Survey reports that 8 out of 10 front of house managers say they look for reliability when buying a warewasher

In a recent survey undertaken by British warewashing brand, Classeq, one of the primary factors that affect purchasing of warewashers is reliability: The survey reports that 8 out of 10 front of house managers say they look for reliability when buying a warewasher – despite there being a plethora of energy saving models and the availability of high tech programmes on the market today.

According to Adam Lenton, marketing manager for Classeq, the findings highlight: “The single most important factor for any establishment appears to be the ability to rely on the fact that the machine will hold up to the job time after time. The operators and managers questioned wouldn’t put having the latest tech features above performance and reliability when choosing their warewashing equipment.

“Also scoring highly and listed as the second most important factor to take into consideration, was effectiveness and quality of wash. This result follows on the heels of Classseq’s consumer research which highlighted very strongly that customers are put off by establishments which serve them with cloudy or dirty glasses and crockery,” says Lenton.

An effortless experience

“It’s all about the end result. At Classeq, our whole ethos is ‘warewashing made simple’ and that means ensuring that the whole customer experience is effortless, and the machines are simple to use, clean and understand. We can guarantee great results, wash after wash, and that, after all, from our research is what both operators and consumers are really looking for,” says Lenton.

Alongside sustainable and energy efficient features on Classeq machines, plus easy to use controls, the machines are backed by a reputation for excellence and reliability, and are renowned for quality, speed and simplicity, enjoying features normally associated with a much higher price tag.

Classeq also has a very useful online guide that purchasers can access when it comes to choosing the right machine and accessories for their bespoke needs. A ‘help me choose’ section has explanatory animations and video links to help answer questions such as “do I need a drain pump or water softener”, as well as “which machine is appropriate for my level of footfall, what do I need to consider when it comes to chemical dosing?”

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