Sveba Dahlen delivers quantifiable savings with new eco+ launch

Sveba Dahlen announces the launch of the new eco+, a sustainable, energy saving feature now available across much of the company’s range of speciality baking and pizza ovens

Sustainability and energy saving have become one of the hottest topics in foodservice thanks in part to rising overheads and a demand for transparency and environmental consideration across the industry. Now, in an innovative launch from Scandinavian oven giant, Sveba Dahlen, the unique eco­­­­­­­+ concept will deliver visible energy savings of up to 35% with an improved working environment.

Using a combination of materials, physical design and enhanced insulation, combined with state-of-the-art technology, eco+ is available across a wide range of ovens in the Sveba Dahlen portfolio, including rack and deck ovens specifically for the bakery or pizza market.

Developing a system that results in optimising energy savings without compromising on the quality or speed of cooking, the Swedish manufacturer has used recyclable material and placed a great deal of emphasis on reducing energy wastage where possible. Improved insulation both above and below the cooking chamber, precision built oven doors and high quality door gaskets reduce heat up times, aid temperature recovery and maintain internal conditions even when the oven is switched off. An intuitive, touch-sensitive SD-Touch 9.0 user interface highlights optimum cooking data, while also allowing each cooking chamber to be independently controlled (deck-ovens). This combination of technology and materials delivers a 35% energy saving compared to standard models in the range.

When it comes to those operating a kitchen, eco­+ brings a great deal. By eliminating heat loss, the working environment remains cooler, while the improved insulation and ergonomically designed oven handles not only provide better grip but remain cooler to touch, reducing the risk of injury and burns. Finally reduced noise level is achieved thanks to vibration dampening technology, furthering employee safety and satisfaction in a busy production environment.

Michael Eyre, product director at exclusive UK distributor, Jestic Foodservice Equipment comments:

“Energy saving has become a key consideration for design consultants, specifiers, business owners and operators in recent times, driven primarily by environmental concerns. The new eco feature from Sveba Dahlen uses the very latest in instinctive technology, robust materials and refined design principles to deliver substantial savings of up to 35% day in, day out. An optional extra on virtually every model in the Sveba Dahlen rack and deck ovens, the eco+ concept is designed to aid professional bakers as much as those looking to grow their pizza offering in both the short and long term.”

Combining the new eco+ technology with some of the other advanced features available across the Sveba Dahlen range including Increased Baking Surface (IBS) and ‘Megaflow’ technology working simultaneously, the Sveba Dahlen rack and deck ovens create the perfect bake, delivering a uniform colour and delightful consistency.

For further information on the eco+ technology or the appliances in the Sveba Dahlen range from Jestic Foodservice Equipment, please call 01892 831 960 or visit

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