How to find and recruit the right people for your restaurant operation

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Recruitment during a labor crisis can be a considerable challenge. Outsourcing expert Alan Ridgell considers the available options

Getting top-quality staff to work in your restaurant is not an easy task let alone looking for the right people during a challenging labor market. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, more than half of organizations needing employees are struggling to find workers with the right skills to fill in vacant positions. Therefore, it has become of paramount importance to seek ways to find those right candidates amongst the few that exist.

Employing the services of PEOs

The best way to handle recruitments in the midst of a labor crisis is bypassing the responsibility to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). This doesn’t come free of charge though but you can rest assured of getting the right employee if you entrust the duty to a PEO service like NHGlobal Partners. With NHGlobal Partners, you wouldn’t need to hire another payroll outsourcing service. They can help you recruit, onboard, and even tend to other human resources activities for your restaurant.

Employment through referrals

Though this method may not look like the best, you would be surprised how successful it can be if done properly. You can easily talk to some staff members of other restaurants to help you with referrals. They are better poised to know people like them who can fit into the roles you want to fill.

You can also get referrals from friends. Just tell them what you need and results will come in faster than if it were only you doing the search.

Use contingent workers

One of the best ways to find the right people for your restaurant is by hiring contingent workers like freelancers, contractors, or more. With this method, you can save recruitment costs, and your vacant positions will be filled on time.

The use of contingent workers is on the rise lately. This is because they are usually always experts, and very flexible also. There is never any crisis with freelancers. They are always available.

Change your recruiting practices

Running a restaurant is way different from running other organizations. If there is a vacancy, it usually has to be filled quickly unless of course you are just starting and you are recruiting pioneer staff. When there is a labor crisis, you can decide to bend your standard a little and face the reality. Since you are still going to train your new recruit anyways, why not employ someone with some of the qualities you are looking for and train him or her to the level you want?

Partner with some educational institutions

Whether there is a labor crisis or not, partnering with educational institutions has been known to help with getting the right hands from those institutions.

Since you are running a restaurant, you can partner with a school or college that teaches courses in food and nutrition. You can offer your restaurant as a place where the students can sharpen their skills and hopefully get to work.

Final word

All these tips in helping you find the right people to work in your restaurant are proven to give you the success you need to keep your business going.

Whether there is a shortage in labor due to labor crises or not, it is important to know these methods of recruitment so that you can easily switch to them when necessary.

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