New and improved: how FCSI’s website can benefit members

Accessibility and modernization characterize the redesigned FCSI website, reports Rosie Jacobs

Launched today, on Friday June 30, 2023, the revitalized, redesigned FCSI website is still focused on providing quality editorial content as well as showcasing the same professional services of FCSI’s members, all on a more streamlined, easier to navigate platform.

“As your FCSI Worldwide president, it is a great pleasure to see our new website come to fruition,” says Mario Sequeira FCSI. “Since taking over my role, both Professional and Allied members requested a new more functional and contemporary website. At our Strategic Planning meeting last year [2022], we made the new website one of our priorities.

“A dedicated Website, Marketing and Communications committee that included our three dedicated divisional administrators who work at the coalface with our members along with our efficient Worldwide administrator and a specialist web designer worked closely with our media partners Progressive Content (PC) to develop the new website. The expertise of PC’s parent company GlobalData also contributed in implementing the latest website algorithms. Sincere thanks to all who contributed to the new Worldwide website,” says Sequeira who highlights the functionality of the “easy-to-navigate API links to the Find a Member search function and the three Division’s new websites.”      

Achieving the Society’s goal

Nick Vaccaro, executive administrator at FCSI Worldwide describes the change as a crucial step in achieving the global Society’s goal, “to give visitors/members a starting point in their search for important information.”

The new platform enables “site viewers to swiftly click through options to find the information which is important to them,” says Vaccaro, whether that be finding articles in the Foodservice Consultant, links to Divisional websites, upcoming events, or finding a member to work with on a project.

Access to valuable editorial content is still at the forefront, but the website’s more intuitive interface allows members to quickly access the content that is right for them. Vaccaro emphasizes the tailored nature of this new platform, as it “provides clearly defined links to the Divisional and Local Unit sites, which delivers both valuable and geographically applicable material to members”. Additionally, the ‘Find a Member’ section helps prospective clients or fellow members quickly locate other FCSI members to engage or collaborate with.

The new website has been made with the members in mind. Vaccaro also states the importance of its accessibility to non-members, whocan learn what FCSI is as a Society, why the FCSI designation is important when hiring a consultant, and how to find a member when they are ready to engage the services of a consultant”. In addition, everyone can benefit from “the new website’s incredible editorial features; there is always a plethora of stories to read, or videos to watch, to stay up to date on professional and industry news,” he says.

Editorial director Michael Jones’ wrote about the new website in this week’s Foodservice Consultant newsletter: “As with anything new and with such a diverse, global audience to please, the new website is bound to provoke opinion – good, bad or indifferent, but hopefully much more of the good!”

Sequeira, on behalf of the Worldwide board,invites“every member to take more interest in our association and contribute to making your FCSI even better and stronger moving forward”. What better way to start than through the new FCSI website.

Rosie Jacobs

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