Mechline charity partnership receives awards recognition

MK SNAP supports more than 65 adults a day and the assembly of Mechline Dormont gas connectors is a favourite skill-building project

National recognition has been given to the long-term partnership between foodservice equipment manufacturer, Mechline, and MK SNAP, a Milton Keynes based charity for people with learning disabilities.

The relationship, which has lasted almost three decades, is shortlisted for the national Third Sector Business Charity Awards – and sits amongst an impressive line-up including Deloitte, Sky and Network Rail.

MK SNAP is an education and skill-building charity for people with learning disabilities. Mechline outsource part of the labelling, cleaning and packaging of its Dormont commercial kitchen gas hoses to MK Snap – whose fully trained learners work together under the supervision of a tutor to perfect Mechline’s established procedures. The finished product is then collected and checked by Mechline before being distributed across the UK.

Invaluable skills

People with learning disabilities gain invaluable skills and a real sense of achievement and purpose assembling components of Mechline’s Dormont gas connectors. It builds skills, confidence and work-readiness and has led to jobs for people with learning disabilities that may not have been possible.

Today MK SNAP supports more than 65 adults a day and the assembly of Mechline Dormont gas connectors is still a favourite skill-building project on the timetable.

The partnership highlights the trust Mechline place in the abilities of people with learning disabilities and what they ‘can do’ and has given MK SNAP and Mechline enormous pride.

“Over the years, MK SNAP has been able to provide a wide range of skillsets to cover the broad range of production assembly tasks that we have set them,” says Kristian Roberts, marketing manager at Mechline Developments.

“They provide a good reliable service, and the quality is excellent. We find the added expense and commercial time taken to outsource this work an investment to be very proud of. It’s a wonderful relationship. The scheme is currently on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but all parties look forward to it beginning again as soon as possible after the current situation improves and it is safe to do so.”

The results of the awards shortlisting process is due in May.


Further details:

Mechline Developments is a UK leading manufacturer of specialised equipment for the Food Service and Hospitality industry. Having started life in 1984 as a commercial kitchen equipment service and installation company, in 1988 we developed our first patented product (QuickLink) – a quick disconnect system for catering sinks that allows for easy cleaning. Since then we have focussed on building a portfolio of innovative and unique products for the food service industry and more recently a range of products for the waste and facilities management sectors.


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