Follett 7 and 15 series ice dispensers now available with sparkling water

Follett LLC announced the immediate availability of a sparkling water option for their popular 7 and 15 Series ice and water dispensers

Mike Purcell, product marketing manager for ice and water dispensers at Follett, said the company is excited to be offering the latest amenity of sparkling water in an all-in-one, chilled still water, and chilled sparkling water dispenser. “There’s a big trend away from soft drinks toward more healthful beverages, and Follett’s unique combination of consumer-preferred, chewable Chewblet® ice and sparkling water is a delicious combination for people looking for a satisfying, healthy alternative to sugary sodas,” he said.

Follett’s line-up of ice and sparkling water dispensers includes countertop and freestanding models. All are available with either 7 or 15 lbs of ice storage in dispensers that produce up to 125 lbs of Chewblet ice per day in addition to dispensing chilled sparkling or chilled still water. All models share the additional unique feature of not requiring a drain, making them perfect for installation in a wide variety of settings, including locations where no drain is available.

Follett LLC has been manufacturing ice and water dispensers featuring Chewblet ice for over 40 years and is a leading provider of ice solutions for the workplace.

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