The brand new Convotherm 4 BAKE, which doesn’t require an additional proofing cabinet

Looking to bake like a professional but battling with limited space? The brand new Convotherm 4 BAKE, which doesn’t require an additional proofing cabinet, now makes it possible, by combining traditional baking expertise with the proven, modern and functional diversity of the combi oven.

What makes the Convotherm 4 BAKE truly unique is that this appliance is specifically created for baking: from the expert design which incorporates special suction panels, through to the development of baking specific technology, the Convotherm 4 BAKE is the ultimate solution for the notoriously meticulous practise of baking. What’s more, the multistage “BakePro” baking feature ensures excellent volume and a perfect sheen with small baked goods, whilst the newly developed Rise&Ready proofing profiles makes it possible to ferment evenly formed dough pieces.

The icon-based easyTouch® full touchscreen provides digital simplification and enables intuitive operation, which helps even unskilled personnel master the use of its functions. An integrated baking cookbook and associated accessories in the euronorm size round out the innovative Convotherm 4 BAKE.

Range of functions

Arndt Manter, Director of Product Management at Convotherm is delighted to see the Convotherm portfolio expanding in this way, commenting:

“The Convotherm 4 Bake is created for everyone who wants to offer first-class, fresh baked goods as well as snacks and a great variety of products for their menu. From supermarkets, convenience stores and bake shops, through to hotels, restaurants and professional kitchens, all will benefit from the range of functions the Convotherm 4 BAKE delivers.”

Available as an electric injection unit in two sizes: Model 6.10 and model 10.10 with optional disappearing door, the Convotherm 4 BAKE is complete with full easyTouch® technology and an icon-driven menu for simple and intuitive control. With Press&Go, automatic baking delivers uniform, reproducible baking results to a professional standard. There are also pre-programmed baking profiles for various product categories, such as baking and snacks. In the Press&Go mode, the user can maintain a good overview with the newly developed ‘TrayView’.

Custom cooking profiles

With rolling mixed loads, the display shows precisely how long the individual shelves need to remain in the cooking chamber. That means that the progress can be tracked with accuracy down to the second. Every time the appliance door is opened, ‘TrayView’ recalculates the baking time for each shelf separately. Operators can also create and save their own custom cooking profiles allowing users to tailor their Convotherm 4 BAKE system according to their menus

For even more added-value, operators can purchase a stacking kit with both Convotherm 4 BAKE models. This brand-new stacking kit is perfect for operators looking to make the most out their unit despite a restricted space.

Operators will also experience an ultra-easy cleaning experience with the Convotherm 4 BAKE thanks to cleaning being carried out from underneath the unit and water treatment cartridges being exchanged from the front.

As with all other Convotherm models, the Convotherm 4 BAKE boasts excellent efficiency standards and low operating costs making it all-round winner for operators looking for a baking solution.

For further information on the Convotherm range please visit or call 01483 464900.

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Convotherm – Leaders in Combi Oven Technology

With more than 40 years of experience in product development and continuous communications with its customers, Convotherm has tailored its equipment to perfectly suit customers’ needs. This ethos has been further extended with the Convotherm mini, the latest in its compact combi oven range which was the first of its kind, and has been demonstrating its technological sophistication, ease of use and low service rate for over twelve years. This latest generation of Convotherm mini combi ovens offers maximum performance at minimum energy consumption. Whether you are roasting, grilling, steaming, au gratin cooking, convenience deep-frying, baking or regenerating, the Convotherm mini is not only flexible in its use, but enables consistent cooking processes and intuitive controls at the highest standard.


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