Unox launches 3D tool as part of interactive service area

Unox drives service standards with an updated digital service area, including 3D spare parts tool

Known for transforming the commercial cooking market with some of the most innovative professional ovens and ground-breaking technology, Unox has now moved to set a new standard in aftersales service an updated online service area complete with an interactive 3D spare parts tool.

The new, free-to-use digital tool, accessed through the dedicated service area on the Unox website, features the entire library of Unox ovens, including the most recently launched CHEFTOP-X™ and BAKERTOP-X™ range. Enabling engineers and technicians to quickly identify and view individual components, the tool shows the oven from any angle and includes the ability to zoom in and out where needed.

By selecting the relevant area of a particular oven, the tool instinctively expands, emphasising the most common spare parts. From here, service engineers and technicians can quickly identify the relevant part codes or understand the individual components that are included as part of a specific kit. Expanding the 3D diagram, the tool displays each element of a particular part regardless of size, including any individual fixings, even highlighting which elements to reuse and which to replace.

Mobile optimised, the 3D parts tool is a key element of the new interactive Unox Service Area. Designed with engineers and technicians in mind, the Service Area also includes a range of virtual training programs as well as a log of previous and upcoming courses.

On the launch of the 3D parts tool, Leroy Fearon, Regional Service Team Leader at Unox UK comments:

“Service and support are as crucial to the Unox business model as manufacturing the most advanced professional ovens on the market. That’s why we’re proud of our updated online Service Area, accessed for free, through our website. Service personnel including engineers and technicians can simply register for a profile, before accessing many of the resources inside, including our interactive 3D parts tool. Featuring every appliance in our portfolio, the tool enables quick and accurate identification of any component, as well as giving details including part number and specification. Ultimately, this instinctive tool will help to reduce potential downtime and achieve even more first-time fixes on Unox ovens.”

In addition to the 3D parts tool and the training course log, the Service Area includes several premium features, which are accessible to users approved by the Unox UK service team. This includes the Service Academy, complete with a range of training courses which are designed for those looking to become an authorised Unox Service Centre.

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