally natural sanitation system, which is fully integrated inside the ice machine on selected ranges. It automatically operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep your ice making equipment clean and safe. The system destroys over 99% of known viruses, bacteria and reduces the formation of mould, mildew, yeast, and slime.

XSafe uses high power UV light to create a reactive mixture of oxygen, ozone and photo-plasma, which is continually circulated in the air thought the ice machine.

The benefits of XSafe to your ice maker include improved overall sanitation, increased machine performance, and a better bottom line.

Purer and clearer

Treating the air within the machine for viruses, bacteria and microorganisms ensures an ice machine that stays cleaner for longer. As a result, it requires less labor and downtime to complete scheduled sanitation. This leaves you with a purer, clearer, odor free ice machine that performs better, creating ice more efficiently and with less strain on machine components.

But, all this is lost if you do not replace the XSafe bulb periodically. Once a year is enough to keep your ice machines cleaner. So, let’s bid farewell to the era of neglected ice machine hygiene and usher in a new age of cleanliness and peace of mind with Scotsman XSafe. It’s time to say: “Scotsman, you make ice really cool.”

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www.scotsman-ice.com (global)

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