A top-three project selected by FCSI APD Project Excellence initiative judges, Mario Sequeira FCSI's work with Royal Brunei Catering required a holistic view and overcoming various challenges

Location: Brunei

Consultant: Mario Sequeira FCSI

Company: Hospitality Total Services

Score: 97/100

About FCSI APD Project Excellence

In 2021, FCSI Asia Pacific Division announced the launch of its inaugural Project Excellence initiative, which saw expert, independent judges rating outstanding projects recently completed by Professional members from the region. Three worthy winners were picked. One of which you can read about below, while links to the other two can be found at the bottom of this story. A print supplement dedicated to the initiative can also be found, here.


Thinking big, thinking smart

Tasked by Royal Brunei Catering (RBC) with developing Brunei’s largest central production facility, Mario Sequeira FCSI and his team at Hospitality Total Services (HTS) had to think big and smart. The facility had to be capable of producing the equivalent of 15,000 meals per day to replace the existing and outdated multiple RBC facilities in various locations, including a flight kitchen, separate facilities to cater to hospitals and another to cater to restaurants and external function catering.

HTS provided design master planning advice from the initial concept stage, optimizing the design to consider the facility from a foodservice perspective. Early engagement of all stakeholders – including in-flight catering, hospital catering and restaurant outlets – provided a thorough overview of any operational issues that the new design could alleviate.

The work involved moving from four separate production facilities comprising in-flight catering, healthcare, restaurant and bakery into one modern commissary kitchen.

In a project of this scale, Sequeira and his team considered it was vital to take a holistic view. The objective was to maximize production efficiencies through supply chain optimization; this was achieved by scrutinizing the production process and identifying synergies. Equipment was specified to provide efficient production technology and ease of operation.

As Brunei’s largest central production facility and a major employee, the project helped RBC transition its work force from the existing to the new facility, while improving production yields on a significant scale now and in the years ahead.

Facing the challenges

The team had to overcome various points of challenge in the process – the location of the site meant serious consideration had to be given to the ability to maintain and service the equipment and the global pandemic made international travel impossible, meaning the team worked with the client via video conferencing.

From a sustainability perspective, transitioning four production units into one has significantly reduced the footprint of food production while the latest technology, implemented in modern equipment, has reduced energy and water consumption. This is a facility designed and constructed with the next 20 years in mind and the sustainability approach is reflected in this time frame.

Project Excellence judge Nyapshin Koh said this project takes aviation catering to a new standard. “This state-of-the-art central kitchen facility, adopting the latest technology and well planned ‘process work floor’, elevates the aviation catering foodservice to a new high standard. Local adaptation and value engineering process has been engaged for thoughtful future maintenance/servicing. Sustainable features have been carefully implemented to reduce carbon footprint that will serve this facility for the next 20 years.”

Further details:

The FCSI APD Project Excellence supplement, containing information on the judging criteria, judges and submitted projects, can be viewed here.

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