A constant desire for quality

Kason Industries continues to strive for excellence that helps keep kitchens operating around the world

Kason Industries continues to strive for excellence in producing seemingly unnoticed products that help keep kitchens operating around the world

The equipment in commercial kitchens is only as good as its individual components, but rarely do we look behind the brand name of a freezer or a heated cabinet to see where those components come from.

A door is only as good as its hinges. Kitchen equipment is only as good as the legs on which it sits. When commercial kitchens install vital equipment, they are buying into the expertise and experience of not only the equipment manufacturer, but also that of the hardware suppliers.

Kason Industries, Inc. is a major supplier of kitchen hardware. Kason sells to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that make commercial coolers, freezers, ice makers, cooking and warming equipment, refrigerated and heated cabinets, warewashing machines and much more.

It is a company that is rare in its longevity, and it blends a long history in the industry with a passion for innovation.

“We have been manufacturing products in the USA for 97 years and not just importing parts to assemble and repackage,” says Matt Wheeler, Director of Marketing. “Our top priority is providing high-quality, long lasting products that improve the finished goods of our OEM customers, such as walk-in coolers, freezers and reach-in equipment.”

“We are a fourth generation, family owned and family-oriented company,” he remarks. “We combine craftsmanship with the latest manufacturing equipment to produce our products. Our customers trust us for our long-standing industry presence, our proven manufacturing expertise, and our dedication to innovative solutions that shape industry-wide expectations.” This foundation of trust encourages the major OEMs to partner with Kason when designing their products that ultimately make them better.

An open mind to innovation

Kason has a history of innovation. It was the first company to fit door release mechanisms on the inside of walk-in freezers, so people could let themselves out if they were accidentally locked in. They were also the first to develop, manufacture and market LED lighting fixtures for walk-in coolers, which improved usability and safety.

Just as safety plays an important role in their product innovations, so does the end-user’s total cost of ownership.

For instance Kason’s development of a cam-rise hinge allows a door to lift when opened and help clear uneven floors. The cam also assists with the door closing after it’s released. This hinge was later improved by including the ability to adjust the door’s alignment after installation as doors sag due to the effects of gravity and heavy use.

A properly sealed door positively impacts everything from food safety, to equipment maintenance and energy savings. It helps keep foods at proper temperatures, reduces wear on the seals and more importantly helps the condenser motor not work overtime because the walk-in can maintain proper temperatures better. All of these aspects are rarely thought of but can benefit the end-user’s bottom line significantly.

The company’s innovation comes from ideas generated by its skilled in-house engineering team as well as from its close relationships with OEMs, end-users and consultants.

“We listen closely to our customers,” says Wheeler. “They view us as the hardware experts and our engineers are often utilized as an extension of their team. The combined knowledge and understanding increases our ability to innovate and improve product functionality, extend product life and explore the use of new materials.”

Further details:

From its manufacturing base in Newnan, Georgia, USA, Kason is focusing on expanding its reach into global markets while maintaining its philosophy of high-quality and constant innovation. That along with its dedicated after-sales service gives it a strong platform from which to maintain its industry leadership for another 97 years.

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