Making kitchens smarter with the new Vulcan Braising Pan

Vulcan is expanding its braising pans lineup to include highly featured, intelligent braising pans

Vulcan’s industry-leading braising pans have been loved in commercial kitchens for decades, and now we’re expanding our lineup to include highly featured, intelligent braising pans. Vulcan’s new PreciPan™ is smart, precise, and multifunctional. Chefs can enjoy the versatility of ordinary braising pans and tilt skillets, now with the added benefit of multiple heat zones and smart technologies that make cooking easier and more efficient. Let’s dive deeper into this new pan and all of its greatness.


The first feature that sets Vulcan’s PreciPan™ apart from our V Series Braising Pans is the intelligent touch-screen control. It’s the same familiar interface that is used in our other intelligent, multi-functional cooking equipment, like the TCM & Minijet Combis. It is intuitive and easy to use, so minimal training is required even if a user is new to the interface. Use the touch-screen to easily maneuver through pan and kettle mode to sear, boil, sauté, pan fry, and more.

Speaking of training, the PreciPan™ comes with pre-programmed recipes, and users have the ability to upload new recipes to the interface. Using programed recipes, the equipment automatically knows what temperature and time to cook menu items with the touch of a button, offering audible next step reminders along the way. So, no matter the staff’s skill level, they can get acclimated to the new PreciPan™ quickly.

We know kitchens can get chaotic. PreciPan™ was designed to make chefs’ lives easier, with temperature-controlled multizone cooking and up to six timers. The integrated digital timers will monitor the cooking so users can walk away and spend time focusing on other tasks in the kitchen.

The multiple heat zones with accurate temperature control allow users to cook multiple items at different temperatures and at different times with precision. This means chefs can prepare all of the ingredients for a dish in one piece of equipment. It’s a chef’s heaven. This feature paired with the optional food probe accessory results in perfectly cooked menu items.

PreciPan™ comes standard with multiple automatic features, including auto tilt, drain, and lift. The auto tilt feature allows users to tilt and dispense with ease– no cranking required. Safely drain directly into the floor trough or rear drain with the tilt-free auto drain. And automatically lower and lift basket accessories by time or program with auto lift. These features cut time and labor while increasing quality and productivity.

To top it all off, the pan has semi-automatic cleaning. It auto-fills, comes to a safe cleaning temperature, and prompts users through the cleaning process for a simple cleanup. PreciPan™ lets users know when it’s time to drain and rinse, and in just a few minutes the PreciPan™ will be ready to go for the next shift. Spend less time cleaning and more time cooking. Vulcan’s new PreciPan™ is a game changer.

Peace of mind

So, your kitchen got the new PreciPan™. Next up? Getting your new equipment properly installed. The PreciPan™ comes in two sizes, 28 gallon or 40 gallon, but installation will require more than just the heavy lifting. Proper assembly, leveling, and connection all go into the process. For peace of mind that your equipment is set up correctly and ready for service, use our free (yes, free) New Equipment Checkout Program. With this program, a service representative will provide a complimentary on-site inspection aimed at ensuring the equipment has been properly installed. The buyer just has to reach out to their dealer or sales rep to complete the checkout within 90 days of installation.

About Vulcan

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