Consumer Goods Forum joins campaign to reduce food waste

The CGF has signed up to Champions 12.3 to work towards achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals by 2030

Global industry network Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has signed up to Champions 12.3 to drive the campaign to halving food waste and reducing food loss globally by 2030. It joins a coalition of governments, farmer groups and civil society organisations that are all committed to inspire ambition, mobilise action and accelerate progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) target 12.3, adapted at the United Nations general assembly last year.

“The CGF’s decision to join follows our own resolution to drive action on the global issue of food waste, which our board passed 12 months ago in New York,” says Peter Freedman, managing director of the CGF. “Our participation in Champions 12.3 further strengthens our members’ ability to meet the CGF objective to halve food waste from individual operations by 2025.”

The network becomes the 36th member of Champions 12.3 and will lead by example on how companies can quantify food waste and monitor progress.

“Food that is ultimately lost or wasted consumes about a quarter of all water used by agriculture, requires cropland area the size of China and is responsible for an estimated eight per cent of global greenhouse emissions,” says Dr. Hans Hoogeveen, vice-minister for agriculture in the government of The Netherlands. “Through their leadership the Champions 12.3 will be able to connect these challenges by forming smart alliances, bringing together leaders from the private sector, local communities, farming, science and government.”

CGF membership is made up of senior management and CEOs of around 400 retailers, manufacturers and service providers across 70 countries. Member companies have combined sales of €2.5tn; retailer and manufacturer members employ almost 10 million people.

Other Champions 12.3 members have welcomed the CGF. “We firmly believe that no food that could be eaten should be wasted and I would like to welcome the CGF to Champions 12.3, says Dave Lewis, group chief executive of Tesco and chair of Champions 12.3. ” Only by working together in partnership can we make reducing food waste across the globe a reality.”

Tina Nielsen

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