Are You Equipped for Delivery Success?

With 86% of consumers using off-premise services at least monthly, investing in an oven with technology that cooks evenly and consistently every single time will ensure a positive dining experience

Delivery is booming, with an impressive 86% of consumers using off-premise services at least monthly, according to Technomic. And there’s no sign of it slowing down. In fact, food delivery is estimated to grow 12% every year for the next 5 years (Technomic). For today’s operator, delivery can be a source of additional revenue, especially since takeout and delivery orders typically generate higher check averages than dine-in orders (CNBC). But with this additional revenue comes with numerous added stresses such as ensuring swift ticket and delivery times, as well as maintaining food integrity once the packaged food leaves the restaurant. While innovative packaging and trustworthy delivery staff can help ensure a positive dining experience for the customer, chefs can still control that experience. And it all starts in the kitchen.


Convenience is a significant driver of the delivery trend. This can benefit restaurants because consumers are willing to pay 11% more for each added layer of convenience (Lux Research). But consumers are demanding a lot from the convenience delivery affords – survey respondents in the 2018 Takeout, Delivery and Catering Study expect their food to be delivered within 30 minutes of placing the order (Off Premise Insights). That doesn’t leave much room for error when preparing, packaging and transporting a delivery order. The solution? A high-speed oven that can cook a pizza in less than five minutes.


Just because customers are ordering food to enjoy at home doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for a culinary experience. Sixty percent of consumers say that delivered food should taste just as good as when served at a restaurant (Technomic). Consistency in the cooking process ensures that a customer has the same experience when dining in and when dining off-premise. Investing in an oven with technology that cooks evenly and consistently every single time ensures a positive dining experience no matter where the diner is. High speed ovens with programmable settings deliver consistent cooks every time with just the press of a button.


In addition to arriving quickly and full of flavor, delivery customers also want their food to be fresh when it arrives. 45% of consumers say that delivered food should taste just a fresh as when served on location (Technomic). Factors like intelligent packaging, encouraging the purchase of delivery-friendly items, and using appropriate cooking equipment can contribute significantly to customer satisfaction. For example, prepare crispy items using an oven that maximizes crispiness to ensure the food will be the most likely to arrive in the proper state when it reaches the customer.

Further details:

Ovention Ovens® offers operations of all sizes innovative cooking capabilities. The new Ovention Double MiLO™ Oven promises the unmatched quality, speed and consistency to support the demanding delivery landscape. This ventless oven uses first-of-its-kind technology that integrates hot air and infrared technology for even, consistent cooking and efficient caramelization without over-drying. Its active venting capabilities removes humidity from the cooking cavity on demand, which cooks food crispier than ever before. With two separate, individually controlled, cooking cavities, the Double MiLO gives operators the flexibility to cook items at two different temperatures for maximum yield and operational efficiency. Maximize the speed, flavor and quality of your menu items, both on premise and off, with this one-of-a-kind technology from Ovention.

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