FCSI’s Sustainability Lowdown podcast – series four, episode 2

Head of food development Mark Irish and head of sustainability Pete Statham tell Tina Nielsen about the approach to food waste and sustainability at Brakes

FCSI’s Sustainability Lowdown podcast series speaks to the people leading the way in sustainable foodservice. We also seek to examine the impact on a restaurant or foodservice operation to adapt sustainable practices.

In episode two of season four we hear how brakes foodservice has worked to embed sustainability in every part of its business. Head of food development Mark Irish and head of sustainability Pete Statham talk about everything from the drivers behind the increased focus on sustainably responsible behaviour to working with clients on making it a fixed part of the business in order to reduce waste and save money.

“The big opportunity we have is that we sit in the supply chain; we have hundreds of suppliers and growers across many different categories and at the other end we have tens of thousands of customers,” says Statham. “There is a real change that needs to happen in the food system because it is the second biggest contributor to climate change after the energy industry and we are well positioned to do that, through improving our sourcing and working with customers to inspire them and support them in changing their menus.”

You can listen to the episode, below:

This podcast series is supported by Meiko. Any responsible business will have waste high on the list of issues that need addressing for three reasons. It is the right thing to do to minimise resource use for future generations, customers demand it and it makes good business sense. The actions, tips and best practice outlined in this report should dramatically reduce your waste output whilst adding a healthy boost to your bottom line. It is time to take another look at the catering environment to ensure your kitchen is designed with waste in mind. For more information please visit the Meiko website at meiko-global.com.

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