Eloma‘s JOKER can be built in kitchen cupboards

This is the ideal compact solution for ward kitchens in elderly homes, assisted living and child care foodservice operations

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality combi steamers, baking ovens and convection ovens Eloma adds a Built-in Edition to its compact JOKER offering.

All three cavity sizes – the JOKER 6-23, 6-43 and 6-11 with control on top and multi-eco condensation hood – can be integrated in standard kitchen cupboards with a minimum depth of 600 mm (JOKER 6-23) resp. 800 mm (JOKER 6-43 and JOKER 6-11).

This is the ideal compact solution for ward kitchens in elderly homes, assisted living and child care foodservice operations to provide professional meals and to work efficiently. When it comes to service and maintenance, Eloma develops practical solutions. The JOKER 6-23 built-in kit is equipped with heavy duty pull-out rails and a platform that allows the unit to be rotated to enable easy serviceability.

Pioneering spirit

Based in Maisach, Germany, as early as 1998, Eloma proved its pioneering spirit and courage when their JOKER was the first compact combi steamer to be introduced successfully to the global market. Since then, the Bavarian company has continuously developed this competence and has transferred tradition to the modern age with the launch of the new JOKER in 2020.

The width of only 52 cm, and Eloma’s core values reliability, quality and user-friendliness are obviously the pillar stones also of the new compact class. These however have been complemented by modularity, capacity, flexibility and design – as the four main highlights of the new JOKER. Meaning, Eloma does not provide the customer with a standard but offers modular options in the configuration. The customer decides what is needed, as one size does not fit all.

More information: www.eloma.com/en/the-new-joker/

About Eloma:

Eloma GmbH is a leading manufacturer of combi steamers, baking ovens and convection ovens for the professional field. Highest quality „100 per cent Made in Germany“ and ease of use are in the center of development to offer the best solution for all processes demanded from today’s kitchen. This was true when the company was founded in 1975 and will remain as part of the company’s philosophy. Eloma is a subsidiary of the international Ali Group and delivers to over 65 countries worldwide.

Further information at www.eloma.com.

About Ali Group:

Founded in 1963 by Luciano Berti, the Ali Group is an Italian corporation with headquarters located in Milan, Italy. The company, through its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures, markets and services a broad line of commercial and institutional foodservice equipment used by major restaurant and hotel chains, independent restaurants, hospitals, schools, airports, correctional institutions and canteens.

The Ali Group and its 77 global brands employs over 10,000 people in 33 countries and, in terms of sales, is one of the world’s largest groups in this industry. It has 58 manufacturing facilities in 14 countries and sales and service subsidiaries throughout Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

For more information on Ali Group products and services, visit www.aligroup.com.


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