Davisware and Kitchen Brains Partnership brings IoT to Restaurant Appliance Servicing

Integration between Davisware GlobalEdge and Kitchen Brains SCK® Genius Suite automates restaurant appliance service

Davisware, a leading provider of integrated software solutions for managing service-oriented businesses, has partnered with Kitchen Brains to bring its Davisware GlobalEdge and Global Warranty applications together with Kitchen Brains SCK® Genius Suite. The Kitchen Brains Genius Suite connects restaurant appliances to the cloud for remote monitoring while real-time performance data is being recorded. Davisware provides powerful business solutions for service agents, warranty solutions for manufacturers, and an E-Commerce and Documentation Library that connects the service agents and manufacturers.

The integration will allow for an automated notification and dispatch of a service provider based on appliance performance information, gathered through the Kitchen Brains SCK IoT platform. The SCK Genius Suite is an IoT platform that allows existing restaurant equipment to connect to the cloud and be remotely monitored and perform programming updates through existing communication ports that are presently dormant in the appliance.

The Kitchen Brains SCK Genius Suite, a collection of technologies that seamlessly connect front and back-of-house restaurant systems with all aspects of food production, food safety and facility management, are designed to create a truly intelligent commercial kitchen. SCK Quality Production Manager (QPM) monitors real-time and historical sales to dynamically coach the kitchen crew on what to cook, when to cook, how much to cook and when to discard expired product. SCK Food Safety Manager (FSM) brings paperless checklists and automated temperature monitoring to HACCP compliance.

By connecting these Kitchen Brains SCK technologies with the Davisware software applications, intelligent asset management and service dispatch functionality has become possible. Scheduling, dispatching, maintaining work history, and updating equipment on an automated basis are now possible. Restaurants receive reduced service response time to equipment issues and enjoy diminished preventative maintenance costs.

The Kitchen Brains SCK technology automatically captures appliance faults and performance data. The appliance data is analyzed by the SCK Genius Suite IoT software and generates a service alert that is automatically received by Davisware’s GlobalEdge platform. Since the Kitchen Brains and Davisware platforms are linked, the service alert contains key information to identify the location, brand, model, serial number, and performance metrics, resulting in the service technician arriving prepared for a “first trip fix.” Many times the service provider will notify the restaurant of an existing issue before they are aware of the equipment condition.

Now service agents and manufacturers covered by the Davisware applications can leverage the real-time monitoring capabilities of the Kitchen Brains Genius Suite.

The partnership applications extend not only to the newest equipment, but is also adaptable to millions of existing major manufacturer brand equipment in restaurants today. Existing equipment can be connected to the system using the Kitchen Brains SCK Open Link module, which will be available later this year. SCK Open Link is an affordable module which when fitted to existing equipment, brings serial communication ports or USB interfaces into the IoT universe.

“Davisware is a best-of-breed solution for service management. Creating interoperability between Davisware and the SCK IoT platform raises the bar in service execution to a level only dreamed about before today,” said Mario Ceste, CEO at Kitchen Brains. “Both Davisware and Kitchen Brains apply their systems across the landscape of appliance manufacturers and service providers. This broad footprint means most every restaurant is currently adaptable and able to take advantage of this breakthrough, leveraging the millions of IoT capable control devices we have installed in restaurant appliances during the last twenty years.”

“This technology is something that has been on the horizon for a very long time. For the first time ever, we have a partner who brings to the table equipment technology solutions that make this partnership possible. Servicers now have a new tool to provide real value and increased equipment performance that has not been previously available,” said Jennifer Davis, President at Davisware. “This is a major advancement for our Commercial Foodservice Equipment Service Agents (CFESA) members who have been looking for this opportunity for many years.”

About Kitchen Brains
For over 45 years Kitchen Brains, more commonly known by the iconic (FAST.) brand name, has globally helped restaurants deliver hot, fresh, available food. Our leading-edge timing and control devices are deployed individually and in unison. They integrate wirelessly across all equipment, powered by SaaS apps solely built for the Smart Commercial Kitchen®.

Labor, training, and operational costs are lowered, while the highest standards for food safety and product quality are met. Management has seamless accessibility to Key Performance Indicators, with cloud-based dashboards and control from anywhere.

Kitchen Brains has delivered its control technologies on millions of appliances used in hundreds of thousands of foodservice locations worldwide in 40 countries. For more information visit: http://www.kitchenbrains.com.

About Davisware

Since 1988, Davisware has employed a service-first approach and upheld its mission to offer comprehensive, all-inclusive technology products that serve our customer’s unique business needs. By closely working with our customers, industry associations, as well as partnering with the best technology providers, we are able to provide technology solutions critical to the growth and success of our customer’s businesses.

Davisware’s premier product lines, including GlobalEdge (GE), S2K Vision, Global Warranty (GW), Global Field Solution (GFS) and E2, in conjunction with our dedicated customer service team, intuitive ability to continually update our technology systems and strong commitment to excellence, give us and our customers the competitive edge in the marketplace.

Davisware has provided technology solutions to food service equipment agents and manufacturers for more than 25 years in North America and worldwide. Davisware has partnered with more than 1100 customers to provide field service technology, e-commerce solutions, documentation libraries, warranty processing and business technology. For more information, visit: http://www.davisware.com.

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