Duke Manufacturing Announces New Addition To the ReadyFlex Hot Holding Solution Suite

Enhanced holding solution maximizes capacity and efficiency, while optimizing equipment footprint driving restaurant quality and profitability

Efficiency and flexibility are paramount in delivering exceptional dining experiences and restaurant profitability. Duke Manufacturing, a privately held, global foodservice equipment manufacturer, today announced its latest innovation, the ReadyFlex Full Size Hot Holding Cabinet. The ReadyFlex Full Size cabinet empowers restaurants with maximized holding capacity, with minimized impact on equipment footprint.  

The new Full-Size unit offers a higher capacity holding solution, ensuring more product is available during high-volume serving times. This allows restaurant operators to strategically cook less frequently and hold more, optimizing their operations based on store demand and needs. By maximizing the holding environment with larger pans and trays, food quality, taste, temperature, and ease of serving are all optimized.

In addition, the ReadyFlex Full Size unit has been intelligently designed to save space and reduce operational steps. By maximizing holding capacity within fewer linear feet restaurants can streamline their kitchen setups. Additionally, the unit allows for cooking and serving in the same pan, reducing the need for multiple containers.  

With the capability to power up to four full pans on a standard 120V/15A cord, the Full Size ReadyFlex is easy to integrate into any restaurant’s kitchen. It’s simple, yet reliable cable heating system provides precise and uniform heating without the hassle of heat transfer fluids and circulating pumps.  

Outstanding benefits

This innovation extends Duke Manufacturing’s existing ReadyFlex *RFHU) line, offering the same outstanding benefits, including flexibility to configure for full-size pans, half-size long pans, or a combination of both within the same unit to optimize for different dayparts. The ReadyFlex suite features top and bottom heat with a heat zone per shelf, providing the ultimate holding environment. Intuitive, color touchscreen controls require no timer bars, ensuring ease of use and quick learning for kitchen staff. The system also boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling future product enhancements and offsite recipe management. Local or remote recipe programming allows restaurant operators to effectively manage their establishments.  

Available in seven different sizes, ranging from 2 full pans (2×1) to 10 full pans (5×2), the Full Size ReadyFlex offers restaurants a versatile and efficient solution to meet the demands of modern food service operation.  

“We are thrilled to introduce the ReadyFlex Full Size unit, as this innovative solution reflects Duke Manufacturing’s commitment to partnering with our customers, providing restaurants with the food service equipment they need to excel in today’s dynamic landscape,” said John Sweaney, Director of Product Management. “With its unmatched holding capacity, space-saving design, and user-friendly features, the ReadyFlex Full Size unit continues to extend the solutions available to respond to the evolving needs of our industry.” 

For more information about the ReadyFlex and Duke Manufacturing’s innovative food service solutions, please visit www.dukemfg.com.  

About Duke Manufacturing

Duke Manufacturing is a privately held, global foodservice equipment manufacturer, headquartered in St. Louis, MO with manufacturing facilities in Sedalia, MO and Houston, TX and distribution facilities in Prague, Czech Republic, and Shanghai, China. The Duke Software Development Center is located in the Philippines. We have sales and service operations in all global regions. Rounding out all these locations is a global network of trained and authorized service agents. Duke’s primary products are categorized in the serving, production, holding, cooking, fabrication, and merchandising categories. Learn more by visiting www.dukemfg.com

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