Mobile, modular, containerized: unique product solutions from Kitchens To Go

Kitchens To Go provides innovative solutions that mirror existing production facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, functionality and design

Planned renovation? Unplanned situation? Keeping a foodservice operation current and competitive is a daily mission for any operator. But what about during a planned kitchen closure or an unplanned event?

Finding a way to keep operations running uninterrupted while maintaining quality and consistency is a significant challenge facing any foodservice operation during a project. Flexible facilities are necessary to continue service while shifting or expanding operations, but not all facilities are able to withstand the pressures associated with a significant change in operational logistics.

Most common strategies for foodservice continuity

  1. Phased construction –A phased construction breaks a project into stages, moving kitchen facilities into new or smaller areas as the remainder of the kitchen is worked on. This requires optimal coordination among all members of the project team to work efficiently. Commonly thought to be the path of least resistance, phased construction inevitably lengthens project time and smuggles in with it a lot of unintended stresses and costs.
  2. Outside catering – Some projects utilize third-party or off-premise catering to bridge the gap between facilities. While a good choice for some (depending on the size and type of operation), using an external source for foodservice often requires more trust, more coordination and less oversight than a lot of operators are comfortable with.
  3. Temporary kitchen facilities – While temporary facilities have long been a very specific solution for renovations and unplanned situations, they are quickly gaining traction as the preferred option for foodservice projects. With recent innovations in foodservice equipment, temporary kitchen facilities are now able to mirror even the most state-of-the-art cooking facilities, allowing for a fully robust continuity of any operation.

State of the art equipment, functionality and design

A superior alternative to a phased construction plan, Kitchens To Go (KTG) provides innovative solutions that mirror existing production facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, functionality and design to ensure business continuity.

Customized to your needs – KTG provides product solutions that are unique to each project

  • Mobile – mobile units are available for lease or purchase and can serve everything from your one-time special event to daily ongoing operations.
  • Modular – highly configurable modular units are a cost-effective way to maximize space for foodservice operations, and can serve short to long-term needs.
  • Containerized – Connectable 40’ x 8’ units with high volume production capacity are ideal for special events and disaster situations, and can be shipped across the world and operate in extreme environments.

Temporary or permanent

KTG provides mobile and modular solutions for projects of any timeframe. Temporary projects provide interim foodservice facilities that are designed to be built on-site, and are most often utilized only for the duration of the renovation or construction project and then removed.

Permanent modular construction projects are built in KTG’s environmentally-controlled factory and then assembled on-site for long-term use, lessening the time of construction from months to weeks. 

Expert advice and consultation

With a company history and industry knowledge that spans over 3 decades, KTG’s licensed architectural, engineering and sales team partner with you to keep your clients’ operations running at full capacity while simultaneously reducing construction time and costs.




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