Award-winning multifunctional equipment saves time and money

From thawing to cleaning and deglazing, the ImmersaFlex works hard for all operators, regardless of market segment

Immersion Systems, Inc. is now supplying a game-changing piece of equipment that rapidly thaws frozen bags of protein, deglazes delicate seafood, and uniformly washes fruits and vegetables – all in a footprint about the size of a residential refrigerator.

The unit is so revolutionary that ISI estimates that ImmersaFlex can reduce thawing times by as much as thirty times over conventional methods and can wash 150 pounds of potatoes in just six minutes. This type of performance helped ImmersaFlex get noticed as a recipient of a Kitchen Innovations award in 2023.

Using convective water motion and temperature-controlled fluids, ImmersaFlex is an incredibly flexible piece of equipment. It is capable of processing mixed loads and allows operators to interrupt operation to load more product. ImmersaFlex uses a basket mapping system to deliver specialized cycles for different foods.

ImmersaFlex is equipped with a highly advanced chemical dispensing system that recognizes the fluids in its lines and alerts operators if the wrong chemical has been added or if a supply has been exhausted.  The machine washes and primes lines between various cycles and communicates helpful notifications – via its touch screen display and also by use of color LED lights that are easy to read from across the room – at each step of its processes.

You never have to worry about food safety, as ImmersaFlex uses a fully automated clean-in-place system that thoroughly washes out, delimes, and sanitizes between processes and at the end of a shift.

Immersaflex is simple to use.  Its display walks employees through loading and operation – in multiple languages – and is customizable to your operation.  Just a few taps on the screen and ImmersaFlex will consistently and uniformly do all the hard work.

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