Small Mexican food stand maximizes production, becomes top-selling in food hall

Xilo Street Mexican needed cooking equipment that could execute a variety of traditional Mexican dishes in a small space without a traditional ventilation system

“The main challenge with our space was that we could not install a hood; so, fryers, conventional ovens and stoves were out of the question,” said Chef Rosana Rivera, co-owner of Xilo Street Mexican. “We needed cooking equipment that was ventless, but could still roast, sear, sauté and more.”

Owners Chef Rosana Rivera and Chef Ricardo Castro chose the Alto-Shaam Vector® H Series Multi-Cook Oven, because it was the only solution that met all of their needs.

“Without the Vector, we wouldn’t have Xilo,” Rivera said. “We do everything in this piece of equipment. It’s our prep oven. It’s our stovetop. It’s everything to us.”

Xilo Street Mexican operates in a 200-square-feet space at The Hall on Franklin – a dining hall in Tampa, Florida that incorporates seven local quick service restaurant concepts.

In less than a year, Xilo has become one of the top stands, selling more than 1,200 dishes per week, while the hall as a whole brings in about 3,500.

“We cook our entire menu in the Vector,” Rivera said. “It’s a very versatile piece of equipment with many applications. We scramble, poach and fry eggs. We roast carnitas and cook rice and beans. We also char vegetables for salsa, sear scallops and sauté mussels.”

With Vector, Xilo Street Mexican is able to prepare these food items simultaneously with zero flavor transfer.

The secret to Vector lies in Structured Air Technology®, which offers up to four ovens in one—each chamber with independent temperature, fan speed and cook time control. Xilo Street Mexican has been able to streamline their operation with the unmatched food production and quality of Vector, as well as its ease of use and programmability.

“You have the ability to program your own recipe for each dish,” Rivera said. “It allows us to be creative with our menu and makes training very easy.”

Additionally, the elimination of heat loss has provided added safety benefits for their small-space operation.

“With a regular oven, you have a lot of heat loss—not only when you open the door, but also around the sides of the oven,” Chef Castro said. “With Vector, you can touch the sides and even the door without burning yourself. The technology is amazing.”

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