FCSI’s Foodservice Consultant portfolio survey 2016: the results

Results from the 2016 Foodservice Consultant reader survey indicate that the portfolio has had another strong year, reports Tom Lawrence

A balanced and relevant content offering means Foodservice Consultant magazine continues to be held in high regard by a clear majority of readers. Average read time is 32 minutes, with 91% of respondents rating the editorial content as either excellent or good and 95% placing magazine design in the same top two categories. 63% of readers go on to share Foodservice Consultant with friends or colleagues. Furthermore, Foodservice Consultant remains well received relative to competitors, with 60% of respondents saying they consider the magazine better than others in the sector.

The warm appraisal for Foodservice Consultant magazine among members represents another interesting takeaway from the survey. 72% agree Foodservice Consultant magazine is a valued part of their membership, and 42% of members report that the magazine was a key factor in their decision to renew or extend membership. The survey also highlights the importance of Foodservice Consultant magazine to readers: 64% say the magazine gives them a better understanding of FCSI services on offer and 39% agree that the magazine encourages them to use FCSI membership services more frequently.

The digital portfolio

The new FCSI website, which went live in early 2016, was also met with welcome enthusiasm according to the survey. 84% agreed that the new fcsi.org website improved on previous versions of both the FCSI member site and the foodserviceconsultant.org site, with 62% of respondents saying that it met their needs either extremely well or very well.

Feedback has been similarly positive for Foodservice Consultant’s other digital channels. Of the 69% of respondents subscribing to the Foodservice Consultant e-mail, 89% say they read either every or every other e-mail and 95% find that it meets their needs. Regarding the Foodservice Consultant app, one in four respondents had downloaded the app, of whom two thirds said it successfully met their needs.

Gathering the positive reader response to Foodservice Consultant’s efforts in 2016 has been highly encouraging for all involved, and marked a rewarding end to the year for the Foodservice Consultant team. With the feedback collected in the survey, the magazine will strive to make 2017’s content better and more relevant than ever before.

Meanwhile, congratulations to Michael Johnson FFCSI of Culinary Design Center LLC who was randomly selected as the lucky winner of US$500 Amazon vouchers.

Tom Lawrence

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