The Roller Table offers an up-graded warewashing solution

Leading Scandinavian warewashing manufacturer Wexiödisk adds new Roller Table to portfolio in a move to offer an up-graded warewashing solution.

This latest addition to the company’s extensive product portfolio provides caterers with an effective tool, designed to speed up the warewashing process, conveying baskets of dishes, crockery and utensils into, and out of, any Wexiödisk warewasher without staff needing to lift or load often heavy warewashing baskets.

As well as being highly ergonomical, Wexiödisk’s new Roller Table significantly improves the working environment for its users by preventing excess food waste and water from splashing onto the floor. Staff therefore can ensure a less hazardous and less strenuous warewashing process by using the new Wexiödisk’s Roller Table.

Warewashing efficiency

Designed to encourage a more efficient warewashing flow, this highly versatile Roller Table can be placed beside a Wexiödisk hood machine, or placed at either end of a Wexiödisk Rack Machine. No matter the model, the addition of a Wexiödisk Roller Table will undoubtedly improve the warewashing process of any facility, with baskets immediately beginning to dry once conveyed onto the Roller Table. The optional end limit switch combined with the rack conveyor also serves to further warewashing efficiency, cleverly stopping the machine conveying once the table becomes full with baskets.

Equally concerned with optimising warewashing space, Wexiödisk’s new Roller Table is available in various lengths, allowing the operator to optimise their individual warewashing space, no matter the size or shape of facility. Couple this with the unit’s basket shelving, and this Roller Table doubles up as a handy storage unit as well as a conveyor.

Made from heavy duty stainless steel, this highly robust Roller Table is designed to withstand the most demanding of kitchens. Also featuring removable cassettes that can be cleaned in the warewasher, users are able to maintain Wexiödisk’s new Roller Table with ease.

John Shepherd, UK & Ireland country manager at Wexiödisk says, “Efficiency in a washroom is vital, both in terms of energy consumption and the flow of dishes, cutlery, crockery, glassware, and even people throughout the process. The new Roller Table from Wexiödisk has been designed specifically to enhance a kitchen’s efficiency, whilst also reducing the demand on labour and simultaneously improving the working environment.

“Available in various lengths and made from the highest quality materials, the Roller Table is more than capable of withstanding the demands of a commercial washroom. Suitable for all Wexiödisk machines, the Roller Table is set to a convenient height to reduce the need to lift heavy baskets, also delivering better results as clean dishes can begin to dry immediately after the wash cycle finishes.”

About Wexiodisk

As a brand renowned for producing a range of high quality commercial warewashers that combine genuine Swedish craftsmanship, exceptional levels of efficiency and the latest in innovation and technology, Wexiodisk represent the very best quality, simplicity, and functionality within the market.

Prices for the new Roller Table start from £756+VAT. For more information on the new Roller Table or on the Wexiödisk range, please visit www.wexiodisk.com/en or call 0845 643 0421.

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