KCL celebrates 35 years with new look, website

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KCL, the industry leader in foodservice design technologies, has rebranded in honor of the company’s 35th anniversary

With a bold new look and a fresh website, www.kclcad.com, that provides an improved user experience, KCL is celebrating the past and looking to the future.

“For 35 years, we’ve worked hard to develop innovative software design tools for the foodservice industry,” said Kevin Kochman, President of KCL. “We’re honoring this important milestone while looking ahead for ways to raise up the industry and move us all forward.”

Founded by Kevin and Ron Kochman in 1985, the father and son were the original foodservice industry disruptors. Both embraced the emerging technologies of that time and were eager to help others work more efficiently with digital tools. In the early days, Kevin’s technical training efforts included basics like how to use a computer mouse. Since then, KCL has worked to help manufacturers raise awareness of their products while ensuring that designers and consultants could work more efficiently thanks to modern technology.

Evolution and innovation

KCL’s initial product was the world’s first collection of design symbols from multiple manufacturers. No more three-ring binders full of cut sheets! KCL reduced them to a small collection of floppy disks, The KCL CADalog. Over time CDs replaced the discs. Now the cloud holds KCL’s enormous library of CAD blocks, Revit families, cut sheets, and other product information from more than 200 foodservice manufacturers.

“We’ve been leaders since the earliest days of computer-aided design. We also created the first foodservice app, KCL Mobile, shortly after the debut of the iPhone. KCL was the first foodservice design software to offer Revit compatibility. More recently, we launched KCL NapkinSketch. This new innovation is an indispensable sales tool that lets users create detailed kitchen designs without a CAD or Revit program,” Kevin said. “Yet, with all these innovative tools and a growing audience, I still personally provide tech support to our subscribers.”

Simplifying and expediting

KCL teamed up with Fable Heart Media to usher their branding and website into the 2020s. “Our shared commitment to customer service made them a natural partner. And managing partner Mike Kent’s background in foodservice gave us a shared vocabulary and vision,” said Kevin.

“The new branding is in line with today’s leading tech firms with a hint of retro 1980s feel. KCL’s new look is clean, versatile, and reflects the innovative approach they bring to the foodservice design space.” said Fable Heart Media’s Nick Leonard, founder of the Jacksonville, Florida-based digital marketing firm.

From drafting to design and beyond, KCL continues to focus on unique software solutions for the foodservice industry. From one-person operations to billion-dollar dealerships, the team at KCL remains dedicated to simplifying and expediting the design process for all.

For more information, visit www.kclcad.com