Avoid costly delays with T&S complete hose reel systems

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Hose reel systems, like all T&S hose reels, can be custom-configured to meet any application’s needs

Hose reels are a popular and convenient option for washing down floors, cooking equipment, loading docks and other restaurant areas. They’re more effective than old-fashioned mops and buckets and reduce the clutter and potential tripping hazards associated with them. And they’re easier and faster to use than manually winding up repurposed garden hoses.


Getting the best — and, crucially, code-compliant — operation from hose reels requires having the right components for installation and operation, which is where T&S Brass complete hose reel systems come in.

Failing to order a necessary part can lead to an installation delay, or code deficiencies can arise from not including critical components like a vacuum breaker. Avoid the possibility of overlooking a need — and the potentially costly consequences of that — by selecting a complete hose reel system from T&S.

With hose reel systems, every component needed for installation is available straight from the box, including flexible water hose connections, continuous pressure vacuum breakers, concealed or exposed piping, shut-off and check valves, wall brackets, and mixing valves.


Hose reel systems, like all T&S hose reels, can be custom-configured to meet any application’s needs.

Open or closed reels are available in lengths ranging from 12 to 50 feet. And T&S offers a variety of water guns and spray valves that can be matched with the hose reel’s intended use to get peak performance.

In addition, T&S hose reels come standard with the following features to maximize performance:

  • Protected hose outlet: A six-roller hose outlet allows free movement in any direction without kinking or scrubbing, which can lead to premature wear on the hose jacket
  • Fully adjustable stop: Prevents the hose from retracting completely into the reel and enables users to adjust how much hose length should hang out for easy reach
  • Anti-lockout ratchet design: Allows hose to retract freely even when fully extended, preventing the inconvenient lockouts that can plague other hose reels
  • Brass swivel on stainless steel shaft: Eliminates excessive friction that can cause localized welding and splitting that renders the hose reel unusable
  • Mounting base: Extra holes and slots make installations easier
  • Hose swivel: 360-degree rotation of the outlet device prevents stress on the hose

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Get the best, most reliable clean with T&S complete hose reel systems. Learn more at www.tsbrass.com.