Smart Label Award 2017 for HOBART 

Hobart's PREMAX AUP is considered to be the industry's most innovative product

This prestigious prize for unique, innovative solutions in terms of functionality, technology, and ecological sustainability was awarded in the run-up to the international trade fair HOST in Milan. HOBART, the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial dishwashers, is one of the award winners – for the second year in a row.


The hood-type dishwasher PREMAX AUP is considered to be the industry’s most innovative product. It is the ground-breaking technology, including numerous patented global novelties, that makes it so unique. The PERMANENT-CLEAN automatic soil removal is, among other things, a standard feature of the PREMAX AUP. Thanks to this tool, pre-washing the wash ware by hand is now a thing of the past. The reason is the new filter system which directly pumps any food waste out of the machine. Therefore, the PERMANENT-CLEAN automatic soil removal not only saves staff and operational costs, but also protects the environment and provides permanently clean wash water inside the machine.

Based in Offenburg, Germany, HOBART leads the world market in commercial warewashing technology. We serve customers such as hotels, restaurants and caterer, bakeries and butcheries as well as supermarkets, airlines, cruise ships, automotive suppliers, research centres and pharmaceutical companies across the world. HOBART develops, produces and sells warewashing and cleaning, cooking, food preparation and waste treatment appliances and systems, and employs around 6,900 staff members across the world, 1.000 of them in Germany. HOBART is a subsidiary of the US Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Group, which manufactures and sells a variety of products; the group has a staff of 51,000 employees in 800 autonomous companies in 56 countries.

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