Explore the benefits of new underbar design

Eliminate the nuisance of legs on your next bar design at a fraction of the price of die wall

Advance Tabco is proud to present our new pedestal base underbar design, SU-PED, that redefines both form and function of any bar. The SU-PED system is meticulously engineered to combine ease of cleaning and sleek aesthetics, all while offering significant cost savings compared to traditional modular die wall systems. It’s available exclusively with our Prestige Signature Series underbar equipment.


The design of the SU-PED eliminates the need for legs, which often complicate the underbar area with additional structural components. Without legs to work around, maintaining a pristine environment becomes simpler and more efficient, allowing staff to focus on other critical tasks.


Aesthetically, the SU-PED minimalist profile offers a contemporary look that enhances the bar’s ambiance. This modern aesthetic does not compromise durability; the SU-PED is built to withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy commercial environment.


The pedestal is open to the floor, allowing access to floor drains, as well as to the back, allowing plumbing soda/beer lines to reach the equipment. The back is flanged so that it can bolt to the bar wall for stability, while the front has removable panels for easy access to the underside of the equipment.


SU-PED pedestal design also addresses common issues associated with traditional underbar equipment, like moisture buildup. This helps to maintain the longevity of the equipment and the hygiene of the bar area, safeguarding against mold and bacteria growth.


The SU-PED stands out for its affordability. At one-third the cost of full modular die wall systems (we offer those too), it provides businesses with a budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality. This cost-effectiveness extends to the installation and reconfiguration process, with SU-PED design ensuring compatibility with a wide range of layouts and spaces.


Where traditional bar die is limited to new construction only, Advance Tabco’s pedestal design is great for retrofit applications. If a new concept is moving into an existing space, with an already existing bar, operators now have an option to replace the equipment while using the existing bar and still realizing many of the benefits of full bar die. The SU-PED modular nature does not only aid in the initial installation but also provides flexibility for future modifications. This adaptability is essential for businesses that anticipate growth or changes in layout, making the SU-PED a smart long-term investment.


Advance Tabco has a long-standing reputation for quality, and SU-PED continues this tradition. We first started making bar equipment in 1929 for speakeasies during Prohibition. While we are best known for back of the house kitchen equipment, and custom fabrication, our growing line of underbar equipment fits seamlessly into our existing offering, give you a better return on your time and money. It’s proudly made in the USA, in one of our nine factories in the country.

The SU-PED by Advance Tabco is more than just underbar equipment; it’s a strategic business solution. With its easy-to-clean pedestal base, contemporary aesthetic, and economical price point, the SU-PED is a no brainer for any establishment looking to optimize their underbar space. Simply put, it’s a Performance Enhancing Design.

We invite you to discover how our new line of pedestal base bar equipment can enhance your operations while aligning with the sophisticated look of your establishment. With the SU-PED, Advance Tabco delivers an underbar system that caters to the pragmatic needs of your business without compromising on style or breaking the budget.

For more information, visit www.advancetabco.com

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