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Introducing the new Combi Oven Evolution Range by Giorik

The new “R” range is the combination of technological innovation, design and ease of use. Discover the efficiency and the intuitiveness of this new oven featured with the high-tech software of the top of the range Steambox Evolution H.

Discover below all the new features:


The new electronic control panel with a 7” touch screen makes it easier to navigate the oven functions.

Always connected

All our ovens are fitted with a device which connects them with the GIORIK CLOUD. This allows information about the oven to be gathered, so equipment errors and parameters can be analysed remotely. Connection to the Cloud also enables the oven software to be updated in real time. Moreover with GIORIK SMART RECIPES it’s possible to Create, edit, duplicate and distribute your personalized recipes to all your appliances remotely.

Cooking performance

Super steam

2-level steam regulation. It calibrates the right degree of humidity according to your preferences. The selection of the two humidity levels, in fact, allows you to always have the perfect degree of hydration in the chamber for every cooking and every food.

One touch

The oven is capable of saving up to nine cooking programs, which can be selected from the existing programs provided by Giorik or created at will during use by entering personalised settings. All these can be activated directly from the OneTouch screen in one simple move.


The RecipeTuner interface makes it possible to modify and personalise the various programs simply and intuitively. RecipeTuner changes according to the type of cooking set, to regulate cooking, browning, degree of humidity and of leavening. The interfaces work with both pre-set programs and those created by the chef.

Clean solutions

Steambox Evolution R has an innovative washing and rinsing system included. All the operator has to do is choose the degree of cleaning required depending on the amount of grease in the cooking chamber. In order to avoid damage to the cooking chamber surfaces, we have developed a series of non-abrasive de-greasing products.

Features recap

  • DIRECT steam production system;
  • 7” touch screen control, 9 cooking phases;
  • Immediate start of the cooking cycle with “ONE TOUCH”programs;
  • Overnight cooking;
  • RackControl with EasyService;
  • Recipe Tuner;
  • Regeneration;
  • Cooking chamber humidity control;
  • SUPER STEAM: steam quality control system, 2 levels;
  • N. 6 fan speed;
  • Automatic washing system with liquid detergent + rinse agent 2 in 1;
  • Autoreverse with rotation times changing according to the set cooking cycle;
  • Chamber LED lighting;
  • Suitable for 60×40 trays with specific tray holding structure;
  • Wi-Fi as standard;

Further details:

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