Redefining customization in coffee design with Modbar 

The Modbar coffee system allows for you to build out a coffee bar flow that is as unique as the exact vision for your space. Use espresso, steam, and pour-over combinations to maximize your counter space for customer interaction

Modbar, the visionary brand renowned for its under-counter coffee machines, believes that exceptional barista craftsmanship starts with superior tools for the perfect espresso. In bustling hospitality settings, where smooth operation is key, Modbar’s modular system shines. It allows multiple baristas to prepare coffee simultaneously, enhancing service fluidity and efficiency, and ensuring a seamless coffee experience even in the busiest of times. 

The innovative modular system empowers you to tailor your espresso machine to your precise requirements; it features four distinct equipment modules: Espresso AV, Espresso EP, Steam, and Pour-Over. In premium hospitality environments, every detail counts. This under-counter technology maximizes counter space, enhancing guest interactions. Each module is available separately, offering flexible configurations for complete control over your espresso environment. 

But at Modbar, it’s not just about practicality — it’s about aesthetic appeal, too. The over-the-counter taps boast a contemporary, sleek design that will become a focal point in any hospitality venue or workspace. 

Opening last Fall, Mad Nice Goods, a modern Italian restaurant in Detroit, integrated a Modbar into their custom marbled green counter, placing coffee at the heart of their space. Luke Kirtley from Coffeehaus, the consultancy behind the design, emphasized the importance of quality coffee without overshadowing customer interaction.

The Modbar’s versatility and scalability made it the perfect fit for their multi-functional concept. Kirtley praised the system’s ability to scale with demand, making it cost-effective and performance-driven. The rotating selection of single-origin coffees prepared on their Modbar has garnered rave guest reviews, perfectly complementing the space’s high-quality food and hospitality ethos. 

Are your clients also searching for a coffee system that meets your functional needs and complements your unique style? The Modbar system provides extensive customization options, including various finishes, handles, and countertop styles. This allows you to design a machine that not only aligns with your venue’s interior but also becomes a reflection of your design creativity and distinctive taste, inspiring and exciting you with creative possibilities. 

The brand makes it easy to evaluate client needs by offering a free configurator on its website. This facilitates the design process; users can tailor products or spaces to their exact preferences, explore a wide range of Modbar module possibilities, and experiment with different finishes. 

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