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Keeping manufacturing within the United States and sourcing local materials has allowed Food Warming Equipment Co. to expand and grow during an unpredictable year. Here Travis Hartley, CFSP, the company’s VP Sales & Product Development explains how focusing on being a dependable partner is key

Custom designed point-of-sale FWE cart shown on location in California. Photo courtesy of Randy Homer, Disneyland Resort.

Food Warming Equipment Co. (FWE) has been in the stainless foodservice equipment business for over eight decades. From humble beginnings, FWE has grown into a premier global foodservice manufacturer, relied upon by many of the largest chain and independent operations in the food industry. From restaurants and schools to hospitals and entertainment venues, we have remained committed to bringing the absolute best value to our customers.

As FWE has continued to grow and expand, all our manufacturing has remained within the US. Keeping production within these shores allows greater control to meet customer needs, as we experienced during recent unprecedented times.

Where other companies had to dramatically increase lead times due to outside influences, broken distribution channels and lack of control of foreign materials, our team was able to keep up with customer demand and deliver on time.

By sourcing our materials locally whenever possible and being bullish in acquiring raw materials, we have consistently provided custom solutions to our customers. With 99.1% on-time shipments over the past five years, this consistency has garnered us new business from clients searching for an accessible and competent partner with safe, quality products.

We have worked to prove ourselves to be dependable through thoughtful design, a focus on quality in every step of product development and streamlining the manufacturing process.

Meeting customer demand

Contactless self-contained portable hand sink with water heater; FWE’s model HS-24 shown.

It’s been a busy and unpredictable time for the foodservice industry, customer demand has changed throughout the year and operators have had to adopt new ideas and adapt to changes. And so FWE adapted too, working with customers to address new behaviors and market conditions, as well as the technology-to-table shift. From increasing stock on products designed for mobile order and pick up solutions, to developing touchless hand sink models, we always had an ear toward customer needs.

When customers approach us with a problem that does not fit within our standard catalog, our steadfast, accessible team of professionals have worked nonstop to understand the scope of the problem and make customer success our endpoint.

Examples of this dedication

Recently, a customer from a magical theme park in Southern California called us on a Thursday needing a point-of-sale station with some unique features to meet new health and safety standards being implemented due to Covid. Since the customer has previously purchased FWE hand sinks and liked the look, our engineering team was able to immediately get to work and adapt that design to fit this new need.

By the next day, drawings had been created, submitted, and approved for this new unit. The following day, Saturday, our production team came in to build the dozen units. By Monday, these custom solutions were on their way to California, where the end-user was able to place their artwork on the side of the unit and have it ready to go by Wednesday.

Within five days the need had been identified, and a solution had been designed, manufactured, and delivered – 2,000 miles away. This would not have been possible without a dedicated team  that is not only ready and prepared, but eager to do what needs to be done so we can stay true to our word that “if you can dream it, we can build it.”

“We are happy to have an arrow in our quiver like FWE. I know I can always count on their team to help solve problems and deliver a quality product with speed and efficiency,” said Randy Homer, Program Manager – Food & Beverage at Disneyland Resort.

At FWE, this is the kind of partner we strive to be for our customers. A partner our customers can depend on to serve their direct needs and improvise an all-inclusive solution, every time.

Looking to the future

To fit our customers’ ever changing needs, we are also always working on developing new, innovative products for our standard catalog, as well as advancing technology and expanding available options and accessories for our tried-and-true products.

Throughout our history, FWE has held the focus to continually bring new quality products and be a reliable partner our customers know they can count on. We are proud of our team, our reputation, and to manufacture products that are ‘Made in America.’

This year we are excited to announce we will be unveiling four of our newest heated holding solutions, keep an eye on our website and social channels to get the first look at these new products!

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