Hands-free brewing with the Modbar Pour-Over System

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The Modbar Pour-Over System expands your menu and margins with an automated by-the-cup offering. It allows the possibility to brew “hands-free” with full control when preparing filter coffee

Be creative and make your space iconic. The Modbar is a unique under-counter coffee equipment system that allows for an open bar concept when serving coffee. The modular and under-counter design is the perfect protagonist for a coffee counter.Creating a barrier-free space invites spectators and customers to spark conversation and enjoy a beautiful and clean service.

Modbar produces a range of coffee equipment that includes the Modbar Pour-Over. A brewing device allows baristas to brew “hands-free” when preparing filter coffee. Making coffee more efficiently and consistently it allows the barista to spend more time interacting with and serving customers.

It enables complete control of the temperature of the water, the speed at which it goes into the coffee grounds, the way the water flows, and how much coffee is made. Adjust the flow rate to suit your brew method and extraction preferences.

Select one of 25 pre-programmed recipes or manually with the flexible brewing wand. The Pour- Over comes with two different dispensing water tips: a single hole and a spray nozzle. The single hole is similar to a gooseneck kettle spout and is best suited to “hands-on” brewing. The spray nozzle emits a six-point water shower to cover a wider portion of the coffee bed. The spray nozzle paired with the right program allows the barista to begin the brew, attend to other tasks, and return to the completed cup to deliver to the customer.

Easy accessibility

The chrome over-the-counter tap lab-mount design draws a minimalist footprint; it connects to a stereo-sized module that fits neatly below the counter and features easy accessibility.

It includes a flexible hose and wand with a holder ring to facilitate manual brewing, allowing the barista to pour by hand with ease. The system also has a unique “teaching” mode, allowing the system to memorize that preferred manual brewing recipe when performing pour by hand, ultimately replicating the baristas preferred pouring technique.

Modbar wanted to make a brewing pour-over coffee easier and better by bringing the water solution to the counter, removing temperature loss, and providing an experience for the barista and customer, spending more time educating and entertaining with a positive and enjoyable interaction.

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