Hoshizaki helps operators to minimise touch-points

Hoshizaki UK is helping operators to minimise touch-points and improve hygiene with their seven product range of self-serve ice and water dispensers

Perfect for healthcare environments, staffrooms, kitchens, leisure centres, takeaway houses, canteens and offices, Hoshizaki DCM dispensers are not only key to keeping staff/visitors/patients hydrated, but they also eradicate the need for hands-on contact with ice/water as explained by Roz Scourfield, national sales manager at Hoshizaki UK:

“Each Hoshizaki DCM ice/water dispenser features a clever LED system, which allows the user to refill their cup/glass with ease. This is done by resting your cup/glass against the lever and pressing the ice/water button to start; seconds later, and your high quality, Hoshizaki refreshment is ready!”

In addition to eradicating the need for users to handle ice by hand, Hoshizaki has taken hygiene precautions yet further by developing a unique, new lever design that prevents the lip of the cup/glass touching the machine, therefore minimising the risk of bacterial transfer.

Compact design

Ideal for venues with various capacity demands, the DCM dispenser range features models with various production capacities, starting at 60 kg and end at 230 kg of ice per day – an impressive production capacity, which doesn’t come at the expense of space due to the compact design of each DCM model.

Exceptionally easy to clean and configure, Hoshizaki DCM ice and water dispensers not only put the needs of the user at the forefront of design, but the operator too. This is especially true for NHS venues that are now being offered 44% off of two of Hoshizaki’s DCM models – the DCM 60KE-HC and DCM 120KE-HC – in addition to a selection of units from their Compact and Snowflake refrigeration range.

For more information on Hoshizaki’s ice machine range, or to find out about any of the other appliances in the Hoshizaki portfolio, please visit www.hoshizaki-europe.com.

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