Chile to host the Bocuse d’Or Americas 2022

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Santiago, Chile, confirms its place as a culinary hub as chefs from the Americas travel there for two prestigious 2022 competitions: Bocuse d'Or Americas and the Americas Selection of the World Pastry Cup, reports Vivian Abrokwah

For the first time, Chile will host the Bocuse d’Or Americas. This year’s competition which will be held at the Metropolitan Santiago on 14 of July, will give chefs a chance to showcase their creativity and technical mastery while also reflecting Chile’s gastronomic culture.

The international gastronomic competition, which represents all North and South American countries, will determine the five chefs who will go on to represent the Americas at the Grand Finale of the Bocuse d’Or at Sirha Lyon in January 2023. There are eight chefs representing countries from all over Americas: Jorge Lamport for Guatemala; Samuel Sirios for Canada; Carlos Pajaro for Colombia; Abrahan Salas for Bolivia; Marcelo Hisaki for Mexico; Jeffery Hayashi for the USA; Ari Zuñiga for Chile; and José Cevallos for Ecuador.

Each chef will be given five hours and 35 minutes to create two dishes. Firstly, they must create a vegetable dish based on quinoa, a popular Chilean product. This part of the test is entirely plant based and the chefs must refrain from using any form of animal protein. In the second part of the test, the chefs will be faced with making a platter style dish based on Salmon- a very characteristic product of the Chilean gastronomy. All participating chefs must ensure that the main ingredients in both dishes are identifiable both in taste and visually.

The chefs will be judged by a jury of notable international chefs including: Rodolfo Guzmán, owner of the famous restaurant Santiago Borago; Sebastián Salas, president of Bocuse d’Or Americas 2022 and Davy Tissot, last year’s grand winner and a Michelin starred chef who will also act as president of the jury.

The Jury will be divided into two categories: the tasting jury and the cooking jury. The tasting jury will make judgements on the taste of the dishes created by the chefs and the way in which the main products are used. The cooking jury will be tasked with ensuring the correct application of the rules, they will also examine the methodology and organization of the candidates in the kitchen.

A second first for Chile

Chile will also be hosting the Americas Selection of the World Pastry Cup at the Metropolitan Santiago on 13 July 2022.  Eight teams, composed of two candidates and a coach, will be given five hours to create two frozen desserts, twelve frozen lollipops, seven restaurant-style desserts and two 145 cm artistic pieces-one in sugar and one in chocolate.

The candidates will be judged by a host of renowned chefs, including Gustavo Sáez, who was once named the best pastry chef by the World’s 50 Best Restaurant in Latin America.

At the culmination of the events, the top three nations will qualify to take part in the Grand Finale, will be held at Sirha Lyon in January 2023.

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