The bean-to-cup platform with an intuitive modern interface has been engineered to deliver cup after cup of high-quality espresso

Among many other coffee beverages, espresso is an essential offering in coffee programs. Yet unlike similar drinks, a higher expectation is often placed on espresso’s flavor. Achieving this desired level of quality requires talented operators.

That’s why BUNN developed the Sure Tamp® Superautomatic Espresso Machine, a bean-to-cup espresso platform with an intuitive interface and modern design.


The power of Sure Tamp lies in its operator-friendly features:

Build-A-Drink Touchscreen utilizes a 7″ touchscreen to enhance the user experience, displaying preparation options with beautiful high-resolution images and icons. Your operators or self-serve customers can select from 2 milk choices, their preference of hot or cold dispense, bean type, and more.

Picture Prompted Cleaning™ is a new approach to the daily maintenance requirements. Instead of having to spend time reading manuals or viewing training videos, our large touchscreen displays high-resolution photograph tutorials to guide the operator step-by-step through proper cleaning techniques

BUNNlink® is a 24/7/365 remote equipment management service designed to keep your machines online. BUNNlink is far more than an alert system – our technicians constantly analyze the performance of your machines, send reports, and provide continued support for the full life cycle of your equipment with scheduled maintenance. When a technician is on site, BUNNlink allows our support staff to coordinate with the technician, ensuring your equipment gets back online as soon as possible.

Intellisteam Wand is engineered to suit the veteran barista and accommodate the novice operator all the same. Intellisteam automatically steams milk to the proper temperature, eliminating the need to monitor with a thermometer. This cutting-edge wand is coated with a special material, making it resistant to milk baking and abrasion which means a hassle-free cleaning experience, fewer repairs, and a longer product life cycle. The Auto version of Sure Tamp replaces the Intellisteam wand with an auto milk delivery system, enabling self-serve capabilities. Customer navigate drink options with the 7″ touchscreen, creating an intuitive interface experience.

New Visual Language is present in the Sure Tamp’s design, and across all new BUNN products: brushed stainless steel, deep black accents, chamfered edges, and a sleeker profile. Maximize your espresso offerings while complimenting your front-of-house array with BUNN’s new look.

The Sure Tamp was engineered to deliver cup after cup of high quality espresso, with an interface that can accommodate any experience level. With BUNN quality equipment and service support on your side, you can build a profitable espresso program.

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