HOUNÖ PROTECT is a solution to provide total care for the company’s range of combi ovens and maintain peak performance

The combi oven is often the workhorse of food retailing and food service operations. In many professional kitchens the combi oven is used before and during every service and in some instances is used overnight, in cook and hold mode, to roast joints for the next day’s service. With the combi oven representing such an important piece of kitchen equipment, it is critical that regular housekeeping regimes are undertaken to ensure that the oven performs to optimum levels and is kept spotlessly clean and hygienic.

To this end, Danish manufacturer, HOUNÖ A/S, offers HOUNÖ PROTECT which is a solution to provide total care for the company’s range of combi ovens and maintain peak performance. The package combines proprietary oven software with built-for-purpose water treatments, rinse aids, cleaning products and consumables.

Unlike generic treatments and cleaning aids, HOUNÖ PROTECT products have been developed specifically for use with the company’s range of ovens to provide maximum efficiency and simplify operations for kitchen personnel. All new HOUNO combi ovens are supplied with a complementary HOUNÖ PROTECT starter kit. Thereafter, the company’s comprehensive product range is available via its e-commerce website www.hounoshop.co.uk, making reordering fast and simple, or via authorised dealers.

Reducing running costs

HOUNÖ PROTECT has been designed to integrate with the company’s innovative combi oven SmartTouch software, which monitors consumption and flags up the need to change water filters, detergents and rinse aids. These features simplify housekeeping regimes, saving time for chefs and kitchen personnel, whilst reducing running costs.

Water quality varies considerably from area to area and is one of the major factors, which can impact on the performance and the longevity of a combi oven. To help to protect its combi ovens against hard water which contains high calcium levels and/or chlorine, sulphates and particles, HOUNÖ has developed a range of built-for-purpose Hydro Shield filters. Designed specifically for HOUNÖ combi ovens, the filters clean water before it enters the oven. The Hydro Shield filters prevent the build-up of calcium carbonate and calcium sulphate within the oven cavity. The result is less maintenance for the kitchen operator, excellent cleaning results with reduced use of chemicals, a spotless oven cavity and a longer oven life cycle. In addition, the cleaner water produces purer steam for the very best cooking and baking results. Replacement Hydro Shield filters may be purchased via the company’s on-line shop or through an authorised local dealer. Fitting is a simple and quick operation, which does not require technical or engineering support.

Variety of accessories

In addition to the wide range of cleaning products, rinse aids and water filters, HOUNÖ PROTECT incorporates a comprehensive variety of accessories, including water test strips, filter mounting kits, spray pumps, hose kits and water flow meters.

HOUNÖ’s business development manager, Vincent van Delft, claimed: “HOUNÖ PROTECT is the result of innovative and advanced product development aimed at maximising the potential of our combi ovens and improving their life cycle cost efficiency. The technology simplifies routine cleaning and maintenance functions for chefs and kitchen personnel, freeing-up their time for more profitable activities.”

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