Flex your menu potential with the Duke ReadyFlex™ – available from Jestic

The hot holding cabinet helps operators store food while retaining temperature, texture and flavour

As an industry leader in food service equipment since 1925, no one offers a more advanced or comprehensive hot holding portfolio than Duke Manufacturing. Building on this heritage, Duke has today introduced the Duke ReadyFlex™ Hot Holding Cabinet, exclusively available in the UK from Jestic. This latest innovation offers outstanding food quality retention and the ultimate flexibility driven by best-in-class technology.

With the Duke ReadyFlex™, operators can serve food at the right temperature, texture and in perfect condition, as well as precisely controlling each food product’s individual environment, all whilst eliminating unwanted flavour transfer. The ReadyFlex™ cabinet’s technology-driven performance delivers total confidence that food will have the same sensory appeal whether it was just cooked or has been held for an extended period and enhances food safety by ensuring food is maintained at safe temperatures.

The ReadyFlex™ does all this whilst decreasing service times by having food readily available, reducing food waste through improved holding times, and offering the versatility to cook in batches instead of by individual order. The ReadyFlex™ operates at ideal holding temperatures across all menu combinations and pan sizes, minimising staff training by utilising an intuitive and simple to operate touch screen control.

For those looking for larger capacity, Duke also offer the ReadyFlex™ Full Size Hot Holding Cabinet, which has flexibility to configure for full 1/1 Gastronorm pans, either 65mm or 100m deep, or a combination of both. The top and bottom heat with a heat zone per shelf provides for the ultimate holding environment and provides even more product during peak times.

“Food holding is the critical link between food cooking and preparation and efficiently serving your customers,” says Michael Eyre, Jestic product director. “While Duke has been in business for nearly 100 years, they are focused on the future of their organisation and improving the industry they serve. In addition to the highest quality standards, Duke’s products are purpose built with operators in mind and the Duke ReadyFlex™, is no exception. With the Duke ReadyFlex™, food is always hot, fresh, and ready where and when you need it. Any Menu. Anywhere. Anytime.”

For nearly 100 years, customers of Duke Manufacturing have come to count on the team of creative, problem-solving specialists for unmatched customer experience and industry leading equipment that helps them be more successful. Duke’s success started with a single steamtable and the determination to be a “solutions provider” to the industry. With commitment, craftsmanship, innovation and a customer focused approach, Duke has cemented its reputation as the leader in product holding- no one offers a more advanced and comprehensive holding portfolio than Duke.

For more information on the Duke ReadyFlex™ Hot Holding Cabinet, please visit www.jestic.co.uk

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