Enhancing ghost kitchen operations with Middleby

Middleby offer the smartest, most fully-connected ghost kitchens from a single, trusted supplier – custom designed to specific user requirements

Diners want meals delivered where they want it, when they want it, hot and fresh from their favorite restaurant. With delivery services like DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats, customers are able to order, but does production keep pace with demand? Does a traditional, costly, highly-visible store front location really make sense?

Enter the concept of ghost kitchens. Even before the global health crisis this concept was well on its way to meet the fast-growing, delivery-anywhere demand of customers. Also known as a “cloud” or “virtual” kitchen, a ghost kitchen is a professional food facility designed and built to prep and cook meals primarily for pick-up and delivery.

Middleby offers commercial kitchen equipment though more than 100 respected, global brands and also makes large-volume baking innovation, to enhance any ghost kitchen operation. Middleby solutions for conveyor cooking, frying, baking, rapid cooking and more are a perfect fit for a carry out and delivery-only business. Pair these trusted equipment brands with in-house L2F automated intelligence, and the result is the smartest and most fully-connected ghost kitchen from a single, trusted supplier—custom designed to specific user requirements.

Efficiency and cost savings

What differentiates a Middleby ghost kitchen is the company’s ability to not only provide equipment, but much more, critical to the overall success of the kitchen. Within Middleby, customers have access to an advanced IoT platform, robotics, customized build and ventless solutions which will help them operate the most efficiently.

Exclusive to Middleby, the Powerhouse Dynamics Open Kitchen solution connects the entire kitchen and multiple locations to a single view, allowing critical data collection for real-time performance monitoring. This enables the optimization of power, HVAC and equipment usage for efficiency and cost savings.

Many ghost kitchen locations are not designed for foodservice preparation due to their non-traditional locations. In this case, Middleby ventless equipment, including fryers, griddles and hoods is a solution when the installation of traditional ventilation is not possible.

Picking the right partner with deep experience and a proven track record is key to making your ghost kitchen a success. Middleby has deep experience and is here to help you every step of the way, large or small and for any concept. See our solutions at www.l2finc.com/ghost-kitchens or chat with us online at www.middleby.com.

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