Frontier Energy report shows $23,000 annual savings by switching to MEIKO M-iQ

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The MEIKO M-iQ flight-type dishwasher was put to the test in an independent study. The results showed MEIKO stands apart from the competition

Hotels have constant circulation of ware — meaning man and machine need to work together flawlessly. MEIKO makes it as easy as possible with dishwashing machines that are designed for the best cleaning performance from top to bottom.

The MEIKO M-iQ flight-type dishwasher was recently put to the test in a third-party independent study and the results showed how MEIKO stands apart from the competition.

Frontier Energy, the industry leader in commercial kitchen energy and water efficiency and appliance performance testing, reviewed two flight-type rackless conveyor dishwashers at The Marriott Hotel in San Ramon, California. First, they tested the preexisting, 15-year-old, past-generation flight conveyor dish machine, and then the replacement machine, the M-iQ from MEIKO, equipped with exhaust air heat recovery.

Reduced energy consumption

During the test, Frontier Energy monitored the water flow, electricity use, hot/cold-water supply temperature and dish machine sanitizing rinse time for a one-month period. Due to the more efficient final rinse system with a lower flowrate, Frontier Energy noted that the M-iQ used 63% less total water and 84% less hot water, resulting in an 84% reduction in gas energy consumption. Additionally, electrical energy use was reduced by 19%, and the estimated peak demand was reduced by 36%, from 70 kW to 45 kW.

This data, along with utility and chemical cost estimates, was used to calculate daily water and energy use and annual estimated savings. Frontier Energy found that switching to the MEIKO M-iQ flight type machine would result in a total annual savings of more than $23,000 for the San Ramon Marriott.

The M-iQ dishwasher redefines dishwashing technology. Intelligent, innovative and efficient, the M-iQ provides maximum cleaning effectiveness, minimizes water, energy and chemical consumption, and dramatically reduces environmental impact. The intuitive one-touch operation and clear display symbols make operating this machine exceptionally easy. Additionally, its exhaust air heat recovery feature allows the use of a cold-water supply for the final rinse water, to achieve energy and cost savings.

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