J&R announces a new product to protect vital assets in every restaurant kitchen

Introducing the new insulated, stackable holding cabinet – the J&R Vault

J&R Manufacturing, headquartered in Mesquite, TX, since its inception in 1974, is excited to announce the release of its new insulated, stackable holding cabinet – the J&R Vault™. There is now a professional-grade food warmer that can survive the rigors of restaurant kitchens, food trucks, and catering operations, of all sizes, and for far longer than the typical 2 to 3-year lifespan of most holding cabinets. And, it’s ready to ship to businesses around the world.

Built to the same exacting standards as all of their best-in-industry kitchen products – like their famed Oyler Pit, their Wood Show Grill, and assortment of rotisseries – the J&R Vault should last a decade or more based on the track record of these long-trusted products. It features a hand-crafted steel-welded frame with 14-gauge stainless steel interior, reinforced hinges and latches, and proven insulation, like that used on its best-in-industry smokers, which all promise long-term performance.

Precise control

Precise electronic temperature controls maintain flavors, textures, and food safety, all vital to every restaurant. The exterior stays cool to the touch too. The J&R Vault also features removable racks, classic humidity control – just add water – it is easy to move, and can also be stacked two high to optimize storage in tight spaces. Its high-quality, long-lasting build – made in the U.S.A. – will likely make it the lowest-cost option over time. J&R will also create custom J&R Vault units to fit any need, like they do for their grills and rotisseries. Learn more about the J&R Vault, including specs, on their website here.

Further details:

Contact Ryan Higgins, VP of Operations and third generation J&R, to learn more including pricing or to discuss custom options at ryan@jrmanufacturing.com. Returning J&R customers will receive a deep discount on the J&R Vault through the end of 2023.

About J&R Manufacturing:

Launched in 1974 with their famed wood-fired Oyler Pit smoker – named after the late Herbert Oyler – J&R smokers changed the barbecue industry forever. It was the first model to be UL approved and NSF certified. Built with heavy duty stainless steel, top tier components, and hand-crafted workmanship in Mesquite, all their ever-evolving professional kitchen equipment is built to last for decades. J&R also designs and manufactures world-renowned commercial grills and rotisseries, including custom models used by James Beard Award-winning chefs around the world. J&R products are in all 50 states and in 56 countries. Watch their full story here.

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