McDonald’s looks for franchise partners in Asia

The move will see the fast food giant move away from direct ownership of restaurants in Asia

Potential buyers of the 20-year McDonald’s franchise rights in Malaysia and Singapore have begun their search for the capital in a deal that could see the American fast food chain fetch up to $400m, according to reports.

While little information is available, it has been reported that the company is pursuing a new global strategy implemented by the new CEO Steve Easterbrook who took up the role last year. Sources say that McDonald’s is looking to revamp ownership models throughout the the region, also including China, Hong Kong and South Korea. Its aim is said to be to eventually have 95% of its restaurants in local ownership.

Earlier this year, Foodservice Consultant reported on the new company strategy as it seeks to innovate to stay ahead of an increasingly saturated market. Read the story on p65 of Q2 Americas edition here.



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