Driving sustainability and productivity in commercial kitchens

InSinkErator® food waste solutions help drive sustainability and productivity in commercial kitchens

Food waste decomposing in dumpsters creates odors, attracts pests, and serves as a breeding ground for bacteria. InSinkErator® food waste disposers help keep food waste out of dumpsters and landfills. They also reduce staff trips to the dumpster and waste-hauling costs, while increasing kitchen efficiency and profitability. Bottom line? Food waste disposers play an important role in saving your operation money and promoting sustainability.

Food waste that’s sent down a disposer to a capable wastewater treatment plant breaks down bacteria through a process called anaerobic digestion. This process captures methane and converts it into renewable energy, in the form of electricity and compressed natural gas. The remaining solids can be used as a natural fertilizer to grow more food.

Using a food waste disposer in conjunction with a composting or green bin program helps divert the maximum amount of food waste from landfills – benefiting your community and slowing the acceleration of climate change.

From fast casual and restaurants to healthcare facilities and schools, InSinkErator® commercial food waste disposers help foodservice operations enhance day-to-day productivity by increasing staff efficiency, reducing operating costs and improving kitchen sanitation.

SS-Series Commercial Food Waste Disposers

Whether you serve 25 or 2,500 people, there is an InSinkErator® disposer that’s designed for your operation. Our SS-Series of disposers features four sizes and includes six different models to best serve your needs. From the small-capacity SS-100™ model to our large-capacity SS-1000™ workhorse, InSinkErator® disposers deliver superior performance, quiet operation, maximum energy efficiency, and reliable service.

SS-Series product features include:

  • Stainless-steel grind chamber
  • 3/4″ (19.1 mm) rubber mounting above grind chamber, enclosed in chrome-plated covers for sanitation and appearance
  • 3-10 H.P. induction motor with built-in thermal overload protection; 1725 RPM, totally enclosed to provide protection against outside moisture
  • Controlled power airflow to cool motor — provides better efficiency and longer life
  • Highly durable shredding elements designed for reverse-action grinding and corrosion resistance
  • Double-tapered Timken roller bearings provide a shock-absorbing cushionTriple-lip seal protects motor from water damage
  • Secondary spring-loaded oil seal provides double protection against water and lubricant loss
  • Stainless-steel and chrome-plated finish — paint-free for lasting sanitation
  • Add an AquaSaver® control system and cut water usage by up to 70%

WasteXpress® Food Waste Reduction Systems

In those instances where disposers may not be an option, InSinkErator® offers WasteXpress® —our non-sewer-based alternative for managing food waste. With WasteXpress®, food waste and disposable items are fed into the disposer. Ground particles flow from the disposer to a dewatering unit. Water is extracted from the ground particles and dewatered pulp is discharged into a waste bin before gray water is sent down the drain line.

WasteXpress® offers commercial kitchens the following benefits:

  • Handles up to 700 pounds of food waste per hour
  • Reduces the amount of food waste going to landfills
  • Processes virtually all kitchen waste, including food scraps, placemats, napkins, jelly packets and straws
  • Turns 10 bags of waste into less than two
  • Organic waste can be used for compost
  • Does not require the use of cardboard
  • Installs under any standard dish table

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