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Running a restaurant or foodservice establishment means having high-quality equipment. However, for many operators, "off-the-shelf" pieces don't exactly suit their needs. Instead, many places need custom equipment or machinery to deliver better service to their clients

Unfortunately, customization can often lead to higher costs, which may not be possible for some operations. Thankfully, companies such as Multiteria are taking the financial strain out of building a high-functioning commercial kitchen.

The (normally) high cost of customization

Why is customization so expensive? In most cases, the price tag comes down to the parts and labor involved. When a manufacturer has to change pieces to suit a single client, those adjustments require more time, energy, and resources.

Another issue with customization is when there are too many options. Operators may not know precisely what they need at any given time, so when faced with a mountain of choices, they may prefer something simple and generic.

How Multiteria is different

Customization doesn’t always have to be super expensive or headache-inducing. Multiteria is changing the foodservice game by offering modular equipment that can be adjusted to suit a wide array of needs. Better yet, each option is easy to clean and maintain, meaning that establishments don’t have to disrupt their operations to keep a machine up and running.

Multiteria offers cashier stations, hot and cold food counters, and beverage stations. Operators can reconfigure each piece to be self-serving, or staff served to meet demand. These models work well for all kinds of foodservice locations, including hotels, catering venues, pop-up stalls, and more.

Since Multiteria builds its equipment with customization in mind, clients don’t have to pay the typically high price to get what they want. Multiteria creates each piece based on the client’s input, so the final cost is not much different than an “off-the-shelf” model.

Why custom food serving solutions are necessary for 2022 and beyond

Customization has always been a great way to enhance the restaurant experience, but it’s becoming more essential in a post-pandemic world. As restaurants struggle to fill positions, self-service stations and low-maintenance equipment will become the norm. Establishments can’t afford to waste a single worker, so custom solutions are the best way to go. Here’s a rundown of how machines like those from Multiteria can help foodservice businesses adapt to the new normal:

Faster transactions

When customers can pick their food and pay by themselves, lines often move faster. Yes, some people may need extra assistance, but most people are familiar enough with self-checkout stations to make these incidents less disruptive.

Adaptable infrastructure

All restaurants experience rushes and lulls during the day. By using customized equipment, these establishments can adapt to serve their customers better depending on demand. For example, self-serve beverage or snack stations work well during busy periods, and they can turn into prep stations after the rush.

Better productivity

With fewer workers to go around, each employee must be as productive as possible. Custom food serving options empower restaurants to get more mileage from a single person without overloading them or causing burnout.

Discover the essence of customization

Multiteria’s Essence line of foodservice serving solutions makes customization as easy as possible. Operators get the solutions curtailed to their unique sets of challenges without all the headaches that can often accompany customized solutions. Learn more by viewing our Essence line today.

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