Pantalan G increases food range, quality and productivity with Alto-Shaam’s Vector® Oven

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Owners at Pantalan G replace three conventional electric ovens with a single Vector®

The innovative Vector® H Series Multi-Cook Oven from Alto-Shaam, the global manufacturer of commercial ovens for food service and retail operations, is reducing cooking times and further increasing food quality at Pantalan G, a well-known restaurant in the Andalusian town of Cadiz, Spain.

Pantalan G opened in 2015 and specialises in cooked steaks on firewood that gives the food a unique and intense flavour and aroma. It is run by owner Juan Carlos Arjona de Lucio and his daughter Paloma, who is also the executive chef.

Juan Carlos first came across the Alto-Shaam Vector series following a meeting with Spanish distributor Friternia at an exhibition in Madrid. He immediately liked the concept, and in particular Vector’s ability to individually control the temperature, fan speed and cooking time in each of the four oven chambers. He was also impressed with the consistency of the food produced, thanks to the oven’s patented Structured Air Technology®.

Product quality

The restaurant produces a higher volume of dishes in the summer, with up to 1,300 meals cooked in its kitchen every week. It is essential, therefore, to find the right combination of product quality and speed, as Juan Carlos explains: “For years, I’ve known of the Alto-Shaam brand, but didn’t know of the Vector® Series Multi-Cook Oven.

“I wasn’t looking to purchase new equipment, but I’m always looking for new technology to maintain the success of the restaurant. After learning that the oven can reduce cooking times and labour costs while further increasing the quality and range of the food we cook, I knew I had to purchase the oven.

“The Vector® H Series Multi-Cook Oven has gone beyond my expectations, and with such great results we are planning to purchase another,” he adds.

By replacing the three conventional electric ovens at the restaurant with a single Vector® H Series, Paloma is able to cook a variety of menu items simultaneously with no flavour transfer. Vector® H has also reduced the energy consumed, and allowed more flexibility in the restaurant.

“We are passionate about every dish we make and we pride ourselves in providing the freshest and tastiest food in the Bay of Cadiz,” Paloma says.

“The introduction of the Vector® H Multi-Cook Oven has enabled us to reduce the cooking times while increasing the quality of our food. We are now able to produce a greater number and varieties of dishes simultaneously and consistently without any flavour transfer between the oven chambers.

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